Jersey Girl (2004)

DVD Cover (Miramax)
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Overall Rating 56%
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Betty Aberlin
Betty Aberlin
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Matt McFarland
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Sarah Stafford
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Christian Fan
Review by Christopher
Added: April 03, 2004
As the hard working Ollie falls in love with Gertrude (Jennifer Lopez) they end up having a kid, Gertie (Raquel Castro). Shortly after giving birth to the child, Gertrude dies from an aneurysm, which leaves Ollie alone to take care of the child. As he continues stressing over work, his father Bart (George Carlin) ends up taking over as a parent. But when Bart gets fed up with it, the kid is forced onto Ollie, causing him to mess up at his job bad enough to get fired. After loosing his job, he promises to Gertie to be the best father ever. He keeps his promise for the next seven years, until he almost blows it by missing one of Gertie's school plays for a job interview.

Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez as a couple, deja vu. Even though J-Lo wasn't in the film but for the first ten minutes, it was still a retched choice to cast the two for that role. As if it hasn't been done before and in real life. J-Lo's short appearance was exactly like all her other appearances in movies. She's happy, always smiling, has a significant other and has the bossy attitude going on. Ben Affleck does a slightly better job, but not by much. Same reasons, just acted so similar to his other films.

I'm not a fan of little kids in movies and this didn't change my mind at all. Raquel Castro was your typical seven year old girl. Nice until she wanted something, then annoying to death until she got it. Liv Tyler did an alright job. She always seems to get stuck with the 'young ditz/heavy emotions' role (except for the LOTR trilogy, obviously). She seems to do a good enough job of that in real life, so she pulled it off.

George Carlin was by far the best actor and character in the entire movie. Funny, as usual. Cussed like a sailor. Owned everyone at any given time and was actually able to act. Stephen Root was in this movie (he played one of Bart's friends). He had very few lines, but those few lines were quite good. Then there was the small cameo's by Jason Lee and Matt Damen. To put it lightly, it was a good thing the cameo's were small. Finally, can't forget about Jason Biggs. The up and coming guy who gets pushed around, how original.

But what about the story? Guy looses his wife, gains a child and has to take care of her. In the meantime, a younger girl falls in love with him while he still has his wife on the brain. Why would Kevin Smith want to leave his roots of dick and fart jokes, having cameo's from Halloran and Anderson, and the main attraction of Jay & Silent Bob for... Jersey Girl? Sure, the trilogy is over and all that. And like all of his other movies, this one can't be compared to the other due to major differences, but going from Clerks to this is just awful. If you're a heavy fan of Smith, pretend he stopped directing after Jay & Silent Bob Strike Back. I wish I would have.

Final Conclusion: 5/10
Shakes #1: Shakes - added 07/30/2008, 10:30 PM
I hated this movie. RIP George Carlin
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