Chilling Classics (2005)

DVD Cover (Mill Creek)
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Genres: Horror

Get ready for a gut-wrenching journey into terror and madness that is strewn with bloody corpses and rocked by terrifying creatures in a relentlessly horrific universe! --Amazon
Review by Bill Wolford
Added: October 15, 2011
Time for another 50 pack from Mill Creek. This time it's the Chilling Classics 50 movie pack. It was actually the first product from Mill Creek that I ever purchased. My case is different than the one pictured. They now come in large clam-shell keep cases, which is much better than the cardboard case with Velcro spots to keep the cover closed that I have, which is what they started out packaging their movie packs in. I can also tell you that there are a lot of good movies in this pack. So good in fact, that I went out and tracked down the best DVD copies of eight of the movies in this set. As I said in my last Mill Creek review, I look at these packs as a primer for the genre they represent, and I helped out some independent DVD companies along the way by purchasing their superior DVD transfers of the movies I saw and liked on this Mill Creek set.

Now, for a small buyer beware. This set originally came out in 2005. I'm not sure if any of the transfers have been updated in the set pictured above, and if not, this set has quite a few audio and picture anomalies. Do not buy this set to replace any DVDs you might already have, or to save space, you will be highly disappointed. There are a few movies on this set that you'll find no other release for, and that's great. Also, fifty movies for ten to fifteen dollars can't be beat, but there are only two widescreen transfers in this package, and most if not all of the films are of VHS quality at the best. So just to clear that up ahead of time for you, let's get into the movies themselves.

1.The Murder Mansion-(Starring-Evelyn Stewart-1972-Unrated)-A young couple joins a group of travelers stranded at a fog-bound mansion to wait out the bad weather. While everyone tries to deal with each other, they must also contend with the creepy surroundings of the ancient manor and its adjoining cemetery. When the guests are beset upon by nonliving residents from the graveyard, they must try to band together in order to survive the nightmare.-(Fullscreen/Color) / Audio:Fair / Video:Fair (Faded & Blurry)

2.Death Rage-(Starring-Yul Brynner-1976-Rated R)-Peter Marciani (Yul Brynner) is a retired hit-man who is forced to come out of retirement. His brother has been murdered and Marciani intends to track down the man responsible for his death. Once he begins to investigate his brother's death, he discovers that he's been set up by the mob.-(Fullscreen/Color) / Audio:Good / Video:Fair(Soft)

3.Medusa-(Starring-George Hamilton-1973-Unrated)-A pair of American siblings, living in Greece, becomes entangled with the local mob. While the sister is happy and engaged to be married, the brother is faced with repaying a debt to a mobster and fears that the latest revision of his father's will may cut him out of an inheritance. When people associated with the will begin to turn up dead, the authorities begin suspecting the American has connections to the deaths. -(Fullscreen/Color) / Audio:Fair / Video:Fair

4.I Eat Your Skin-(Starring-William Joyce-1964-Unrated)-A writer, looking to research voodoo legends for an upcoming book, arrives on a remote tropical island to investigate reports of zombies roaming the land. He soon discovers a scientist and his beautiful daughter living on the island, where the father is experimenting with a serum that has transformed some of the natives into strange looking creatures. When the remaining natives decide to sacrifice the scientist's daughter to appease their voodoo gods, our writer must stop them and the scientist from causing any further harm. -(Fullscreen/B&W) / Audio:Fair / Video:Poor

5.Scream Bloody Murder-(Starring-Fred Holbert-1975-Rated R)-A young man kills his own father and is subsequently set to a mental institution where he remains for many years. Upon his release, he returns home to discover his mother has remarried and, after growing to dislike his new step-father, murders the gentleman as well as his own mother. The crazed man then turns his attention to a young artist whom he has become obsessed with and continues his murderous ways in order to be with her. -(Fullscreen/Color) / Audio:Fair / Video:Fair (Soft)

6.The Bell from Hell-(Starring-Viveca Lindfors-1973-Unrated)-A young man is released after many years from a mental institution after his aunt had him committed so she could take his inheritance. The man arrives back home into the care of the aunt and her three daughters. The aunt and cousins hope to drive him insane in order to permanently take away his money but the young man has plans of revenge for his greedy relatives. -(Fullscreen/Color) / Audio:Bad (Inaudible) / Video:Fair

