Vampires: Los Muertos (2002)

DVD Cover (Sony Home Entertainment)
Genres: Action Thriller, Horror, Vampire Film
In Mexico, another vampire slayer, Derek Bliss, is hired by a shady priest and aided by a group of fellow slayers in finding a large nest of 'suckers' and their powerful leader, a vampire princess. She is seeking a legendary black crucifix - the same crucifix used unsuccessfully in the first movie to perform a ritual which will enable vampires to walk in sunlight and be invulnerable. --IMDb
Tommy Lee Wallace Tommy Lee Wallace
Jon Bon Jovi Jon Bon Jovi
Cristián de la Fuente Cristián de la Fuente
Natasha Gregson Wagner Natasha Gregson Wagner
Arly Jover Arly Jover
Darius McCrary Darius McCrary
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4.0 / 10 - Overall Rating

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Review by Chad
Added: July 12, 2004
In this sequel to Vampires, we pick up with a vampire hunter by the name of Derek Bliss, who has just been assigned a case to work on that was requested by an anonymous client. This client requests that there be a group, not just the one person, so Derek sets out to find himself some fellow vampire hunters. His first stop is to check in on Padre (the priest from the first movie), but he has been slain a month ago when some vampires wiped out the church. He decides to check in on a couple of other vampire hunters, and each one he wishes to recruit has been killed shortly before Derek showed up. So, Derek picks up a couple of stragglers along the way; a kid (Lupe) who needs cash for his sick mom, the typical big-southern-black-guy (Ray Collins), an old geezer skilled with a bow, and a half-vampire (Zoey) who stays half-human by taking some illegal medicine. This group sets out to kill Una, a vampire master who has been seeking the black cross ritual (again, from the first film), which will allow her to walk during daylight hours, making her invincible.

Decent sequel, though slightly dumbed down from the first in the series... one thing that bugged me here, is the fact that John Carpenters name was attached to it in more than a few spots; the cover, intro credits, and in some spots, the title itself. Carpenter had nothing to do with this, unless you consider that it's a sequel to a movie he did. Shameless name-usage there, indeed, but I won't take that into consideration for the enjoyment of the film itself. The storyline here follows the same general idea of the first, with a few extra things thrown in to prevent it from being a direct rip-off. There's Zoey, who has been bitten by a vampire previously, but was advised of a doctor in Mexico City who deals in underground medicine, and provides her with some medicine that keeps her from turning into a full vampire. This was a pretty decent addition to the film, as it did make things a bit more interesting through and through. The only sad part, however, is that that was about the only really original thing to be found here. Sure, there's little changes here and there, but for the most part, it's just a rehash of the original with some different twists thrown in here and there. Some of these twists, however, really went overboard in the lameness factor... just look at Derek's decision on how to penetrate the vampire lair undetected around the end for proof of that.

With the storyline set aside, the one thing that really hurt this movie was the cast. We have Bon Jovi in the lead role, which was a horrid choice for the lead if there ever was one. He wasn't as bad as one might expect, which was a shocker by itself, but he definitely shouldn't get much more than a very small supporting role, not the lead in the movie. Then, there's Natasha Wagner as Zoey, who suffers from the "too bored for the role" curse that seems to be pretty common nowadays. She seemed like she could have been better, as was apparent from spots in this film, but for the majority of the running time, she just acts uninterested in what's going on and puts no effort into her lines and actions. Anilú Pardo (Lupe) does about as good as you'd expect from a kid; nothing great there, but decent for a child-actor. Finally, we have Arly Jover as Una, the lead vampire in the film. She plays the same type of vampire as Valek in the original, that being the silent-but-deadly character. It works out alright here, but not as effective as Valek pulled it off.

Overall, decent enough for a sequel, but just seemed like too much of a rehash of the original to satisfy myself. If you don't mind watching the storyline play out again, you may enjoy it though. 4/10.
Edd #1: Edd - added 03/31/2008, 09:59 AM
Jon Bon Jovi, stay away from potentially good movies you ignorant hack. 1/10
Lucid Dreams #2: Lucid Dreams - added 06/01/2010, 03:05 PM
I hate Bon Jovi's music and I hated his acting on here. 3/10
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