Zombie Women Of Satan (2009)

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Zombie Women Of Satan
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Steve O'Brien Steve O'Brien
Warren Speed Warren Speed
Victoria Hopkins Victoria Hopkins
Warren Speed Warren Speed
Christian Steel Christian Steel
Seymour Leon Mace Seymour Leon Mace
Kate Soulsby Kate Soulsby

3.3 / 10 - Overall Rating

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Genres / Traits: Horror, Horror Comedy, Zombie Film, Clowns
A travelling group of freaks, headed up by Pervo the Clown, go to a rural farm to take part in a webcast interview to help them gain more followers and make the public aware of their awesome freakishness. Unbeknownst to our little group, however, this same rural farm is also home to a combined cult for women / zombie research laboratory. When the zombie virus is mistakenly added to a bowl of punch women, with breasts flying, are sent on a murderous, cannibalistic rampage that only this little band of circus freaks can stop. --IMDb
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Review by Chad
Added: November 28, 2011
We haven't covered any zombie movies around here in a while, and being a huge fan of the genre (and a glutton for punishment), I decided to remedy that today. The problem here is that we have already covered all of the good zombie movies, so the only thing left to dig through is the trash that slipped under our radars - usually for good reason. That brings us to Zombie Women of Satan, a movie that I admittedly had low expectations for. I mean, look at the title, and then look at the cover, and then tell me that you were expecting a new classic. Surprisingly though, the movie was pretty damned entertaining.

There are two groups of people for the film, and the first is a traveling freak show consisting of Pervo the Clown (Warren Speed), former vocalist of a girl-group Skye Brannigan (Victoria Hopkins), midget strong-man Zeus (Peter Bonner), burlesque dancer Harmony Starr (Kate Soulsby), mute daredevil Damage (Joe Nicholson), and the loud-mouthed manager of the group Johnny Dee Hellfire (Seymour Leon Mace). The group travels all over England, putting on great shows for their fans and having their way with said fans in the hotels later on in the evenings. This leads them to a television appearance for an internet show, which takes place...

...with Tycho (Christian Steel), who turns out to be the leader of a cult consisting entirely of drugged, nubile young women. That wouldn't be quite so bad, but as it turns out, his father (Bill Fellows) and sisters Red (Marysia Kay) and Blue (Gillian Settle) are experimenting on the girls with dangerous chemicals. One of those chemicals winds up in the punch-bowl, and all of the big-breasted cult women are now ravenous, flesh-starved zombies. Oh, and the freak show are stuck on the property courtesy of electrified fences, so it is now them versus the walking dead.

Zombie Women of Satan is a horror comedy hybrid with a huge emphasis on the "comedy" side of things. Maybe the who's who listing of the freak show informed you of that, but if not, consider that one of the leading men is a clown dressed up in black and white (complete with black nose and white leather jacket) who has duct tape across his nipples and tassels on his ass cheeks. It is a completely juvenile style of comedy (just watch for the long scene of a midget taking a shit in the woods), but honestly, I laughed more often than not when the jokes started rolling and I imagine that most fans of this style of comedy would feel the same.

What really made things work as well as they did in my eyes was the casting decisions. For the most part, these guys and gals were perfect in their roles: Warren Speed was fantastic as the perverted clown, and truth be told, I wouldn't mind seeing this character in another movie. He was just that damned good, and the back-and-forth banter between him and Seymour Leon Mace led to a good majority of the laughs. Those two played off of one another so well and it felt so natural that you have to wonder how much of the dialogue was scripted and how much of it was just two hilarious guys ripping on one another in front of the camera. Save for one or two lone exceptions, the rest of the cast is pretty good as well, but these two were easily the stars of the show.

Now, that is not to say that it is purely a comedic affair, as there is certainly plenty of the horror element as well. These zombie women are beaten, sliced, cut, and beheaded with savage glee, and gorehounds will get a kick out of the amount of blood that is spilled during the running time. The chainsaw scene alone was worth the price of admission, and if that wasn't enough, wait until you see a zombie quite literally have her head beaten to a pulp. Big thumbs up in that regard.

So, if you couldn't tell by now, I loved Zombie Women of Satan. It is funny as hell, it's gruesome as can be, and yes, there's dozens of nude or mostly-nude female zombies with massive mammaries causing all of this commotion. It's certainly not a classic horror film and it won't appeal to those of you who turn your noses up at a good fart or balls joke, but those of us who like that sort of thing will find a lot to love here. 8/10.
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