The Puppet Monster Massacre (2011)

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Dustin Mills Dustin Mills
Steve Rimpici Steve Rimpici
Jessica Daniels Jessica Daniels
Bart Flynn Bart Flynn
Ethan Holey Ethan Holey
Erica Kisseberth Erica Kisseberth

5.6 / 10 - Overall Rating

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Genres: Creature Film, Horror, Horror Comedy
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Review by Bill Wolford
Added: August 23, 2011
Every once in a while you hear about a movie for us horror fans that is so different and strangely put together that you can't believe that it would be any good. You can't imagine that the idea would make any sense. All the good ideas have been taken already right? Well, no... you'd be wrong. This movie lets us know that although Hollywood may be fresh out of ideas, independent cinema is just warming up with new and inventive ways to scare us and make us laugh, all at the same time.

The Puppet Monster Massacre. Seventy minutes of great entertainment that has you begging for more, or at least a sequel by the time the end credits roll. But this is not the type of movie that is built to put out forty-five more parts to it. This is the old fashioned style flick that has everything you want wrapped up in its running time. A movie you'll watch more than once, wishing there were more, but glad there isn't at the same time. So what makes this an odd movie? Well... puppets. That's right. Ever wish that the Muppets would do a horror movie? If so, this is for you.

The story is set in 1985. An evil scientist named Wagner and his pet penguin have created a monster in their old mansion. The more the monster eats, the more it grows. Wagner wants more food for his creation, So he sends letters out to four of the towns teenagers for their chance to win a million dollars by spending a night in the mansion. So far we already have references to House On Haunted Hill, Frankenstein, and strangely Charlie and The Chocolate Factory.

Charlie Hawkins is one of the teens that gets a letter. He lives with his grandfather Jonathan, and tells him that he'll re-open the old dime store if he wins the money. He has a crush on a girl in town, Gwen, who also receives a letter, and tells charlie that they should go to the mansion together. Raimi Campbell (Who makes the movie in my opinion) is a human movie reel reference, also receives a letter along with tough guy Iggy, whose girlfriend Mona just happens to tag along.

Everything is set up perfectly for a showdown between the teens, the evil doctor and his monster. To give away more plot would be ruining the film for you. Raimi will more than likely be your favorite character in the film, as his constant references to fright films is hilarious. And his tendency to be scared out of his wits by everything that moves (or not) keeps you laughing. One of the things I never thought I'd ever see (or ever think about seeing for that matter) is a topless Muppet (puppet?). Well, that's taken care of on several occasions by our sexy Mona, who has quite a steamy shower scene.

And to top off the humor, we have some fart jokes. Damn, I love fart jokes! And they find good uses for them here on several accounts. The backgrounds of the film look like they came from a video game. While that may not bother anyone, there are times when it looks quite cheap (interiors of the mansion), and others where it looks fantastic (night time exteriors). I imagine some of the backgrounds are CGI as well. Most all of the blood are CGI effects, and as a whole the effects and backgrounds suit our puppet friends just fine.

The extras included on this disc are two commentaries, one from the director, and one with both the director and assistant director. There are also two discarded monster designs for us to have a look at as well. If you're a horror movie buff, you need to get this film, just for the references alone. If you just want to have some fun watching a different type of horror film, this movie is your ticket out of the Hollywood doldrums, and into independent movie bliss. 8/10.
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