Faces Of Schlock (2009)

DVD Cover (Independent Entertainment)
Genres / Traits: Horror, Horror Anthology, Horror Comedy, Supernatural Horror, Christmas
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Justin Channell Justin Channell
Henrique Couto Henrique Couto
Chris LaMartina Chris LaMartina
Andrew N. Shearer Andrew N. Shearer
Izzie Harlow Izzie Harlow
Ruby Larocca Ruby Larocca
George Stover George Stover
Countess Samela Countess Samela
Josh Lively Josh Lively

5.1 / 10 - Overall Rating

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Review by benloveshorror
Added: December 28, 2010
Faces Of Schlock is a horror anthology film, much like Creepshow. Four short films are contained here, and each film is introduced by hostess Slutpira.

The first film is "Blood Witch". Here, a goth girl named Lucia (Countess Samela) with a serious attitude problem summons a witch to get revenge on anyone that pisses her off. This includes her meddlesome roommate, a telemarketer, and "The Bug Man". However, when Lucia decides to get rid of the witch, she'll wish she hadn't.

"Blood Witch" is my least favorite film included in Faces Of Schlock. It's decent, but there isn't anything here that really blew me away. It's interesting, but pretty dark and gloomy, and doesn't really fit with the other campier films that Faces Of Schlock has to offer. 7/10

Next we get "Mike Wuz Here." In this supernatural horror-comedy, employees at a movie theater are killed off by the ghost of Mike, a former employee who committed suicide in the theater.

"Mike Wuz Here" is very amusing and a definite step up from "Blood Witch". There are plenty of laugh-out loud moments here, as well as some creative and nasty gore. I dug it. 8.5/10

The third film is my favorite, which is called "One Foot In The Grave". Technically Idle Hands with a foot instead of a hand, a dancer loses one of her feet after a doctor saws it off. However, just because her foot is gone doesn't mean it can't kill a few people.

"One Foot In The Grave" is absolutely hilarious! There are several quirky characters here, including a crazy witch (is there any other kind?), a doctor who constantly makes jokes about feet, and a guy with a foot fetish who is always watching a fetish video called "Feet & Hoes Vol. 1". This one is pretty gory as well, with a foot literally going up a persons ass! 10/10

Last, but not least there is the slasher "Slay Ride". Ruby Larocca (Bone Sickness, The Seduction of Misty Mundae) stars as foul-mouthed teenager Trash. Her parents have left her home on Christmas Eve with no phone while there's a killer lurking about.

"Slay Ride" is a great little film, but it's not my favorite in the bunch. I expected it to be my favorite since it's a Christmas-themed slasher, but it's not quite as entertaining as "One Foot In The Grave". Still, there is some really cool gore and a lot of nudity in this one, including bush. 9/10

So Faces Of Schlock is an entertaining horror anthology that has everything a horror or exploitation fan could possibly want. And the scenes with horror hostess Slutpira are excellent. She's like Elvira with fangs. I like Faces Of Schlock even more than Creepshow and I'm giving it a 9.5 /10.
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