Dinosaur Jr. - Bug Live At 9:30 Club: In The Hands Of The Fans (2011)

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Through an online contest, six fans are selected to film Dinosaur Jr. performing "Bug" in its entirety at the 9:30 Club in Washington DC, June 2011. Experience the fans' joy as they witness a classic performance and meet their heroes face to face in an exclusive interview with the band. Under the awesome direction of Dave Markey, BUG brings the fans closer to the band and the music closer to you. --IMDb
Lou Barlow
Lou Barlow
J. Mascis
J. Mascis
Review by Bill Wolford
Added: March 06, 2012
"In the hands of the fans" is a series of concerts where audience members get the chance to film the shows of some of their favorite bands. This release is Dinosaur Jr. Live at the 9:30 club performing their 1988 album "Bug" in its entirety. "Bug" is listed in the book "1001 Albums You Must Hear Before You Die." So, it is considered a classic among alternative rock fans. Let's get some history on Dinosaur Jr., and then we'll cover the show included on this DVD.

Dinosaur Jr. is an American alternative rock band formed in Amherst, Massachusetts in 1984. Originally called Dinosaur, prior to legal issues that forced the group to change their name, the band disbanded in 1997 until reuniting in 2005. Guitarist J Mascis, bassist Lou Barlow, and drummer Murph were the band's founding and current members; Mascis has been the group's sole continuous member.

Their distinct sound, characterized by high gain, extensive use of feedback and distortion, and frontman J Mascis's melodic guitar solos, was highly influential in the alternative rock movement of the 1990s.

Mascis and Barlow had previously played together in a hardcore punk band called Deep Wound, formed in 1982 while the pair were attending high school in western Massachusetts. After high school, they began exploring slower yet still aggressive music such as Black Sabbath, The Replacements, and Neil Young. Mascis' college friend Gerard Cosloy introduced him to bands like Dream Syndicate, which Mascis in turn showed to Barlow. Barlow explained, "We loved speed metal...and we loved wimpy-jangly stuff".

Deep Wound broke up in mid-1984. Cosloy had dropped out of the University of Massachusetts Amherst to focus on running his independent record label, Homestead Records, and promised Mascis that if he were to make a record Homestead would release it. Mascis wrote a number of songs by himself and showed them to Barlow, to whom he offered the bassist position. While Barlow had played guitar in Deep Wound, he accepted as he was impressed by the material Mascis was creating. Barlow said the songs "were fucking brilliant...They were so far beyond. I was still into two-chord songs and basic stuff like 'I'm so sad.' While I was really into my own little tragedy, J was operating in this whole other panorama." Mascis enlisted vocalist Charlie Nakajima, also formerly of Deep Wound, and drummer Emmett Patrick Murphy, otherwise known as Murph, to complete the band. Mascis explained the concept behind the group as "ear-bleeding country."

The band was initially named Mogo, and played their first show on University of Massachusetts Amherst campus in the first week of September 1984. Nakajima went into an anti-cop rant during the performance, and Mascis was so appalled by his behavior at the show that he disbanded the group the next day. A few days later Mascis called Barlow and Murph to form a new band without telling Nakajima; "I was kind of too wimpy to kick him out, exactly," Mascis later admitted, and explained, "Communicating with people has been a constant problem in the band." The trio named themselves Dinosaur, and Mascis and Barlow took over lead vocal duties.

Filmed in 2011, this DVD features the original, and now current line-up of the band. The concert is shot in widescreen, and has amazing stereo or 5.1 sound. Either one you decide to choose, you'll be able to rattle the windows in your home. The bands performance is good as well, my only complaint being that the vocals were buried quite deep in the overall mix. Dinosaur Jr. is not a quiet band, so it was hard making out the lyrics in the songs. As well as the one hour performance you get some great extras. Here's the list of songs performed and the bonus features.

1.Freak Scene
2.No Bones
3.They Always Come
4.Yeah We Know
5.Let It Ride
6.Pond Song
8.The Post

On Stage interview with Henry Rollins-20 minutes
Backstage interview with the fans-18 minutes
Bonus Live Footage of "In A Jar" and "The Wagon"
J and Dave Markey interview-8 minutes
Rollins on the 9:30 Club-3 minutes

You get close to two hours of Dinosaur Jr. goodness in total on this dvd. This is a must buy for established fans of Dinosaur Jr. Get yours today! 8/10.
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