The Imitators (1996)

DVD Cover (Troma Entertainment)
Genres: Caper, Comedy Drama, Crime, Crime Comedy
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Richie Winearls Richie Winearls
David Doyle David Doyle
Gary Beadle Gary Beadle
Pancho Russell Pancho Russell
Saltz Saltz
John Bushnell John Bushnell

6.0 / 10 - Overall Rating

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Review by Christopher
Added: March 21, 2004
Kevin starts out hitchiking and gets dropped off by a local town diner. At the same time, the crooks are there planning their next big bank heist. As they hear he's out of cash, they offer him a job. Their team currently has four people and they need a fifth person to drive the car. Since they found the fifth person, they go out and celebrate. Afterwards, they set him up in a room that's in their garage hideout. In the morning, all the guys are passed out from drinking so much. Kevin snags some of their change and heads to the diner. As the crooks awake, a woman comes to the garage looking for Space. He buys a stuffed Panda from her for his mother, it's her birthday.

The next day, when the crooks confront Kevin, they find out he can't drive. He asks for some more money and then heads back to the diner. He meets some broad there and they chat it up. When Kevin goes back to the garage, the crooks try to teach him how to drive. Right as Kevin starts getting the hang out things, he plows into the caravan Space was backing out of the garage. Kevin is told to go away for awhile, so back to the diner he goes. He sees the broad walking passed the diner, he stops her and they start to chat again. She's in a band and they are playing some show that evening, Kevin and his pals are put on the guest list.

When the time comes, the group sure enough shows up to catch the band. After the show, the crooks invite Kevin's broad and her female band mates back to the garage for a party. Shortly after, the crooks find out that the broad works at the bank they plan on robbing the next morning. The plans stick and the band goes to the garage to party. The next morning, the bank heist is a go. Once they get there, the find that the bank has already been robbed. On top of that, Kevin's broad recognizes them (Kevin being outside in the car). The cops show up right as the crooks are leaving. With all the crooks getting caught and going to jail, Kevin makes a clean escape.

I gave away the ending of the movie, that little summary just saved you ninety minutes of the one of the most boring crime related films I've ever seen. A lot of characters show up with what you think would be important rolls, yet they're never explained or shown. Like Boo, the boss, he's never shown. Yet he planned for the crooks to get caught. The broad that recognizes them shows to be of no importance since they get caught leaving the scene. The lady that showed up to sell space his mum's birthday present was never seen again. It's never told/shown on who robbed the bank first. The list goes on.

Everything that surrounded this movie was awful. The main actress tends to be hot in films like this. In this film's case, any broad at all was lucky enough to be shown... let alone the unattractive one Kevin fixes himself up with. Space gets killed by the cops at the end, a bullet to the head. They didn't even do a good job with that. Just a small hole with some dark red around it. No blood dripping, splattering, anything. Not to mention how slow everything moves. If this were ever aired on television, commercial free, and there was absolutely nothing else on to watch, this still wouldn't be something I could suggest.

Final Conclusion: 0/10
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