Obama Is Nailin' Palin (2009)

DVD Cover (Hustler Video)
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Connections: Who's Nailin' Paylin?

Serra Paylin daydreams about being consoled by her Knight in shining armor, Barack Obama. --IMDb
Lisa Ann
Lisa Ann
Guy DiSilva
Guy DiSilva
Jenna Haze
Jenna Haze
Sean Michaels
Sean Michaels
Olivia O'Lovely
Olivia O'Lovely
Review by Chad
Added: February 01, 2011
It was 1992 when Tupac theorized that we weren't ready for a black president in his song "Changes", but had he lived another twelve years, he would have seen Barack Obama prove him wrong. It was a historic moment in history, and Hustler decided to commemorate this moment with a compilation of interracial porn scenes. What, you expected a documentary?

In the first scene, we see a medieval-era Serra Paylin (Lisa Ann) griping about losing an election. Why it's set in medieval times is beyond me, but let's just roll with it. Just when her crying reaches its crescendo, Barack Obama (Guy DiSilva) rides in on a horse (literally!) to dry her tears away. This leads to Paylin stripping his tunic off of him, knocking on his cod-piece to see if his penis is awake, and after a good round of fucking and sucking, the tears on her face are replaced with Obama's sperm. Very classy stuff right here.

The rest of the scenes have nothing to do with the title of the movie, and in fact, they're not even new footage. First up is Jenna Haze and Sean Michaels going at it from Take It Black #6, followed by Olivia O'Lovely taking on Mandingo from Take It Black #1, and then Tiffany Mynx takes a turn with Mandingo from Take It Black #2. Next up is Charlotte Stokely, sporting some electrical tape on her nipples, getting down and dirty with Rico Strong from Take It Black #4, followed by Riley Mason bumping uglies with Mr. Marcus in an abandoned skateboarding park from Take It Black #5.

None of these scenes feature anything out of the ordinary, and they come straight out of "Pornography 101" - girl strips, sucks guy's dick, guy eats girl, guy fucks girl, guy busts on girl's face. They are all interracial scenes to capitalize on the Obama / Palin connection, but beyond that, the scenes are as vanilla as they come. The ladies look great and the scenes are quite good, but there's really nothing here that sets the disc apart from the countless similar compilations.

My biggest problem should be obvious: I picked this DVD up hoping to see some more Palin mockery, and instead, I got a single scene followed up by a bunch of archive footage. I knew that this film was quickly made in order to cash in on the success of Who's Nailin' Paylin?, but I at least expected some sort of effort to be put into it; another paper-thin plot, some more weak jokes, and the inclusion of Obama in order to add even more political jokes was all I hoped for. I wasn't expecting high art, but I was expecting something more than a bunch of rehashed scenes from other releases.

On the positive side, it's almost scary how much Lisa Ann looks like Palin, while Guy DiSilva looks more than a little similar to Obama. You can't say that the filmmakers didn't go out of their way to find someone who looked like our president, so I will at least give them credit for that. It's just a shame that the duo wasn't used more.

Overall, I'm going to give this one a pass as a parody. Who's Nailin' Paylin? wasn't exactly a perfect spoof film, but it at least had a number of scenes in which the idea was there. This one is content to say "Hey, these two people look like certain other people, and oh, they're fucking!" before throwing in a bunch of random scenes from other movies to pad out the running time. I will give it a recommendation to those of you looking for nothing more than a collection of interracial porn scenes as it does that rather well, but those of you who are in the market for a parody are going to be even more disappointed this time around. I fell in the latter category, so I'm going with a 4/10.
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