OMG! The Top 50 Incidents In WWE History (2011)

DVD Cover (WWE Home Video)
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Genres: Sports, Wrestling
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Review by Tobes
Added: September 07, 2011
As someone who's a product of the 80s and grew up with the WWF/WWE, there's plenty of memorable moments that I remember experiencing thanks to Vincent McMahon and company. Recently, I started getting back into the WWE again, and one of their newest DVD releases appeals to all groups of fans, whether you just started watching in the past few years, or your an old timer like myself. 'OMG! The Top 50 Incidents in WWE history' promises just what it's namesake entails: some of the craziest shit you probably remember from the past thirty or so years in the WWF/WWE. Since it's a DVD release, I'll be talking about what's provided on the three disc set, and not so much a normal "review" of the movie.

First off, I'm going to get my main complaint out of the way. OMG! is a 3-disc set broken down in the following way:

Disc 1: All 50 moments shown in short clips
Disc 2-3: Random full matches/moments from the list

The complaint comes in the fact that on the full match/moment discs, they must have randomly drawn numbers out of a hat to figure out which ones to show (most of which are already released on other WWE DVDs anyway). Some of the higher ranked moments aren't shown in full, but don't worry if you want to see Shawn Michaels throw Marty Janette through the barber shop window (a 20 second moment anyway), you can watch the "full" version to your hearts content.

Now on with the good stuff, and believe me there's a lot. If you were a fan of the WWE at all, ever, one of your favorite moments will probably be shown on this DVD. They did an amazing job at picking the most memorable moments from the past, and they managed to find a good mix of both old and new. They also have a handful of the newer popular wrestlers commentating on the clips (The Miz, CM Punk, John Cena), so it's interesting to hear what the new blood thinks of the older wrestlers and ideas. Once or twice they talk as though they saw the moment live, but if you crunch the numbers, you would realize that they were one or two years old when the moment happened. Along with that, it's fun to see the dates on the countdown and be able to go "Holy shit I was five when this happened!" If you're a Stone Cold fan, you'll have a field day with this release, as he easily has 10-15 of the 50 moments in the show.

One thing that I picked up on now from all of this was how "racist/offensive" the WWF used to be back in the early 80s. Two of the moments are Piper's Pit moments, one of which involves picking on an African little person dressed as Mr. T, and calling Jimmy Snuka a monkey (along with other insults) while throwing fruit at him. None of it is bad or super tasteless, but it's just funny to see how ridiculous some of their ideas were back in the beginning.

Overall, this is definitely a DVD that should be seen, especially with friends (and alcohol). I'm glad that I took the two hours to watch it all and reminisce about the randomness of my childhood that was the WWF.

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Chad #1: Chad - added 09/09/2011, 03:17 PM
I enjoyed watching all of this insanity once again, and it's rather telling that of the fifty "incidents", about five of them come from before the attitude era, another five come from after the attitude era, and the other forty... well, you figure it out. Maybe someday wrestling will be fun again.
BuryMeAlive #2: BuryMeAlive - added 11/24/2011, 01:59 PM
It's a good DVD set, some great stuff on here and the number one spot is well deserved.
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