Ground Zero (2012)

DVD Cover (Shock-O-Rama Cinema)
Genres: Horror, Horror Comedy, Zombie Film
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Channing Lowe Channing Lowe
Mike Langer Mike Langer
Sahna Foley Sahna Foley
D.L. Walker D.L. Walker
Chris Harvey Chris Harvey
David Candland David Candland

4.6 / 10 - Overall Rating

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Review by Chad
Added: May 16, 2012
Ground Zero is another in a long line of modern zombie flicks, and I was hoping for something fresh and original when I popped it in. The synopsis on the back of the DVD case sounded promising, and even though I didn't recognize any of the names attached to it, I still had some hope that I would find a diamond in the rough. So, ninety minutes later, and here we are with the review... and unfortunately, I can't say that I found what I was looking for.

The story follows Jairus (Mike Langer) and Greer (Sahna Foley), two professional cleaners who work with various mobsters and criminals by disposing of dead bodies. You forget to pay for that crack you bought? A man in black will put a bullet in your brain, and then the cleaners are called in to remove your body and any pesky evidence that might get somebody thrown in jail. It's a dirty job, but it pays well and it beats sitting at a desk all day.

So, the crew are called in on what seems to be a routine call - go to an old warehouse, remove five bodies, clean up the blood, and check out the nice increase in their bank balances before spending time with significant others and going shopping. The problems begin when they realize that they have been sent a pair of bumbling idiots (D.L. Walker and Chris Harvey) to "help" them, but that will soon be the least of their worries. You see, one of those five bodies was infected with some type of new virus, and that is why they were all killed - to stop the spread of said virus. This particular virus causes the host to turn into a zombie, and it doesn't take long before one of the cleaners is bitten. I think you can guess where it goes from there.

Here's the thing with this movie: technically, it's not a bad film. It has some nice gore effects (nothing spectacular, but far from bad), the acting from all involved is adequate enough, the sprinkling of jokes tend to hit their mark, and the story moves along at a nice pace. The problem is that there's simply nothing original or exciting here, and honestly, we've seen all of this before and know what is going to happen long before it actually occurs on the screen.

Really, the problem is with the genre and not the movie at hand. Everything has been done before, so if you want to make a great zombie movie, you have to either innovate and do something radically different, or use the tried and true plot devices and blow us away with an amazing presentation. Ground Zero does neither. There is nothing in here that hasn't been done hundreds of times before, and while I will repeat that it is not a bad film, it certainly isn't an amazing one either. You want a story that will change how you look at the genre? The story here is alright, but it isn't going to do that by a long shot. You want over-the-top gore with excellent special effects? Again, the gore found here is pretty good, but it's nothing to write home about. You can point to just about any aspect of the film and the result is always the same: pretty good, but not great.

Had this movie come out ten years ago, I would be singing its praises far and wide, but a lot of zombie movies have been released since then, and a large portion of them have already done the things that we find here. I love the zombie genre and I'm always looking out for the next great movie featuring the walking dead, but Ground Zero felt more like an appetizer than a main course: it's pretty good and you really can't complain about much, but it's just not very filling. Check it out if you love zombies and want a quick fix, but if you're sick of the undead, this one isn't going to draw you back in. 6/10.
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