Wild Zero (1999)

DVD Cover (Synapse)
Tetsuro Takeuchi Tetsuro Takeuchi
Guitar Wolf Guitar Wolf
Drum Wolf Drum Wolf
Bass Wolf Bass Wolf
Masashi Endô Masashi Endô
Kwancharu Shitichai Kwancharu Shitichai

6.3 / 10 - Overall Rating

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Genres: Biker Film, Horror, Horror Comedy, Zombie Film
Aliens are invading the planet and turning humans into zombies. After saving his heroes, Guitar Wolf, from their manager, and having the honor of becoming their blood brother, wannabe rocker Ace finds himself caught up in the carnage. He didn't think he'd need Guitar Wolf's help quite so soon. --IMDb
Review by Christopher
Added: August 06, 2004
Dubbed Japan's rock 'n' roll zombie horror classic, this film is just that. Guitar Wolf (a japanese rock band) help save the world when aliens invade the earth and begin turning people into zombie's. A loyal Guitar Wolf fan, Ace, helps out the band when they are in a bit of a mess. The leader of the band (Guitar Wolf) makes Ace his rock 'n' roll blood brother, in return for helping them out. As everyone books it from the scene, Ace stops at a gas station and unknowingly stops a robbery. A female at the gas station (Tobio) passes out before he gets there and she's then revived after saving the day (again).

They basically fall in love at first sight. But Ace plays it cool and takes off alone. On his way out of town, he's confronted by a few zombies. So he dashes back to the gas station to save Tobio from the zombies that are attacking her. A good portion of the film continues on with killing the zombies and a few new characters popping up. Ace also finds out a hearty secret that Tobio managed to hide quite well.

Not a whole lot of gore, though the zombies are shown munching down on peoples organ and intestines a fair amount. Not to mention the zombies getting their heads blown off, thanks to the wonders of CGI. The zombies acted pretty goofy. The typical arms out and dragging one foot deal. They just managed to make it look a little more goofy. The make-up for them varied quite a bit. None of the zombies looked the same. They all had their different sort of rotting going on, which was a real nice touch.

Guitar Wolf is a real Japanese rock band, and they played their part quite well. Considering there wasn't much acting to be done since they are rockers. Ace was the kid who tried to be cool, but just couldn't get it down. Once he become Guitar Wolf's blood brother, his whole attitude changed and did end up becoming the cool fellow by the end of the film. The rest of the cast came off nicely as well.

My only beef with the film was the one God reference. When Ace and Tobio's final fight together with the zombies was about to take place, Ace starts to tell Tobio about how he never believed in God until now because he met her and all of this other malarkey. Though it was fixed nicely as time passes and he starts a brawl with the zombies. All his screaming and yelling results to him not believing in God anymore. His faith lasted less than ten minutes. I still think it's lame they had to throw that in there.

All in all, the movie was very entertaining. With an awesome soundtrack to boot. Bikini Kill's "Rebel Girl" was played during one of the fights with the zombies. If nothing else, that alone would have made me a fan of the film. Thankfully, it was just a good addition to an excellent movie. Not an offensive zombie flick, but not a family film either. All I can say is, Rock 'N' Roll Never Dies!

Final Conclusion: 8/10
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Ginose #1: Ginose - added 07/25/2007, 05:33 PM
Great, great, great fun. This one took me forever to boost up to the top of my Netflix queue but it was worth it. Fuckin' great gore and one of the best soundtracks on damn-ner any zombie flick out thus far. Though the ending was... eh... alittle far fetched... themovie itself is pure gold. 8.9/10
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