Keith Lowell Jensen - Cats Made Of Rabbits (2010)

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Genres: Comedy, Concerts, Standup Comedy
Cats Made of Rabbits is the brand new Stand-Up Comedy release from Keith Lowell Jensen. Jensen is the renowned "Atheist Comedian" and he returns to his hometown and spews utterly sincere filth for over an hour. Listen to it on Sunday morning. It's almost as funny as church but without the awful music and begging for money. Jensen gives you the best or at least the most obscenity laden yet still scientific arguments to use against creationists, shares his dirtiest, most disturbing and most innocent childhood memories and manages throughout to keep his wretched blasphemy kind and full of love. --Amazon
Keith Lowell Jensen Keith Lowell Jensen

4.6 / 10 - Overall Rating

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Review by Bill Wolford
Added: July 31, 2012
Keith Lowell Jensen's Cats Made of Rabbits is a 75 minute stand-up comedy show filmed at the Sacramento comedy spot in 2009. I've decided after watching that the show was interesting, with a few chuckles. I didn't dislike the show, and it didn't give me any belly laughs either. It's almost something that you would listen to while doing something else. Something for background noise. It would have made a better CD release than a DVD release. Again, that's not to say it's a bad show, just that none of it struck me as hilariously funny, or had any material that I'd like to revisit at a later date.

Here's a bit of information about him from The Rooftop's comedy website.

Keith Lowell Jensen has performed with Robin Williams, Doug Stanhope, Will Durst, Norm Macdonald and Bruce Campbell. He's toured the country as the atheist on The Coexist? Comedy Tour and as the emcee for Spike and Mike's Festival of Animation.

In 2011 Jensen was invited to perform three sets at The Bridgetown Comedy Festival in Portland Oregon.

Jensen's feature length documentary film Why Lie I Need A Drink, about the myth of the affluent panhandler is now out on DVD.

To The Moon, Live at Luna's is Jensen's first CD. His second CD and first Stand Up DVD, Cats Made of Rabbits is set for release in September of 2011.

Jensen appeared on Lopez Tonight performing in a skit along side Chris Rock. Before that he was featured as a panhandling expert on an episode of Manswers on Spike TV. Next he's hoping he'll get a spot on The Home Shopping Network where he'll get to describe something as "Genuine Faux!"

Here are the subjects Keith entertains us with on this DVD:

Chazz is Black
My Hero
We're Pregnant
Into The Woods
Less Delightful Fruit
Dry Drams
Adam and Eagle
Pay Per View
Knock Knock Naked
Crazy Dick Party
Duck Rape Season
Pickin' on the Hindus
Cats Made of Rabbits

There are also bonus features on the DVD. They include;

An Interview with Keith Lowell Jensen
Why Lie? I Need A Drink Trailer
To The Moon TV Spot

So, if you're a fan of Keith Lowell Jensen, you'll find this 75 minute show & its' extras to be a great value, it just wasn't my cup of tea. 5/10.
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