7.Metamorphosis-(Starring-Gene LeBrock-1990-Rated R)- A university researcher is working to crack the human gene code in order to create a serum that would prevent aging. Pressured by the administration to publish his papers and produce some results or risk losing funding, the scientist decides to use himself as a guinea pig for the latest serum he's developed. Suffering no apparent side effects at first, the scientist eventually discovers that the serum has indeed altered him in a manner most unexpected. -(Fullscreen/Color) / Audio:Good / Video:Fair

8.Naked Massacre-(Starring-Mathieu Carriere-1976-Unrated)-In Belfast, a group of eight nurses share a home while working at various hospitals and clinics throughout the city. Entering into their lives is a crazed Vietnam veteran with a hatred for women who decides to take out his hatred on them. Stalking them one by one, the killer terrorizes and tortures the women while the authorities attempt to track him down. -(Fullscreen/Color) / Audio:Good / Video:Fair

9.Haunts-(Starring-May Britt-1977-Rated PG)-A small town is stalked by a deranged killer who uses scissors as his weapon and a very religious young woman begins to suspect that her uncle may be the killer. As more murders take place, the young woman fears that she too will become a victim of the killer. Shocking twists and turns bring you to a surprise ending as well as the identity of the killer. -(Fullscreen/Color) / Audio:Fair / Video:Poor (Faded)

10.Werewolf In A Girl's Dormitory-(Starring-Barbara Lass-1962-Unrated)-At a school for wayward girls, a series of mysterious attacks have plagued the campus. The victims all appear to have been attacked by a vicious animal, which leads some to believe that the school is being stalked by a werewolf. As the next full moon approaches, the campus becomes nervous in anticipation on what will happen next, as the authorities struggle to track down the monster. -(Fullscreen/B&W) / Audio:Fair (Low Volume) / Video:Fair

11.Driller Killer-(Starring-Abel Ferrara-1979-Unrated)-A struggling artist is trying to complete his latest painting when he finds himself distracted by a punk rock band that moves into the downstairs apartment and continuously plays its music. He finally finishes his masterpiece despite the noise and shows it to his art dealer but his devastated when the dealer laughs at his work. Driven over the edge by the dealer's criticisms and the band's loud music, the artist snaps and begins killing people using a large power drill as his weapon of choice. -(Fullscreen/Color) / Audio:Fair Video:Fair (Soft & Dark)

12.Horror Express-(starring-Christopher Lee-Peter Cushing-Telly Savalas-1972-Rated R)-In 1907, a scientist discovers the figure of a creature imbedded in the ice of Manchuria. Believing it to be the Missing Link, the scientist has the ice block loaded onto a Trans-Siberian train for a trip across the continent with the eventual destination of London and the unveiling of the discovery. While traveling through a snowstorm in Siberia, the creature is freed from the ice and begins to terrorize the passengers, while the scientist and his rival discover the creature is not what it appears to have been. -(Fullscreen/Color) / Audio:Fair / Video:Fair

13.Snowbeast-(Starring-Bo Svenson-1977-Unrated)-A Colorado ski resort is the center of a winter carnival celebration but something threatens to interrupt the festivities. Skiers have been found brutally slain out on the ski runs, torn apart by what appears to have been a wild animal. After eyewitnesses confirm what appears to be a large human-like creature leaving the scene of the latest attack, it becomes apparent to some that this is something more than a bear attack. While some people wish to warn the public and cancel the festival, there are others with a financial stake who wishes to continue the carnival no matter what the risk to the public. -(Fullscreen/Color) / Audio:Fair / Video:Good

14.Sisters Of Death-(Starring-Arthur Franz-1977-Rated PG)-During a sorority initiation ceremony, something horrible goes wrong and one of the new members is accidentally killed. Seven years later, the remaining sorority sisters receive invitations to attend a reunion at an isolated mountain estate. Unbeknownst to any of the women, the resort is owned by the father of the deceased sorority member and he is looking for revenge. -(Fullscreen/Color) / Audio:Fair / Video:Fair (Soft)

15.War Of The Robots-(Starring-Antonio Sabato-1978-Rated PG-13)-Representatives of an alien civilization on the brink of extinction arrive on Earth and kidnap two top research geneticists in the hopes they can find them a cure to their problem. Looking to stop a potential alien invasion and rescue the scientists, a group of soldiers is sent on a mission that could decide the fate of two civilizations. -(Fullscreen/Color) / Audio:Fair / Video:Fair

