The Vibrating Maid (2001)

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Overall Rating 47%
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A wealthy college girl forces her maid to teach her the techniques of how to 'pleasure herself' with a vibrator. --IMDb
Erin Brown
Erin Brown
Lilly Tiger
Lilly Tiger
Review by Chad
Added: April 26, 2011
I recently came into possession of a handful of new Misty Mundae movies, and since we haven't been giving the little lady any love around here lately, I figured I'd throw up a few of them over the next week or so. The first one of the bunch, The Vibrating Maid, is actually a short film (a single scene would be a more appropriate way of putting it) that was originally included as a bonus feature on the Inn of 1000 Sins DVD and has since showed up on a couple of other discs.

The storyline can be garnered from the title, but for the slower readers out there, it begins with a college brat (Misty Mundae) sitting around in lingerie while reading a book and getting rather turned on. She is disrupted by moans and an odd vibrating sound coming from another room in the house, and upon investigating, she finds the Spanish maid (Lilly Tiger) hiding in a closet wearing nothing more than a flimsy French maid outfit and using a vibrator on herself. Poor naive Misty has never seen one of those devices before, so she demands that Lilly show her what it is and how it is used, and they head off to mommy's bedroom so that she can get an up-close look at it. Lilly is all too happy to show off, and after the maid has finished herself off, Misty asks her to use it on her. Lilly obliges, Lilly uses it on herself again, and roll credits.

Newer readers may be unaware of this, but Misty Mundae is one of my favorite actresses, and thus, I will sit through something like this if it has her in it. Truth be told, even her presence is not enough sometimes, as I can only watch a handful of these movies before getting completely burnt out on them. I mean, these movies feature attractive women getting naked and all, but they do tend to get a bit boring after a short while. Sometimes one will come along with a good (or at least humorous) storyline and I'll get interested in it, but unfortunately, that was not the case with The Vibrating Maid. To even say that the film has a storyline would be a stretch, as it is nothing more than a few lines uttered in order to set up the vibrator sequences.

As pure "fap" material, I'd give it a thumbs up though. It's a very erotic scene even if it is only softcore, and both ladies are attractive as all hell in their own way. Of course, I may be biased towards Misty, but Lilly Tiger is also rather attractive. Both ladies get a few brief moments to display their acting chops, with Misty getting the better end of that stick courtesy of her usage of facial expressions (and I don't just mean her "O" face), but make mo mistake about it: that was not the goal of this film, nor was it a selling point. This was made to show two ladies using a vibrator in a softcore scene, and if you're interested in that, give this one a shot.

Personally, I thought it was alright for what it was. I mean, it's not exactly something to pop in on movie night with a bunch of your friends, but as a single sex scene, it was pretty hot. I'm going with a 6/10 for it, but I will once again point out that I am definitely biased in favor of Misty - without her, I wouldn't even have given this a chance.
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