Vs. The Dead (2009)

DVD Cover (Midnight Releasing)
Jeff Beckman Jeff Beckman
Phil Pattison Phil Pattison
Dave Montour Dave Montour
Brett Hawley Brett Hawley
Phil Fader Phil Fader
Terris Taylor Terris Taylor
Stefanie Bell Stefanie Bell

4.2 / 10 - Overall Rating

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Genres: Horror, Zombie Film
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Review by Bill Wolford
Added: April 19, 2012
Well now, this was a pleasant surprise. A nice twist on the zombie genre that didn't end up being buried by it's lower budget. It even had creativity to spare. Hollywood hates new ideas, it seems. So I'll just keep hoping and praying that little movies like this keep getting made that show the big guys that originality is not dead after all.

We start out in Afghanistan, where the government has invented a serum called ROUND 2 that you inject into recently dead soldiers. It reanimates them and let's them carry on killing those they hate, and not harming their own troops. The problem happens to be when a reanimated soldier bites an enemy instead of outright killing it. I think you can see the problems, and why the government stopped using it.

Back in the good old U.S.A. a freak accident and some bad luck has a tube of ROUND 2 end up in a tattooists ink supply. I know, it sounds stupid. It is, kind of. But I realized early on, that this was going to be the type of movie that logic does not apply to. Just go with the flow and enjoy the events unfold. At the local pizza shop in town, a few jobless punks tell the pizza shops owner that if he gets a tattoo, they'll leave his shop and never come back. This is the set-up for the Virus to be introduced into the civilian population, and the reasoning is as lame as it sounds. But hey, go with the flow. The tattoo is done, the pizza shop owner returns to his shop, tells the punks to get out, then drops dead... for a minute. Then this fun, outrageous gorefest truly begins.

The gore effects in the film are great considering they must have had a pretty tight budget. There are even a few nice, brutal kills that made me wince a little. They did that good. And whoever edited the film did a great job, using split screen at some points, and giving it a 70's feel. One of the problems that I did have was that the film makers went for a grindhouse look, putting way too much fake film damage and artifacts onto the screen. It's almost distracting, especially during the beginning of the film, when we are learning who the characters are. I had the same complaint with the Tarantino film Grindhouse, and that was to give us two versions of the film, so that we can choose to have the grindhousing effects on or off. Actually, since it was done digitally, it could just be an option on the menu to have those effects on or not.

I can overlook that one problem though, as the movie was a joy to watch. There are some humorous moments that help move the film along at a nice clip, and I would really like to know how they got such great zombie makeup effects on their low budget. I hope they release a CD, because the soundtrack to this film was great, and you'll want to have it in your collection. Be sure to watch through the end credits for some more story, and it looks like it's set up for a sequel as well. Let's Kill Some Dead People! 7/10.
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