To Haunt You (2011)

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Genres: Horror, Supernatural Horror, Supernatural Thriller
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James Mannan James Mannan
Elise Brim Elise Brim
Ellen Brock Ellen Brock
Eric Bryant Eric Bryant
Patrick Cavanagh Patrick Cavanagh
Christopher Cook Christopher Cook

6.9 / 10 - Overall Rating

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Review by Bill Wolford
Added: February 25, 2012
Independent DIY productions are a really big hit or miss affair in my opinion. Budding directors with low budgets can easily flop big time by trying to make a bigger movie than they have a budget for, and some of them know the limitations of what they have to work with, and come up with a story that keeps you interested with just enough effects to try and make it creepy for us. To haunt You thankfully falls under the latter category, although there are still some problems to be had.

Jill (Emily McMillen), has been getting prank phone calls. No one is ever on the line when she answers, and she thinks it's Greg (Patrick Cavanagh), the guy she just broke up with. Jill and her friend Paige (Lisa Demumbrum) are trying to figure out the mystery to this and more as Jill finds herself being haunted in her home. There are the words "Hurt You" that come on the TV screen after she has just cut herself, and twice she sees a strange woman out at the back gate leading to her home. She finally calls the police after she is locked in her own bathroom for hours while her house in ransacked. When the police arrive, Jill tells them about Greg, and how she has been harassed by him since the breakup, and she wants it to stop. The mystery deepens even more when the police return the next day to inform Jill that Greg committed suicide the night after they broke up.

This is labelled as a horror movie, but it fits more into the mystery/thriller category for me. Yes, there are some horror elements, but they are stuffed into the end of the movie, and in such a way that you wonder where in the hell it came from. It smells of a last minute rewrite, or just trying to fit too many ideas into the last act of the film. Running at barely over an hour, they could have had a longer running time to make the last of the movie match the pace of the first 50 minutes of it. Maybe they just ran out of money. We'll probably never know. The acting in the film is pretty decent all around for a low budget effort. The characters are believable, and their situations feel genuine. One thing this movie does extremely well is handling the use of flashbacks. Most of the movie is told in this fashion anyway, but when the director started using flashbacks within a flashback, I was sure I was going to lose the plot of the movie, or just become irritated with the film. I'm glad to say that this did not happen, and the material was handled well in the flashback context. The only complaint I had with this film was its rushed final fifteen or so minutes, and throwing in a lot of unnecessary twists, turns and confusion that turn the film sour with a downbeat and head scratching ending. I do look forward to more from this director as he seems to have a wonderful grasp on the storytelling angle. I just hope he works on his pacing to make an even more enjoyable film.

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