Bobby Collins - Telling It Like It Is (2012)

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Genres: Comedy, Concerts, Standup Comedy
Sometimes as a performer, you can work a show where the audience, the venue and the performer combine together to create a show capturing the organic reason I do comedy. You start out one way and end another. This was one of those shows. I hope you enjoy it - if not, don't tell anyone - remember what your mother always said, "if you don't have anything nice to say......" --Amazon

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Review by Bill Wolford
Added: February 24, 2012
I've never done a review of a stand-up comedy routine before, so please bear with me. I like to try new things, but I may not always be the best at them on the first time out.

Bobby Collins - Telling It Like It Is, is a one hour stand-up comedy special that takes place at the Foxwoods resort in Connecticut. Only a couple hundred miles from where I live myself. So the few times that he dips into local humor, I'm in on the joke as well and it's quite funny. Bobby lives in California now, but was brought up in New York, which is also close to my home, and helps to identify with his unique brand of humor. I'd never heard of Bobby until I popped in this DVD. I'm not a huge fan of stand-up comedians, as I feel most of them flop once they try to film themselves for the home market. Bobby had a strike against him before I even pushed the play button, and at five minutes in, I was not going to change my mind. Then something good happened. I smiled. Then a few chuckles. Last thing I expected was to hear myself laughing. This performance got better as it went along, and I found myself liking the guy, and his type of humor, and I could identify with a lot of the things he was saying.

Being as this was a 2011 production, a lot of his jokes are about the government, jobs and even the Kardashians are still relevant now, and still funny. He had a widely varied show, and he writes all of his own material, and even helped produce the film. Subjects other than those mentioned range from his sixteen year old dog, the problems with meet and greets, airports, trying to understand the southern accent, the dollar store, incontinence and generally growing older. He had a good interaction with the audience, and some of his ad-lib's were even more funny than the material he had written for the show.

The DVD itself is fairly average. The one hour performance is shot in full screen with stereo sound (his attached mic does go off for about two or three minutes during the middle of the show, leaving only the audience mic to hear him by, but this is very brief and the sound returns to normal in a very short time). There is a bonus feature of an eight minute interview talking with Bobby about his life and career. To sum it all up, this is a worthy purchase for a funny good time from a comedian you might not have heard of before. Go pick it up.

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