16.Oasis Of The Zombies-(Starring-Manuel Gelin-1981-Unrated)-During World War II, a platoon of German soldiers is transporting a large shipment of gold across the African desert when they're attacked by Allied forces who force them to hide the treasure in a remote desert oasis. Fifty years later, the son of the only surviving Allied attacker decides to lead an expedition to track down the hidden gold. Facing numerous perils along the way, the adventurers find the hidden oasis only to discover it is guarded by horrifying Nazi zombies. -(Fullscreen/Color) / Audio:Fair / Video:Fair (Soft)

17.The Witches' Mountain-(Starring-Patty Shepard-1972-Unrated)-A newspaper photographer and his girlfriend are traveling through the mountains on an assignment to photograph a legendary haunted peak. Stopping at a castle near the mountain to rest for the evening, they discover that not all is as it seems. The castle is the home of a coven of witches that call the peak their own and wish to keep any strangers away from their activities. -(Fullscreen/Color) / Audio:Poor (Muffled) / Video:Fair

18.Deep Rad-(Starring-David Hemmings-1975-Rated R)-A psychic who can read minds picks up the thoughts of a murderer in the audience and soon becomes a victim. An English pianist gets involved in solving the murders, but finds many of his avenues of inquiry cut off by new murders, and he begins to wonder how the murderer can track his movements so closely. -(Fullscreen/Color) / Audio:Fair / Video:Fair (Note: it looks as if this movie is not contained in this newer version of the Chilling Classics 50 pack for some reason. Probably Public Domain Issues. But it is on my older copy of the pack, so I include it here for anyone that wants to look for the older version of the 50 pack, or for those who already have it)

19.The Revenge Of Dr. X-(Starring-James Craig-1970-Unrated)-A NASA scientist is ordered to take a vacation due to showing signs of stress while working on his latest missile project. Traveling to Japan, the scientist decides to indulge in his botany hobby and begins experimenting on a Venus Flytrap he brought along on the trip. Using radical techniques and falling into madness, the scientist eventually creates a plant creature that feeds on flesh and blood, which then sets off to find food in the form of the people of a nearby community. -(Fullscreen/Color) / Audio:Fair (Muffled) / Video:Poor (Faded)

20.Bad Taste-(Starring-Peter Jackson-1988-Unrated)-Derek and his friends must investigate the missing people in a small village. Then they find out its human formed aliens that are really big headed monsters that used all the people in the small village into their snack burgers. Now, Derek must save the day and the world with his chainsaw before the meat eaters strikes the whole planet. Will Derek kill all the aliens? -(Fullscreen/Color) / Audio:Good / Video:Fair (Note: it looks as if this movie is not contained in this newer version of the Chilling Classics 50 pack for some reason. Probably Public Domain Issues. But it is on my older copy of the pack, so I include it here for anyone that wants to look for the older version of the 50 pack, or for those who already have it)

21.A Passenger To Bali-(Starring-E.G. Marshall-1950-Unrated)-This program is from the famous Studio One television series shown from 1948 to 1958 by CBS and was a continuation of the successful radio series of the same name. This series received multiple Emmy awards as well as nominations and brought to the small screen some of the brightest and biggest stars, directors and writers of it's time to present to the audience a dramatic feature each week. In this episode, the captain of an ocean freighter takes aboard a passenger that turns out to be much more than they seem to be. -(Fullscreen/B&W) / Audio:Fair / Video:Poor

22.Devil Times Five-(Starring-Leif Garrett-1974-Rated R)-A bus transporting some children from a mental institution crashes, killing the driver and freeing the five youths on board. The youngsters make their way to a nearby resort hotel that is closed for the season but being used as a headquarters for a mob boss. The mobster and his entourage take in the youths for protection but are unaware of the homicidal tendencies the youths harbor inside them. -(Fullscreen/Color) / Audio:Good / Video:Good

23.Funeral Home-(Starring-Kay Hawtrey-1980-Rated R)-A young woman arrives at her grandmother's place to help convert it over to a bed and breakfast inn from the funeral home which was operated by her recently departed grandfather. After completing the change and guests begin to arrive, the granddaughter hears strange noises from the basement and finds some of the guests have disappeared. Getting nowhere with the police, the granddaughter decides to get to the bottom of the mystery by going down to the locked cellar to see what's inside. -(Fullscreen/Color) / Audio:Fair / Video:Fair

24.Lady Frankenstein-(Starring-Joseph Cotten-1971-Rated R)-Dr. Frankenstein and his daughter are experimenting with the re-animation of tissue and create a hideous monster that kills the doctor and escapes into the countryside. The daughter, undaunted by her father's failure, goes to medical school to gain the necessary skills to continue her father's work. Upon her return, she and her father's former assistant create a new creature by placing the assistant's brain into the body of a simple-minded, brawny handyman. Things become complicated when the first creature returns to finish exacting his revenge by killing the doctor's daughter and assistant. -(Fullscreen/Color) / Audio:Fair (Muffled) Video:Fair

