The Legacy (2009)

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What would you do if you believed your father was a superhero? The Legacy brings to life a story about fathers and sons, imagination and magic, and believing in something larger than ourselves. --IMDb
Paul Butcher
Paul Butcher
Louis Iacoviello
Louis Iacoviello
Jo McGinley
Jo McGinley
George Pennacchio
George Pennacchio
Mary Passeri
Mary Passeri
Review by Tobes
Added: February 11, 2010
To most young children, their father is their "superhero". Dads are usually the one who picks us up when we're hurt, they're the one who throw us on their shoulders when we don't want to walk anymore, they're all around the go-to guy for most "kid" issues, whether you're a boy or girl. This feeling for some people NEVER goes away, and we hold our dad's up to that "super" status for their entire life.

"The Legacy" is a short film about a boy's belief of his dad being a superhero. Charlie (Louis Iacoviello) is a Hollywood actor who's one big film "Kryptoman" never got finished, but now is once again in talks about production. Charlie now has a family (wife, Louise [Jo McGinley] and son, Billy [Paul Butcher]), to take care of, and is debating if he wants to pick up the tights once more. Billy happens to see his dad on the cover of Timenews dressed up as Kryptoman, and notices that he looks extremely similar to Kryptoboy, the hero of Billy's favorite comic.

Once Billy notices that his dad MIGHT be a superhero, he decides to sneak into the parents' bedroom while they're asleep, and explore the closet. Billy finds his dad's movie costume in a garment bag, and then the film really takes off with lots of fun "events" that would make Billy think that his dad really might be a superhero.

The acting and effects/location in this film are really on point too. The family just seems like an every day family, the house seems like a typical mid-western house, and for the few times there are special effects, they look pretty realistic and fit the flow of the scenes.

One of the best things to me about this film (or that I learned from this film), is the fact that it showed me that length of movie has nothing to do with quality. While this does probably seem obvious, there's a lot of times that the general consensus feels that if the movie is too short, that it's not "good". At about the halfway point though this film, I was honestly thinking to myself "I don't think that this is going to be long enough to get to the point", but then in literally a minute later, the movie nicely corrected me and put me in my place with that thinking.

As an aside to the review, I wanted to point out that a big part of my life is my family, especially my father. I was thrilled to get to watch and review this movie after hearing about the plot, because I knew it was definitely going to be something that appealed to me. I can admit that the movie, especially the ending, got me a little misty-eyed here and there, which is usually a good indicator to me personally that the movie conveyed a sense of caring/love between the family members. I also think that even though this movie plays off of the father and son connection, it doesn't mean that only males would be able to relate to the feeling of the "superhero father".

Overall, this film amazed me in the short span that it lasts, and I would highly recommend it to anyone who wants to have a little pick-me-up on a lousy day.
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