Children Of The Corn: Revelation (2001)

DVD Cover (Echo Bridge Entertainment)
Genres: Horror, Religious Horror, Supernatural Horror
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Guy Magar Guy Magar
Claudette Mink Claudette Mink
Kyle Cassie Kyle Cassie
Michael Ironside Michael Ironside
Troy Yorke Troy Yorke
Michael J Rogers Michael J Rogers
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3.4 / 10 - Overall Rating

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Review by Crispy
Added: March 25, 2012
I'll be perfectly honest: we've arrived at part seven, and after this many unmemorable sequels, I'm out of snazzy intros, so let's just jump into things, shall we.

After her parents died in a freak house fire, Jamie's grandmother has moved into a condemned apartment complex in the middle of nowhere. Still, the pair have kept in touch religiously through phone calls, so when granny suddenly stops returning her calls, Jamie heads out to check up on her. Upon arrival, her fears are confirmed and grandma is nowhere to be found. The police won't start an investigation until she's been marked as missing for twenty-four hours, so Jamie sits tight in her grandmother's building, getting to know her neighbors. Neighbors that include two very creepy, very pale children. And when the police do finally looking into things, Jamie learns that this apartment complex, and her grandmother, have quite the skeletons hidden away.

Revelation is something of a strange entry, as it's not related to the Gatlin sect, but rather a separate, earlier cult devoted to He Who Walks Behind the Rows. Like some of the sequels before this, Revelation shifts to an almost completely supernatural stance, but the way the story plays the angle kind of works this time. Unfortunately, the execution doesn't. Instead of a gaggle of ugly children wandering around staring at adults all creepily, there's two silent, ghostly children that follow Jamie around, and later the head bad kiddy breaks out the overly distorted demon voice. It's like Magar just pulled out his Creepy 101 textbook, and worked it all in by the book. OK, maybe it wasn't bad per se, but it was just so unimaginative that there's not an ounce of the movie that sticks with you. Except for the scene where the girl sets off an explosion and has about fifteen minutes to goof off before it hits her. That was so blatantly retarded I'll remember it just so I can make fun of it.

Likewise, the actors are the very definition of average. Claudette Mink goes through the motions as Jamie, and really she was decent enough. Probably above par for this type of film to be honest, but there was nothing that really stood out. Same with Kyle Cassie as the wise-ass cop trying to pick her up. They tried to liven things up with Michael Ironside as a cryptic old priest and Crystal Lowe to show a little (read: an extremely little) bit of skin, but neither one adds much in the way of salvation. The only one who really went above and beyond is John Destry as a tenant who obviously has a touch of PTSD and rolls around in a wheelchair shouting obscenities at his cohabitants. Quality, let me tell you.

Another Children, another waste of ninety minutes. We're at the home stretch now though: one more sequel and the remake. God help me. 3.5/10.
Bill Wolford #1: Bill Wolford - added 03/25/2012, 04:41 AM
yeah, what a waste of Michael Ironside. By the time this movie rolled around I felt they just threw a few stalks of corn here & there to make a reference to the title, because the movie bears no resemblance at all to the first film, and there are no ties to it. This same thing happened to the Hellraiser franchise. It got so that a 30 second clip of pinhead near the end of the movie qualified it as a Hellraiser sequel. As much as some people hated the Saw franchise, at least there was a continuing story thread to tie the films together. The only movie worse than this one is the remake in my opinion. I haven't watched the latest sequel yet, although I own it.
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