Harold & Kumar Go To White Castle (2004)

DVD Cover (New Line Studios Unrated)
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Overall Rating 71%
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Connections: Harold & Kumar

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John Cho
John Cho
Ethan Embry
Ethan Embry
Rob Tinkler
Rob Tinkler
Fred Willard
Fred Willard
Kal Penn
Kal Penn
Review by Chad
Added: January 22, 2005
Since Kif has done quite the detailed job in spelling out the storyline of this here movie, I'll skip right on over that part and put together a shorter-than-average review. To avoid the spoilers in his review, skip everything between the first paragraph and the last. Trust me on that one.

Getting back to the movie at hand, and we're treated with a great stoner comedy. The basic premise of this movie is quite simple; Korean-American investment banker Harold (John Cho) and Indian-American medical-school candidate Kumar (Kal Penn) get stoned and get hungry. Since the weed that they had smoked was of a higher quality, they figured that the typical pizza or KFC just wouldn't do it justice, so they try to figure out a place to eat at that would compliment the fine herb that they had just inhaled. Wouldn't you know it... as they're trying to figure out where to eat, a White Castle commercial pops up on the television, and that becomes the final destination. The rest of the movie details their journey from their apartment to White Castle in order to pick up some post-bud munchies, and the trouble that they get into along the way. The storyline couldn't be any simpler, but it works out wonderfully here. From start to finish, these kids get into all sorts of bizarre situations, each of which turns out to be funnier than the last. I honestly have not laughed this hard during a movie in months, so it was quite refreshing to stumble upon this destined-to-be stoner classic.

With the sheer amount of hilarity that is packed into this script, you really wouldn't need much more for an entertaining movie... however, both the characters and the men playing Harold and Kumar are great, playing off of each other flawlessly and making each scene that much better as a result. I wouldn't go quite so far as to say that they're the "Cheech & Chong of the future" (as a comment below would have you believe), but they definitely rank up there with some of the better comedic duos in cinematic history. Adding onto the heaping helping of goodness, we have a slew of great bit-part characters that don't get a whole lot of screen time, but they certainly enhance the scenes that they do pop up in. Neil Patrick Harris (better known as Doogie Howser) makes a small appearance here as himself, and certainly brings some great scenes to the table with him. Then, there's Christopher Meloni as Freakshow, yet another character that was nothing short of comedic gold. The rest of the characters don't fall too far below that line, but I'm sure that you, the reader, will be able to pick a few favorites.

This one is definitely worth the viewing if you're in the mood for a great comedy. I wouldn't recommend this to someone that's looking for a "serious comedy", but if you're looking for some goofy, low-brow humor with lots of drug usage and fart jokes, you really couldn't go wrong with giving this one a rental. 8/10 from myself.
Review by Christopher
Added: August 07, 2004
Starting up this movie, I was query how the title would hold to the acutal film. Shortly into the movie, I come to find that the title is in no way misleading, Harold (a Korean American investment banker) and Kumar (an Indian American medical school candidate) do infact go to White Castle. The movie starts out with Harold glaring as his dream girl, Maria. They both live in the same apartment complex, though he's too afraid to talk to her. Once he makes it to his apartment, him and Kumar start to light up some drugs (pot). When trying to find the perfect restaurant for their hunger craving, a White Castle commercial pops up on the tv.

Kumar knows of a White Castle not too far away, so they start the mission. One they finally reached the destination, they are spoiled to find out that White Castle has turned into a different fast food restaurant. They asked the drive-thru employee what the deal was. He explains to them that they got shut down and then starts in on how great White Castle is. Eventually driving himself to hate his current job and start running around yelling "burn this mother fucker down!" Though he comes to his senses and the two drive off in fear.

While on their way to the new White Castle location, they almost collide with another car, who turns out to be their friends. As they journey along, Kumar decides to urinate on the side of the road, behind some bushes. Out of the blue, a man in a suit comes out of no where and starts urinating right next to him on the same bush. They have a nice dialogue about the situation which turns out to be quite funny. During the whole urination, a raccoon sneaks his way into the car and then pops out while they're on the highway, making them drive off the road and flatten one of the tires.

Coincidentally enough, a tow truck just happened to be driving by and stopped to help them out. During the trip back to his home, Harold and Kumar begin investigated this odd looking man. He has gigantic boils all along his forehead and neck. One on his neck starts to pulsate, and then pop. Quite the interesting sight, to say the least. When they get to his house, he tells them to go inside and get comfortable, and have sex with his wife, if they'd like. Expecting the worst, she ends up being a gorgeous blonde and tries to seduce the two. While easily getting into it, her husband bursts in wanting a foursome, scaring off Harold and Kumar instantly.

Back on the road, they pick up a hitchhiker who turns out to be Neil Patrick Harris (Doogie Howser). He also turns out to be tripping from a recent dose of ecstasy. He convinces them to go to a strip club. So the two pull over to a gas station and ask for directions. Neil must have thought they were taking too long since he decided to take their car and find a strip club himself. Now careless, the two try to cross the street to get to a pay phone. As no one's insight, they decide to jaywalk. The second one of Harold's feet touched the road, a cop pulled up and arrested him, bringing him to jail.

Kumar finds him a way out and they get an odd ride to the hot dog restaurant the two friends that they ran into earlier were headed to. With no ride, they decided to get back at the skaters that have been giving them crap through out the entire movie. They steal their monster truck. As they're caught speeding, a cop tries to pull then over. Though Harold gives him a run for his money and almost drives them off a cliff after losing the cop. They manage to hang glide off the cliff to White Castle, meet Neil Patrick once again, regain the car, talk to Maria and have a happy ending.

This is definitely your everyday teen comedy. With the plot consisting of two kids going to a fast food restaurant, you can't expect much of an all time classic film. Though it did have a decent amount of jokes and phrases. Along with the typical attractive females. If you liked Road Trip, American Pie, Eurotrip and a nice count of all the other teen comedies, this movie would be just right for you. I personally found it to be a tiny better than the above mentioned. Just because the movie was more based on an actual mission, than just getting laid. Even though this film had a good amount sliced into that category. Keep in mind, I'm not much into teen comedies.

Final Conclusion: 5/10
Big D #1: Big D - added 08/24/2004, 03:03 PM
Kif, after reading your review about this movie (even though you gave it an average rating, but THAT'S OKAY though), I thought to myself...HAROLD AND KUMAR ARE THE CHEECH AND CHONG OF THE FUTURE (due to the weed). :)
Stary_Night_sky #2: Stary_Night_sky - added 09/25/2004, 10:29 PM
Pointless movie. It was made so you could laugh. There is no real story line, it's just something to watch when you have no life.
babygirl_d #3: babygirl_d - added 12/16/2004, 06:06 PM
although dis movie was pointless, it was kinda ok
johnny_t19 #4: johnny_t19 - added 04/10/2005, 05:43 PM
This movie was indeed pointless, but it was probably one of the funniest movies ive seen in a long time.
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