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Minghags (2009)

DVD Cover (Minghags Incorporated)
Absurd Comedy, Comedy
Bam Margera Bam Margera
Brandon DiCamillo Brandon DiCamillo
Joseph Frantz Joseph Frantz
Mark the Bagger Mark the Bagger
Selina Becker Selina Becker
Buddy Bill Buddy Bill
Corrine Bottaro Corrine Bottaro
David Bottaro David Bottaro

5.0 / 10 - 1 vote

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A guy who invented this thing called the garbage juicer. You can take garbage and mash it into the trash can, and it has three spouts. You can choose delicious root beer, grapefruit juice or kerosene. This businessman steals the invention from him so the guy spends the whole time trying to dick the businessman over. --TMDb
Review by Tobes
Added: July 30, 2010
As someone who grew up through the Jackass/CKY era of MTV, I've always had a soft spot for Bam Margera and the CKY crew. They all grew up about an hour from me, and while I don't know them, it was always fun to see someone my age just doing whatever they wanted, and busting their ass just to entertain "me". Eventually Jackass died, and Bam went out to start doing more of his own thing (Viva La Bam and Haggard). To me, Haggard was a great movie, and having the CKY boys involved just made it that much more entertaining. Once I saw that there was another movie made by Bam (Minghags), I had really high hopes that it would be just as good, if not better, then Haggard was. Unfortunately, Minghags falls flat on a lot of points, and is an average at best film.

The plot of Minghags is simple yet completely ridiculous at the same time. For those who saw Bam's film Haggard, Minghags is a sequel of sorts to that film. Someone has stolen the plans from to the Garbage Juicer from the Invention of the Future contest, and it's a race to get the plans back before they're sold for the proverbial fat cash. As with Haggard, Minghags has a bunch of small side plots that all interlace with the Juicer theft, but none of the plots in the film really make sense. The movie is basically just a lot of insane scenes crammed together to make a "film". After seeing Haggard, I was actually really excited when Bam was doing another film, because while there was some silliness involved with Haggard, there was still an actual film to watch wrapped around the comedy parts. Minghags doesn't have this at all, and It's hard to even summarize what all the different plot points are, because there's so many tiny trivial parts to it, that it barely makes any sort of sense.

As for the visual aspects of the film, it's standard fare for any CKY/Bam production. There's nothing special about it, and it uses the same usual tricks that Bam and Joe Franz always use: scenes sped up for extended periods of time, "scenic" shots of West Chester (or what I'm going to assume is West Chester as usual), and off colored filters on the lens to produce a surreal effect. After seeing the same shots over and over (for years between all of Bam's different projects at this point), it's just extremely boring and lackluster to watch once again.

The one thing that does make the film interesting is the fact that anyone who's close to Bam is in this film. One of the best things always portrayed in any video Bam has ever been a part of, is the fact that you can tell everyone is genuinely friends, and enjoy what they're doing because they're all so close. Any dialog spoken always just sounds like dialog between friends, versus actors reading a script to each other. When I say anyone who's close to Bam, let me give you a quick rundown.

The movie has : CKY (the band), Ryan Dunn, Rake Yohn, DiCo, Brandon Novak, Bam's grandparents, Don Vito, Mark The Bagger, Jimmy Pop and Evil Jared from Bloodhound Gang, The Dudesons... as you can see, basically anyone who Bam has been in any sort of extended contact with in his life made it in. It makes the films much more endearing with the fact that no matter how famous he is (or was), he always kept his friends with him, and always put them in everything he did.

Minghags is basically a semi-entertaining indie film that could have been something great, but turned out to just be an average film at best. If you dug Jackass and the CKY movies back in the late 90s, or you dug Haggard, I would at least give the movie a rental to check out, but I wouldn't recommend it as a purchase to anyone. 5/10.
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