In Search Of La Che (2011)

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Genres: Comedy, Mockumentary, Showbiz Comedy
Like many who grew up in the 1980s, John Tavish enjoyed the music of rock legend Roxy La Che. After years transforming the face of music, Roxy was caught up in the lethal potassium drug craze that swept the nation for many years. Despite twice being admitted to rehab, Roxy never fully recovered and disappeared in 1994 without a trace. Now 15 years after his disappearance, John Tavish tries to solve the mystery of what happened to Roxy La Che. --IMDb
Mark D. Ferguson Mark D. Ferguson
Duncan Airlie James Duncan Airlie James
Paul Massie Paul Massie
Craig Walker Craig Walker
Kyle Calderwood Kyle Calderwood
Neil Francis Neil Francis

7.6 / 10 - Overall Rating

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Review by Bill Wolford
Added: April 08, 2012
In the past we've had music documentaries based on just about everyone you can think of. They were usually bloated, hard to believe romps that would leave the average human dead in under seven days. Yet, these rockers seem to have an extra gear that normal people weren't blessed with. "This is Spinal Tap" was the first film to lambaste these documentaries, and now comes "In search of La Che"

In Search Of La Che is a mockumentary. Its main focus is to tell us the story of someone who really doesn't exist. To be a good mockumentary, the filmmakers need to have us care about this fictional character and their ups and downs, trials and tribulations. In Search Of La Che does this perfectly, and draws us in as well as any real documentary would.

The story focuses on trying to find Roxy La Che, who has been missing for years, even though he put out two well received albums during his music career. One man decides that La Che should be found and recognized as the true artiste that he really is. He finds a small documentary crew and heads off to interview those that had previous contact with La Che.

We see interviews with La Che's first manager (a Nazi Lover), for whom he did a previously unknown record for. Next is an interview with his last manager, who supposedly got Roxy hooked on drugs. Then come interviews with a man who was in a mental institution at the same time as Roxy, and the bar owner who claims that he discovered La Che.

This mockumentary hits all of the right spots as far as making the film work. There are some problems though. Everyone has a VERY thick Scottish accent, and as a result some of the jokes were lost on me. I've seen plenty of films with accents in them, but this is a low-budget affair, with actors who probably have not had training in trying to clear their accent up to make it more intelligible for the masses. And it could just be me as well. The only other problem I had was that while the film was humorous in spots (the lighting man in the film crew is the movies highlight, watch carefully for him), there weren't really any laugh out loud moments to be had. Though, again this could be from me having a hard time understanding some of the dialog. The film is shot in widescreen, and the stereo sound is very good for an independent film. If you are in the mood for satire and are tired of the same old rock docs, give this film a try. You'll find it interesting.

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