25.Silent Night, Bloody Night-(Starring-Patrick O'Neal-1974-Rated R)-A man inherits his family's mansion that has been unoccupied for years and was at one time a mental hospital. Desperate to sell for much-needed cash, he sends his attorney to the mansion to prepare it for sale. Unfortunately at the same time, a deranged killer escapes from a nearby institution and returns to the town and the mansion, both which hold some dark and sinister secrets. -(Fullscreen/Color) / Audio:Fair / Video:Poor (Scratchy Print)

26.Panic-(Starring-David Warbeck-1983-Rated R)-A British research scientist is working with various forms of bacteria when he is accidentally exposed to a deadly variety due to a lab accident. The exposure transforms the scientist into a hideous, flesh-eating monster and he begins a rampage in the local community that has the government considering whether or not to destroy the entire town to contain the problem. -(Fullscreen/Color) / Audio:Fair / Video:Fair (Soft)

27.Messiah Of Evil-(Starring-Michael Greer-1972-Rated R)-A young woman travels to a small California seaside town to visit her father, an artist. When she arrives at his home, she finds him missing and his home filled with numerous paintings of his creation. The woman decides to explore the town to find out what happened to her father and discovers some strange happenings involving the local populous. -(Fullscreen/Color) / Audio:Good / Video:Fair

28.The Blancheville Monster-(Starring-Gerard Tichy-1964-Unrated)-A young woman returns to her family estate from finishing school to find her brother in charge, a new staff in place and her father horribly disfigured and living in one of the castle towers. The father believes that the family curse will be taken away if the daughter dies before her 21st Birthday, just a few days away. The eerie feelings around the castle continue to build as the fateful day comes closer until they reach a climax when the father escapes from the tower. -(Fullscreen/B&W) / Audio:Fair Video:Poor (Blurry & Faded)

29.Cathy's Curse-(Starring-Alan Scarfe-1977-Rated R)-After a terrible car accident twenty years ago killed his father and sister, a man returns to his family home with his wife and daughter. The daughter takes up residence in her deceased aunt's room and, after finding some of her possessions, becomes possessed by her spirit. Soon strange happenings and mysterious deaths begin to occur in the household as the possessed girl lashes out at those around her. -(Widescreen/Color) / Audio:Fair / Video:Poor (Washed Out & Blurry)

30.The Alpha Incident-(Starring-Ralph Meeker-1977-Rated PG)-A Mars space probe returns to Earth and brings with it a microorganism from the red planet. While transporting the microscopic alien life form by train, there is an accident and the microorganism is unleashed. Exposure to the alien virus forces four strangers into quarantine while government scientists rush to find a cure. -(Fullscreen/Color) Audio:Fair (Some Audio Interference) / Video:Fair

31.The Demons Of Ludlow-(Starring-Paul Van Hausen-1984-Unrated)-The town of Ludlow is celebrating its Bicentennial and the town is presented with the gift of a white piano. Unfortunately, the piano contains the soul of a warlock executed by the town's ancestors and he is seeking his revenge on their descendants. The warlock unleashes an army of demons to terrorize the townspeople and looks to succeed with his plans, unless a miracle can occur to save Ludlow. -(Fullscreen/Color) / Audio:Good / Video:Good

32.The Cold-(Starring-Carol Perry-1984-Unrated)-Nine people are invited to a secluded mansion at the request of three millionaires. It seems the millionaires have invited these people to participate in a game, which involves their deepest fears, for a prize of $1,000,000. Each guest must face and survive their individual encounters in hopes of winning the money. (Fullscreen/Color) / Audio:Fair / Video:Fair (Soft)

33.Hands Of A Stranger-(Starring-Paul Lukather-1962-Unrated)-A concert pianist is involved in a terrible traffic accident which results in the loss of his hands. A surgeon sees this as an opportunity and transplants new hands onto the pianist from a murder victim. The new hands cause distress with the pianist when they seem to have a life of their own and force him to commit some unspeakable acts. (Fullscreen/B&W) / Audio:Fair / Video:Fair

