The Curse Of The Fly (1965)

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Genres / Traits: Creature Film, Horror, Sci-Fi Horror, Insects
Motorist Martin Delambre attempts to keep evidence of his family's bizarre experiments in teleportation hidden from his wife, who is hiding secrets of her own. --IMDb
Don Sharp Don Sharp
Brian Donlevy Brian Donlevy
George Baker George Baker
Carole Gray Carole Gray
Yvette Rees Yvette Rees
Burt Kwouk Burt Kwouk
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5.3 / 10 - Overall Rating

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Review by Crispy
Added: July 27, 2012
The Fly was a benchmark in horror, so I can kind of see why they would want to kick out a second one to keep the story rolling. This second sequel, however, was absolutely unnecessary, and actually does more harm than anything else.

Scene: a Montreal mental asylum in the middle of the night; a window shatters from the inside and a young woman named Patricia Stanley crawls out in her underwear and runs off into the woods. As she reaches the road, Martin Delambre happens across her, and the good Samaritan that he is, gives her a hotel room for the week and some money to buy some clothes. By week's end, he's absolutely smitten with her and the two are married. Love at first sight, indeed. Back at his homestead, he introduces her to his help, an abrupt Asian couple, and mentions his father and brother are in London. Turns out, they're in London thanks to the Delambre's teleportation pods, and that's not the only secret Martin's hiding.

You know, I hate writing reviews for these types of films. I didn't love, like it, dislike it or hate it. It's just sort of there, and these flicks are by and large the hardest reviews to write. The movie's not really a horror in the strictest sense, more of a dull thriller if anything. There are no fly-men to be found, only a few prior transportation subjects who are suffering horrible radiation burns, but they don't get a whole lot of screen time. The main subject of the film is Martin's new wife and the circumstances behind their past lives. Sure, Henri keeps bringing up the importance of the experiment, but it's more of a subplot than anything else. It's the next chapter in this family's life, but damn is it a dull one.

The biggest gripe I have against Curse of the Fly is the way it twisted the continuity between the first two movies, seemingly for no reason whatsoever. It's established here that Andre began the teleportation procedure, his son Henri later continuing the experiments and repeating his tragedy. Fortunately, Henri's family was able to reverse the effects of the accident, and continued trying to perfect the device along with his two sons: Martin and Albert. OK, first of all, Phillipe is not even mentioned. His closest counterpart would be Henri. At best, why would they change his name? And then at some point, they hunt down Agent Sharas from the first film, and he tells a completely altered story from the events we witnessed. Again, why? They could have called the man Phillipe and actually gave a proper back-up story and it wouldn't have changed anything else.

Again, The Curse of the Fly is...well, it's ninety minutes of nothing. Not only does it completely ignore the first two films, but it's a complete waste of time in its own right. Feel free to skip it. 4/10.
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