The New Adventures Of Captain Amazing-Lad (2007)

DVD Cover (Apprehensive Films)
Genres: Animated Comedy, Animated Fantasy, Animation, Superhero Film
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Keith Carter Keith Carter
Nicholas Allen Nicholas Allen
Catherine Gasta Catherine Gasta
Michael Mandell Michael Mandell
Michael Paolantonio Michael Paolantonio

4.6 / 10 - Overall Rating

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Review by Bill Wolford
Added: August 30, 2011
Well, how can I sum this up? How can I make a review that lasts longer than a few lines? Look, this film has some great old time animation going for it. And in my opinion that's all. This is the New Adventures of Captain Amazing Lad.

I tried to like this, I really did. And as I said above, the animation was fantastic. This is an animated superhero spoof cartoon, based on the bumbling Captain Amazing Lad and his misadventures in trying to stop crime, super villains and his nagging wife. He lives in Metro City, and takes his orders from the mayor who sports an eye-patch (Kind of like the commissioner in Batman mixed with Nick Fury Agent of S.H.I.E.L.D.) In his first adventure, he has to invite a "mertrosexual" super villain to the mayor's ball, so that the villains super sexy wife will show up as well. The intended invitation does not work out and Amazing Lad is struck by the Villains "Gay Ray". This is going to pose problems for Amazing Lad's wife. End of episode.

In the second episode, Captain Amazing Lad is called upon by the mayor to stop a crime mastermind known as Dr. Dark. Amazing lad also need to take the wife shopping, so decides to crash the crime party while leaving his wife in the car waiting. Dr. Dark has a shrink ray that he tries to use on Amazing Lad while the bad guys are getting a butt kicking. The shrink ray overloads and explodes. Captain Amazing Lad saves the day. In the final scene we find the the shrink ray DID work at shrinking Amazing Lad's head, and he and his wife argue about new superhero names as we fade to black. End of episode.

Wait, that's it!?!?! Yes, you get two twenty minute episodes. And I believe the dates on them were 2006, so I wouldn't expect any more. And the show was supposed to be funny. I didn't snicker even one time. The stories were too short to get into any kind of character depth, and every single "joke" fell flat.

The extras on this disc are actually longer and better than the main feature. First off, we have Captain Amazing Lad does the U.K. This feature speaks with the people involved with the making of the show, and later on you get movie goers reactions to seeing the short films. There is also a movie trailer and an interview with Captain Amazing Lad and his creator (Which is super sped up, so you understand nothing... I didn't get that joke either).

For a bonus on the disc you get what looks to be the Gammera The Invincible movie split up into three parts. Its cool if you like that movie, but talk about random. Seeing that as an extra made me laugh more than the feature did. And last, you get a preview of Orlok The Vampire with parts in 3D, introduced by Lloyd Kaufman of Troma movie fame. Again, very random, but cool as well.

If you need to see this, please rent it first. You might find it funny, I didn't. The extras were more enjoyable than the main feature, and that's not a good thing. 3/10.
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