34.Gothic-(Starring-Julian Sands-Miranda Richardson-1986-Rated R)-Story of the night that Mary Shelley gave birth to the horror classic "Frankenstein." Disturbed drug induced games are played and ghost stories are told one rainy night at the mad Lord Byron's country estate. Personal horrors are revealed and the madness of the evening runs from sexual fantasy to fiercest nightmare. Mary finds herself drawn into the sick world of her lover Shelley and cousin Claire as Byron leads them all down the dark paths of their souls.-(Fullscreen/Color) / Audio:Bad (Mostly Inaudible) / Video:Poor (Soft & Faded) (Note: it looks as if this movie is not contained in this newer version of the Chilling Classics 50 pack for some reason. Probably Public Domain Issues. But it is on my older copy of the pack, so I include it here for anyone that wants to look for the older version of the 50 pack, or for those who already have it)

35.The Man In The Attic-(Starring-Jack Palance-1953-Unrated)-A quiet pathologist rents out the attic apartment of a family in Victorian London. A series of murders involving showgirls has gripped the community and the landlady has her suspicions about the boarder. In the meantime, the family's daughter, herself a leading performer in a Parisian-style revue, becomes enamored with the shy pathologist. -(Fullscreen/B&W) / Audio:Fair / Video:Good

36.The Demon-(Starring-Cameron Mitchell-1979-Rated R)-A deranged killer is stalking the citizens of a small-town, brutally killing a family and abducting the daughter. The town is terrified of these events and is unable to find the killer. Only a former cop with psychic abilities appears to be the town's hope of tracking down the murderer and finding the missing girl. -(Fullscreen/Color) / Audio:Fair (Muffled) / Video:Fair

37.Shock-(Starring-Vincent Price-1946-Unrated)-A psychiatrist argues with his wife and, in a fit of rage, kills her. The psychiatrist discovers that the crime was observed by his neighbor and fears she will report him to the authorities. After the woman is unsuccessful in convincing her husband of what she saw, the psychiatrist approaches him and says she needs psychiatric treatment and she should be placed under his care. -(Fullscreen/B&W) / Audio:Poor (Muffled) / Video:Poor (Print is Jumpy & very scratchy)

38.Track Of The Moon Beast-(Starring-Chase Cordell-1976-Rated PG)-During a meteor shower, a man is struck in the head by a meteorite and a piece of it lodges deep into his skull. The result of this incident transforms the man at night into a lizard-like beast that stalks the countryside in search of victims. The man's best friend, a scientist and archeologist, and his girlfriend rush to find a cure for the man before the next transformation. (Fullscreen/Color) / Audio:Fair / Video:Fair

39.The Ghost-(Starring-Barbara Steele-1963-Rated R)-A woman and her lover murder her invalid physician husband in order to take his fortune and live their lives together. Watched by the physician's faithful housekeeper, the two lovers begin searching for the money they believe is hidden upon the grounds of the estate. When mysterious occurrences begin to happen to the couple, they suspect that the physician's ghost has appeared to seek revenge for their crime. (Fullscreen/Color) / Audio:Good / Video:Fair

40.Jesse James Meets Frankenstein's Daughter-(Starring-John Lupton-1966-Unrated)-Jesse James and his partner Hank Tracy are on the run from Marshall MacPhee after their latest robbery and stumble across the decrepit residence of Maria Frankenstein. Maria, the granddaughter of the infamous Baron Frankenstein, is continuing the family legacy of experimenting in resurrecting dead human tissue and has the still-living brain of the original monster. Finding a suitable candidate in the form of Hank, Maria transplants the monster's brain into Hank's body, creating a new monster she dubs "Igor". "Igor" escapes the lab and terrorizes the nearby town which forces Jesse in a final showdown with his one-time partner. -(Fullscreen/Color) / Audio:Good / Video:Fair (Faded)

41.Dr. Tarr's Torture Dungeon-(Starring-Claudio Brook-1972-Rated R)-A newspaper reporter is working on a story and pays a visit to a country sanitarium. After he has interviewed the staff and observed the happenings at the hospital, the reporter comes to a horrifying realization. The mental hospital is actually being run by the inmates and the leader is allowing them to live out their wildest and most bizarre fantasies. -(Fullscreen/Color) / Audio:Good / Video:Fair

42.The Bloody Brood-(Starring-Peter Falk-1959-Unrated)-A man begins to investigate on his own the death of his brother, who died from eating a hamburger laced with ground glass. With the police case stalled because of ineptness, the man's own investigation leads him toward a beatnik hang-out frequented by Nico (Peter Falk), a shady character who supplies drugs to the patrons and philosophizes about the ills of the world. -(Fullscreen/B&W) / Audio:Fair / Video:Fair

