Bad Girls From Mars (1990)

DVD Cover (Lions Gate)
Fred Olen Ray Fred Olen Ray
Edy Williams Edy Williams
Oliver Darrow Oliver Darrow
Brinke Stevens Brinke Stevens
John Henry Richardson John Henry Richardson
Jeffrey Culver Jeffrey Culver

3.6 / 10 - Overall Rating

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Genres: Comedy Thriller, Detective Film, Erotic Thriller, Thriller
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Review by benloveshorror
Added: August 26, 2010
Bad Girls From Mars is another b-movie that spoofs other b-movies. It was directed by Fred Olen Ray, who also directed two of my favorite b-movies, Hollywood Chainsaw Hookers and Evil Toons. He has directed over 100 movies, and is still churning them out today.

In Bad Girls From Mars, director TJ McMasters (Oliver Darrow) is producing a movie called...uh, Bad Girls From Mars. Too bad every actress that plays the leading role is murdered by a masked killer. That's when famous hooker Emmanuelle (Edy Williams) is brought in for the lead role. Will she the be the next to die?

BGFM is goofy fun almost from beginning to end. There are some slow spots here and there, but overall it's just cheesy b-movie goodness. And I have yet to see a Fred Olen Ray movie that I don't like. He is the man. He knows what fans of these types of movies want: boobs, laughs, and more boobs.

Then there's the cast. One of my favorite actresses, Brinke Stevens, shows up as Myra. She is the costume girl who wants to be a star, but the director doesn't think she has what it takes. Her boyfriend is actor Richard Trent, played by Jay Richardson. Richardson has starred in many a Fred Olen Ray picture, including Hollywood Chainsaw Hookers. But the actor that really kept my attention in this film was Edy Williams. I was shocked to discover that she was forty-eight years old when this movie came out. She could have passed for 30. She must have gotten naked in this flick ten times. And she had the body of Julie Strain. Big breasts, long beautiful hair, and long legs. Just like I like them. And according to imdb.com, she appeared in a porno five years later called Snatch Masters 6. She was fifty-three at the time.

Oh, and there's also a naked catfight between Williams and Dana Bentley. Like I said, Fred Olen Ray is the man. I'm giving Bad Girls From Mars an 8/10. The movie isn't perfect, but the breasts are and the laughs are pretty consistent.
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