The Landlord (2009)

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Overall Rating 45%
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The Landlord is the story of Tyler, the unfortunate young proprietor of a demon-haunted apartment building. While finding tenants has never been a problem for Tyler, keeping them alive long enough to pay rent is. No matter how nicely Tyler asks, he cannot keep the demons from eating the renters (or persuade them to wait a month or two, even). They never listen. And why should they? They have an all-you-can-eat buffet of delicious human flesh and Tyler as their pet monkey. But all that might change when Tyler takes a liking to the newest tenant, a desperate young woman running from demons of her own. --IMDb
Brian Amidei
Brian Amidei
Rom Barkhordar
Rom Barkhordar
Jayson Bernard
Jayson Bernard
Breon Bliss
Breon Bliss
Ezekiel Brown
Ezekiel Brown
Review by Ginose
Added: June 11, 2010
Damn, I sure have been in the mood for a great horror-comedy, lately. It seems a lot of wind has been knocked out of the genre in the recent year, when pseudo-funny zomedies are viewed with more reverence than some truly fucking masterful additions to the series that go completely unnoticed.

Of course, a lot of indie-horror goes unnoticed over the years, otherwise we'd have a fuck-lot more filmmakers stepping on top of these fucking half-wits they bring in to direct sequels to "The Descent" and other fucking polished masterpieces of genre-work. All the meanwhile, some directors prove their chops with no-budget, no-history and a fuck-lot of talent. One of these men has clearly graced our site with an ever-impressive piece of no-budget horror-comedy that I'm positive will go completely unnoticed until the collapse of the modern cinema, when people realize some of the wonderful things left buried in the wake of "Indiana Jones and the Skull-Fuck" and other such disasters.

Tyler is the landlord and operator of an apartment building owned by his sister (a cop, by profession, an adulterous-sociopath by choice), which, truly, never has trouble finding tenants; the building just can't seem to keep anybody there long-enough for that to matter. You see, the entire building is, truly, under the possession of a pair of demons, whom use Tyler's bumbling mannerisms and poor management skills to acquire fresh meat on a regular basis. Tyler, begrudgingly, continues being their servant until a fresh tenant moves in, a beautiful girl who, after a single night of drinking with Tyler, seems to be everything Tyler needs to escape this life he's been left with.

Well, she WOULD be, but the demons don't care for that. They don't care for it at all.

Fun. This movie is so much fun that it should be illegal. It has so much fun with its story, actors, gore and at the general expense of the production that I don't think there were but a few moments I could stop laughing. The jokes are nothing too incredible, the effects are great at points and downright pointless at others, hell, some of the story elements don't even need to exist, much less prove to be huge character-points, but none of the above takes anything away from the genuine amount of absurd fun that I had while watching "The Landlord".

Performances vary from downright great acting to "Are You Afraid of the Dark?" levels of cheesy-goodness, but they all mesh remarkably well; the humor, on the other hand, fluctuates more than my moral or financial stability and is even less funny, in the end. There are some remarkably great gags, characters, abortion-videos and plot-twists, but none really stick as well as they should, I think the comedy aspect lies more in the execution of a lot of the material, which is nothing I can snub, I just wish the film didn't meander about in a bleak state of insecurity in the realm of what's "good" and "bad" humor. The darkly comedic aspects of the work made it all the more painful when the wit falls behind the visual/slapstick comedy, or vice-versa.

Honestly, what was the point of the jerky-juicer? Can anyone explain that to me? The commercial was funny, but what did it actually evolve into? I don't know, and that's a problem, a lot of plot-pieces/jokes like that I just don't understand.

For instance, there's an entire side-story about Tyler's sister's affair with her partner, as well as a deal they've both made with a tribe of vampire-like sub-humans that really evolves into nothing but a few great gore-scenes and some interesting action. All the while, it really doesn't go anywhere and becomes utterly unnecessary the MORE it's explained. How often does that happen?

Still, the movie itself is genuinely funny, and doesn't stay in "nowhereville" any longer than most in the genre. It's a scattered piece, but a damned great time, and nothing I wouldn't advise over most of the shit I see in cinemas these days.

Except "Splice".

See "Splice".

Greg Follender #1: Greg Follender - added 06/13/2010, 03:03 AM
Haven't seen this... but I saw Splice this afternoon with a friend...

Wow... never have I seen such a tremendous premise so marred by terrible choices in a single run-time.
Terrible. It could have and should have been better.

It could have been superb... and parts of it were... but bad storytelling choices and a lack of restraint degenerated the proceedings into lame, predictable pap by the last reel.
Soo disappointing...

My advice to those looking for a kinda cool and creepy modern Suspense/Horror flick, see the first HALF of Splice... and then leave the theater and come up with your own ending! It'll be more satisfying and less predictable than this disappointing effort by Vincenzo Natali. It really starts off creepily and builds nicely... but it really slips into pattern and has such a wrote ending that it almost hurts to watch. Polley is utterly pedestrian, as usual, but even her clothesline acting almost works for her strangely detached character. Brody lends real credibility and breadth to the proceedings but it eventually outdone by the sadly by-the-numbers wind-up.

This wouldn't have bothered me so much if it just hadn't started so incredibly well... if I'd expected a cheesy, dime-store Horror ending... I'd have been less disappointed. It's just heartbreaking that it couldn't sustain that quality throughout.

Remember kids,.. just because you can... doesn't always mean that you SHOULD.

Crispy #2: Crispy - added 02/24/2011, 11:18 PM
Rom Barkhordar made this movie. 8/10
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