43.House Of The Dead-(Starring-John Ericson-1978-Rated PG)-A man in town for a convention gets lost while trying to return to his hotel room after seeing a woman and ends up being taken in by a mortician to wait out a storm. To pass the time, the mortician shows the man four recently deceased people and begins to tell him how each person ended up as an occupant of one of his coffins. (Also Called-Alien Zone)-(Fullscreen/Color) / Audio:Good / Video:Good

44.Slashed Dreams-(Starring-Robert Englund-1974-Rated R)-A young couple decides to look up an old friend while vacationing in the woods of Northern California. While camping out, two strangers appear and briefly talk with the couple before leaving. Later that evening, the two strangers return to terrorize the young couple by subduing the man and brutally assaulting the woman. What other fiendish plans does the pair have in store for the innocent couple? -(Fullscreen/Color) / Audio:Good / Video:Fair

45.A Bucket Of Blood-(Starring-Dick Miller-1959-Unrated)-A nebbish waiter at a beatnik café longs to fit in with the artistic patrons but he lacks the skills or personality. When he accidentally kills his landlady's cat and covers the body in plaster to hide his mistake, the result makes him a successful artist and part of the café group. Lacking the skills to make true artistic pieces, the waiter continues his "methods" when branching into human forms. -(Fullscreen/B&W) / Audio:Fair (Muffled) / Video:Fair (Blurry)

46.Horrors Of Spider Island-(Starring-Harald Maresch-1962-Unrated)-An airplane en route to Singapore carries with it a group of female dancers and their manager but unfortunately crash lands in the ocean somewhere in the South Pacific. Having survived the crash, the dancers and their manager make their way to an uncharted island where they set up residence and spend their days lounging around and skinny dipping. When the manager is bitten by a strange spider, he is transformed into a spider-like man beast and begins stalking the dancers. -(Fullscreen/B&W) / Audio:Fair / Video:Poor

47.The Legend Of Bigfoot-(Starring-Ivan Marx-1976-Rated G)-This documentary features the story of adventurer Ivan Marx, who had spent the 10 years prior to the making of this film investigating Bigfoot sightings. Marx is a government-paid tracker of wildlife and specializes in hunting down dangerous animals. Part of his travels has brought him in contact with parties across the West who claims to have had contact with a mysterious creature. Marx takes you on a tour of the Pacific Northwest to the places where the creature has been reported and shows you physical and photographic evidence to support the theory of Bigfoot. (Widescreen/Color) / Audio:Fair (Muffled) / Video:Fair (Faded)

48.The Devil's Hand-(Starring-Robert Alda-1962-Unrated)-A man is haunted by visions of a beautiful woman and, when visiting a doll shop, comes across a doll that looks just like her. Finding out from the shop owner that the doll is fashioned after a woman in the neighborhood, the man visits her and finds out she's part of a devil-worshiping cult headed by the doll shop keeper. The man is faced with deciding over staying with his ailing fiancée or taking the offer of the mysterious woman and becoming a member of the cult. -(Fullscreen/B&W) / Audio:Poor (Muffled) / Video:Poor (Faded & Washed-Out)

49.I Bury The Living-(Starring-Richard Boone-1958-Unrated)-A newly-appointed chairman of the local cemetery has a large map of the grounds on the wall in his office. Pins on the map represent the plots with black pins showing those plots occupied and white pins showing those plots sold but not in use. The chairman mixes up some of the pins and discovers that the owners of some plots he inadvertently marked with a black pin suddenly die. He comes to realize that he has the power to cause the death of the plot owners by simply marking their site with a pin. -(Fullscreen/B&W) / Audio:Fair / Video:Fair

50.Drive-In Massacre-(Starring-Jake Barnes-1974-Rated R)-Two police detectives investigate a series of murders at a California drive-in theater. Someone has been murdering unsuspecting movie patrons with a massive sword, during the showing of a western. The killings mount as the detectives try to close in on the psychotic killer, hoping to stop him before he can claim any more victims. This film was part of may double bill drive-in theater shows in the mid-1970's. -(Fullscreen/Color) / Audio:Fair / Video:Fair

There's the 50 films. You'll notice that the transfers aren't as good as those found in the Sci-Fi Collection. That's because this collection is six years older, and Mill Creek was pretty much just starting out. For horror buffs though, this collection is invaluable. It's close to Halloween, so find this set and grab it for some fun scary nights! 7/10.
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