Mount Of Venus (1975)

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Genres: Hardcore Sex Film, Religious Comedy, Sex Comedy
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Carter Stevens Carter Stevens
Georgina Spelvin Georgina Spelvin
Jamie Gillis Jamie Gillis
Eric Edwards Eric Edwards
Kim Pope Kim Pope
Kevin Andre Kevin Andre

4.3 / 10 - Overall Rating

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Review by benloveshorror
Added: February 13, 2011
Pompous, but powerful head Greek god Jupiter Stormbringer (Jamie Gillis) is having trouble coping with the 20th century. He doesn't even know what underwear is! He's especially upset about his current lack of loyal followers. Jupiter goes down to earth to try an convince several mortal women to worship him by having sex with them. Meanwhile, Jupiter's fellow gods watch his faltering attempts at converting new disciples from their base way up in the heavens.

The Mount of Venus is the third hardcore 70's adult film I've watched from the Carter Stevens' Collegiates Feature Film Collection. And it's also fart and away the worst. This mess is complete cheese, and not in a fun way, but in a bad way. The plot is cheesy, the music is cheesy, and even the sex is cheesy. And don't even get me started on the script. As you can probably tell from the plot description, it's way too ambitious for an adult film. And the sets and everything just looks cheap.

When there aren't boring sex scenes on display, The Mount of Venus tries to be funny and mostly fails. I only laughed a couple of times. It was kind of funny when a woman was standing before Jupiter in nothing but her underwear. Jupiter had never seen underwear before, so he had to ask her what she was wearing. And then he struggled to get the underwear where they could do their thing. That was sort of funny. And then there's this gay guy (?) who has a few funny one liners.

I don't even know why The Mount of Venus was included in The Collegiates Collection, as it has nothing to do with college. To tell you truth, I don't have any idea if The Collegiates has anything to do with anything. I wouldn't doubt it in the slightest if Stevens had been smoking a lot of pot or tripping on acid when he concocted The Mount of Venus. There's really no other explanation. 3/10.
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