Wrong Turn 4: Bloody Beginnings (2011)

DVD Cover (Twentieth Century Fox)
Genres: Horror, Slasher Film
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Declan O'Brien Declan O'Brien
Jennifer Pudavick Jennifer Pudavick
Tenika Davis Tenika Davis
Kaitlyn Leeb Kaitlyn Leeb
Terra Vnesa Terra Vnesa
Ali Tataryn Ali Tataryn
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4.6 / 10 - Overall Rating

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Review by Crispy
Added: December 26, 2011
We all knew another Wrong Turn sequel was going to be coming (Hell, I'm sure it's only a matter of time before 5 comes out), and we pretty much all knew it wasn't going to be that great. Still, the trailer had me optimistic; I should have known better.

In 1974, Glenville Sanatorium housed three very dangerous, deformed children. Showing a love for cannibalism and torture, it obviously bodes very badly for the compound when they break free, quickly killing the entire staff. Thirty years later, a group of teenagers set off on snowmobiles to their buddy's cabin, looking forward to a weekend of chugging liquor, getting high, and engaging in all sorts of lewd, sexual activities. Unfortunately, they take a wrong turn in the forest somewhere, getting lost in the blizzard that sneaks up on them. On the verge of hypothermia, they spot a huge building among the tree line, and despite the creepiness of spending the night in an abandoned asylum, decide it's a good place to wait out the raging snowstorm. Or at least it would be, if said asylum wasn't already occupied by those same deranged kids from '74, and as you can imagine, the years haven't taken the slightest edge off of their violent tendencies.

I could have killed a huge part of that unwarranted optimism had I realized that Declan O'Brien, the man behind that dreadful third entry, had returned to the series. Sure, he directed the super fun Sharktopus, but I have a feeling that film's success lies more in the hands of Roger Corman, and O'Brien shows once again he has no business kicking out slasher films. If you can think of a slasher cliché, it was lazily thrown into this movie. My buddy and I, both having seen our fair share, were calling entire scenes in advance just because they were telegraphed so blatantly. And I don't mean just a gag here, a gag there; I mean, entire scenes. Plus, out of eight main characters and the opening massacre, there was only two kills that were worth a damn. They include a woman getting hung with a barbed wire noose, and another taking a giant drill to the back from a low angle, showing the blood being flung off the spinning weapon onto the ceiling. Still, neither will be ranking in the top twenty of anyone's Greatest Kill list, and to be honest, that drill was so uncharacteristically huge it was actually comical in its own right.

Wrong Turn 4 is actually a prequel, and there's a few things one wants to see if the powers that be are going to take this route. As have been pointed out on many a prequel review on this site, there's some very choice details that are given away before the movie starts just by the very nature of having seen the next chapter. For example, we know none of the cannibals die as they're present in the first movie, and we can guess that none of our hapless victims are left in a position to report their existence since they haven't been hunted down between the points of 4 and 1 (to that end, those final deaths are so fucking stupid it actually annoyed me). Prequels are, putting it kindly, purely fan service; they exist to either show how events are set-up (Puppet Master 3) or merely for audiences to enjoy a previously known event in full (Underworld: Rise of the Lycans). Wrong Turn 4 does none of these. They could have shown how the old man from 1 and 2 got involved with the mutants, or focused on the chemical plant that created them in the first place. At the very least tell us the circumstances behind the cannibals relocating from this snowy-mountain asylum to the back roads of the Deep South. In truth, the only thing that makes this a prequel is that it uses two mutants that were killed in a previous movie; a somewhat unnecessary move since the series has previously had no trouble introducing new monsters who, let's be realistic, or all interchangeable anyway.

You want some insult to injury? Let's look at the people assembled to work in front of the camera. Jenny Pudavick. Tenika Davis. Kaitlyn Wong. Terra Vnesa. Victor Zinck, Jr. Dean Armstrong. Ali Tataryn. Samantha Kendrick. Every one of them was absolutely terrible, with Pudavick and Wong being exceptionally useless. The only reason we wanted Pudavick to make it to the end is because she does have some very nice breasts. Of course, she's so horrible she may have to consider showing them off a little bit to maintain any sort of career.

Again, I'm sure they'll kick out another Wrong Turn sequel in time, but for God sake please put somebody else behind the helm. There's no reason whatsoever to pop Wrong Turn 4 in your DVD player. Throwing it half a bonus point for a barely-used lesbian angle: 1.5/10.
C L #1: C L - added 12/14/2012, 11:58 PM
It was ok. Glad I watched it but I will never watch it again. 3/10
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