Walking Dead Origins: The Zombie Movie Collection (2012)

DVD Cover (Cinema First Studio Entertainment)
Genres: Creature Film, Horror, Zombie Film
Grab your survival gear and discover the origins of the living dead with this terrifying collection of classic zombie movies that are guaranteed to send you running for safety! All the walking dead you want for one very low price. --Amazon
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Review by Bill Wolford
Added: August 31, 2012
This DVD contains three films that will be great for a beginner wanting to beef up their collection to get some of the classic apocalypse and undead films of the 60's and 70's. Included on the disc are Dead People (AKA: Messiah Of Evil), Night Of The Living Dead, and The Last Man On Earth.

Dead People (AKA: Messiah of Evil) - A young woman travels to a small California seaside town to visit her father, an artist. When she arrives at his home, she finds him missing and his home filled with numerous paintings of his creation. The woman decides to explore the town to find out what happened to her father and discovers some strange happenings involving the local populous.

Night Of The Living Dead - George Romero, the legendary director who helmed the Night of the Living Dead series, brings you a crazed tale of nuclear radiation that raises the dead, and creates a legion of flesh-eating zombies. Brother and sister, Johnny (Russell Streiner) and Barbara (Judith O'Dea) visit their father's grave in a small town Pennsylvania, where a re-animated zombie kills Johnny. Barbara escapes to a remote farmhouse where a cross-section of the local citizenry is hiding out.

The Last Man On Earth - The film opens on Dr. Robert Morgan (Vincent Price) awakening to another bleak day of existence. It's been three years since a world-wide plague has changed Earth's population into zombie-like vampires and Dr. Morgan is the only man to survive, due to an immunity he acquired working in Central America years before. Finding food and fuel and looking for other possible survivors is his only existence, all the while battling hordes of blood thirsty vampires. Hope springs to life for Dr. Morgan when he is able to cure a young woman of her vampirism through a transfusion of his own blood. Can Dr. Morgan create a cure for the human race before the vampires get him?

These three films are distributed by CFS Releasing, and they mostly release public domain films, and this release is no exception. The three films in this package are all of the same quality. Dead People is in color, while the other two are black and white. The films are all fullscreen copies with quite a bit of pixelation due to putting three films on one disc. All of the movies have decent mono sound though. It's worth mentioning though that these films can be picked up in the larger fifty movie packages that another company releases periodically. This is a decent pick-up if those can't be found in your area though, as two of the three films here are classics. The presentation has left a lot to be desired though. 3/10 quality and 9/10 for the films and we get a 6/10 for this collection.
Included In This Collection
Night Of The Living Dead The Last Man On Earth Messiah Of Evil
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