Your Highness (2011)

DVD Cover (Universal)
Genres: Comedy, Fantasy Comedy
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David Gordon Green David Gordon Green
Danny McBride Danny McBride
James Franco James Franco
Rasmus Hardiker Rasmus Hardiker
Natalie Portman Natalie Portman
Toby Jones Toby Jones

5.5 / 10 - Overall Rating

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Review by Lucid Dreams
Added: May 22, 2011
I remember watching trailers on Your Highness weeks ago, but never thought anything of it. Yeah, I enjoyed Pineapple Express and the actors in there, so you would think that I had some sort of idea of what I was going to watch. Well, I did in a way, but I found it lacking in a few spots that made the movie less enjoyable. The writing on here is something that I believe was the key problem that many reviewers attacked during its opening week.

Let's first go over what this fairytale is about. The story involves our lazy prince Thadeous (Danny McBride) who enjoys nothing more than his own enjoyment. Thadeous loves chasing women, doing drugs and hating his older brother Fabious (James Franco). Fabious is everything that a good prince should be and Thadeous couldn't care less. Thadeous never wants to adventure, but that will finally change thanks to Fabious's soon to be bride Belladonna (Zooey Deschanel). Before the wedding can be final the evil wizard Leezar (Justin Theroux) kidnaps her. Now Fabious must go on a quest to save his fair maiden and he's bringing his loving brother Thadeous because the King doesn't really give him a choice. Fabious and Thadeous take their adventure out where they will find monsters, betrayal, weed and a new companion named Isabel (Natalie Portman).

The story is something of a typical fairy tale that you have seen or read multiple times. The only thing that is different from the rest is the low brow humor and sight gags. I'll admit that there are a few moments that I was laughing during the show, the pedophile Fraggle Rock-looking wizard was a good laugh, but there weren't as many as there should have been. The biggest problem with this movie is its lack of ideas. The jokes were constantly being retold in a different view relying on them too much. It's a 102 minute dick joke that just becomes dull and tasteless (no pun intended) that by the end of the movie it just leaves you feeling tired and annoyed. People are complaining about this wondering why Ben Best wrote something this bad compared to his other films, but McBride is the main writer and it seems that might have been a mistake.

When it came to the acting I didn't find too many problems. They all did the best of their ability with the so called lines that they worked with. I admit that McBride has a certain charisma that you can't help but love. He really makes his characters work and I have to give him credit for that. Franco played the valiant hero well, even though he was smirking through the majority of it. Damien Lewis as Boremont, Prince Fabious best friend, over acted on too many scenes. If you are looking for Ms. Portman to pull out a Black Swan performance you will be disappointed. Her character doesn't have that much depth besides revenge, so her acting is only going in one direction. Zooey Deschanel played the captured damsel to a tee, but I really couldn't see her in this part.

A nice plus for this movie was the scenery. They did an extremely good job at making things look as magical as they could. The peasants looked dirty, the CGI in the film was very entertaining, and I could see this type of style on something you would see on the Syfy channel.

Overall: The story just lacks on everything for this movie to have any replay value. It does have its moments and you may get a few cheap laughs here and there, but I would never recommend buying this movie and I'm happy I only spent three dollars to see it. However, if dick and fart jokes are something that you want more of, you might enjoy this more than me. Some movies can do it (Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back), but I think Your Highness may have fell flat. 5/10.
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