Mirrors 2 (2010)

DVD Cover (Twentieth Century Fox)
Genres: Horror, Supernatural Horror
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Víctor García Víctor García
Nick Stahl Nick Stahl
Emmanuelle Vaugier Emmanuelle Vaugier
Evan Jones Evan Jones
Christy Carlson Romano Christy Carlson Romano
William Katt William Katt
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4.9 / 10 - Overall Rating

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Review by Chad
Added: November 29, 2010
Into the Mirror was a pretty good Korean horror flick, but "pretty good" is the extent of my praise. The movie was made, it had a neat storyline, and there were some great visuals, but a great film overall? Not really. However, it just so happened to be released when Hollywood was suffering from Asian remake fever, so we wound up with Aja's take on the tale in Mirrors, another film that was just "pretty good." The storyline was dumbed down a bit, the gore was a lot better, some of the visuals were worse... but in the end, it was still an acceptable ninety minutes in front of the tube. So, why did we need a direct-to-video sequel to Mirrors and / or another remake of Into the Mirror? Beats me, but I picked it up anyway.

The storyline is a mish-mash of everything we've come to expect from supernatural horror flicks in the last ten years, and I'd be lying if I said that there was anything new here. It centers around Max (Nick Stahl), a fellow who gets into a car accident with his girlfriend. They both die in the collision, but he is revived by the paramedics - she isn't quite so lucky. Max feels guilt at "killing" his girlfriend and living, so he turns to drugs and alcohol to kill the pain. His father (William Katt) offers him a job as a security guard at his boutique store, and there, Max starts seeing strange things in the mirrors. For example, he'll see one of the managers getting killed, and lo and behold, he'll find out that said person died in exactly the same fashion at roughly the same time that he saw it. He eventually discovers that someone is trying to tell him something, and thus, he teams up with a lady (Emmanuelle Vaugier) who may be involved to get to the bottom of it.

Once again, there is nothing original on display here. The movie plays out like a mixture of every Asian horror film released in the last decade, complete with the long-haired ghost and the vengeful spirit who simply wants revenge on a group of people who committed a dastardly deed to her in her living years. This is not the movie to pick up if you demand innovation in your entertainment, but at the same time, the storyline is paced nicely and is told competently, so I at least have to give the film some credit. If you're not sick of the Asian-inspired ghost story by now, you'll likely enjoy this one.

The big selling point of Mirrors was the gore. Some people loved the movie while others hated it, but everyone agreed that the gore was the best part of the entire affair. This sequel is no different, and in fact, it outdoes the original in some respects. There is a great glass-eating scene to kick things off, and before you even have a chance to take a breather, we're treated to Christy Romano's decapitation by glass pane scene (and this takes place immediately after her shower scene - yes, she shows the goods). Not enough? How about some tendon-cutting and some gut-spilling? The surrounding storyline is paint-by-numbers and is as formulaic as they come, but the filmmakers certainly didn't skimp on the kills.

Aside from the lack of creativity in the storyline department, my chief complaint about the film was the casting. There's not a whole lot of "bad" acting, granted, but there's nothing in here that is great or even decent either. Nick Stahl in particular seems to swing back and forth from scene to scene: here, he'll be average, nothing memorable nor nothing to bitch about. The next scene will roll around and you'll wonder if it's even the same guy as his acting skills will have dropped considerably. The rest of the cast is a little more consistent in their performances, but all of them are noticeably phoning it in: they showed up, they read some lines, they got a check.

Overall, Mirrors 2 gets an average grade for the kills and for at least telling a good story, regardless of how played-out said story may have been. It's worth a rental if you really enjoyed the previous film(s) in the series or if you want to see a couple of good kills, but otherwise, I'd say pass on it. 6/10.
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