White Chicks (2004)

DVD Cover (Sony Home Entertainment Unrated Cut)
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Overall Rating 43%
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After an unsuccessful mission, FBI agents Kevin and Marcus Copeland fall into disgrace at the agency. They decide to work undercover on an abduction case disguised as Brittany and Tiffany Wilson, the vain, spoiled white daughters of a tycoon. --IMDb
Review by Chad
Added: July 11, 2004
Marcus and Keith Copeland are FBI agents, working in various undercover gigs. The assignment they're stuck with for this film involves them protecting the Wilton sisters, who have been targeted for kidnapping; however, a small accident changes things, and makes it so that the sisters can't go on with their normal plans of going to their parties and such. Therefore, Marcus and Keith get some makeup experts to transform them into women, and they go out posing as the Wilton sisters in order to catch whomever it was that was going to kidnap them.

Before viewing this movie, I had very low expectations. I wasn't expecting a brilliant storyline, nor was I expecting a classic film for the ages... but my word, this movie was beyond even my low expectations. First of all, the storyline. Granted, it's not exactly the best plot to work with, nor does it make a lot of sense or seem very realistic, but there was definitely some potential for some funny moments there nonetheless. When viewing this type of comedy, I don't really look for a thought-invoking storyline or anything, just something decent to keep the movie moving along, and some good humor along the way. That's not too much to ask for, is it? The problem lies in the fact that the movie just isn't funny for the vast majority of the running time. The plot may have worked out on a Saturday Night Live sketch or something, but this was stretched out for over ninety minutes and lost the charm around the twenty minute mark. The opening scene is mildly amusing, and the "You Got Served" ripoff around the end is great, but that would be about the end of any humor to be found here. Sure, they try to pull out a lot more jokes than that, but they all fall quite flat and stretch on for much too long... such as the singing by all the ladies in the car while driving down the street. It wasn't funny for the first twenty seconds, so it sure wasn't funny after five minutes of it, nor was it funny when they redid the same scene later with different characters.

I think the main problem here is the fact that they seemed to try to throw too much stuff into one film. There's the obvious FBI agents in drag bit, but we also have the kidnappers trying to snag them, the other agents screwing things up, some legit white chicks trying to screw things up for the agents, the big black guy trying to get some man-ass, the wife who doesn't understand why her husband is dressing up in drag, the news-reporter who's trying to get her career back, and of course, the unmarried agent trying to get some from this reporter. None of these things were small parts of the movie, and they all felt very rushed when they were played out... dropping a few of those subplots and concentrating on the rest would have helped, tremendously.

Overall, definitely not worth the ticket-price, nor the download time if that's how you do things. Stay far, far away from this one. 1/10.
Lucid Dreams #1: Lucid Dreams - added 08/20/2010, 06:41 PM
The only parts I liked were with Terry Crews. 3/10
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