The Kinks - Paris 1965 (1965)

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The Kinks live on television in 1965 with all their hits and classics: You Really Got Me, Louie Louie, All Day And All of The Night etc. --Amazon
The Kinks
The Kinks
Review by Bill Wolford
Added: September 29, 2012
Now, before you get all excited, yes this is a concert from the Kinks from 1965 like the title implies. Every other thing that could go wrong with this title pretty much does, so beware. There are quite a few other Kinks titles on DVD, and I would collect those before picking up this one. This title would be for the diehard collector, or completists only.

This is a fullscreen black and white presentation with a pretty awful picture, with lots of pixilation. The audio is in mono, and the vocals (And sometimes the crowd noise) are mixed way up front. Considering the age of the concert though, it's probably lucky that the source survives at all. Sometimes the vocals don't match up with the singers lips on screen, but again, that's probably going to happen with an almost fifty year old concert film. There are no bonus features on the disc at all, and probably most disappointing is the fact that the whole DVD runs only twenty minutes. So, like I said before, this should be for collectors and completists only. Let's find out about the Kinks up to this 1965 show, and then I'll give the DVD tracklisting.

The Kinks were an English rock band formed in Muswell Hill, North London, by brothers Ray and Dave Davies in 1964. Categorised in the United States as a British Invasion band, the Kinks are recognised as one of the most important and influential rock groups of the era. Their music was influenced by a wide range of genres, including rhythm and blues, British music hall, folk and country. Ray Davies (lead vocals, rhythm guitar) and Dave Davies (lead guitar, vocals) remained members throughout the group's 32-year run. Original members Pete Quaife (bass guitar, vocals) and Mick Avory (drums and percussion) were replaced by John Dalton in 1969 and Bob Henrit in 1984, respectively. Dalton was in turn replaced by Jim Rodford in 1978. Keyboardist Nicky Hopkins accompanied the band during studio sessions in the mid-1960s. Later, various keyboardists, including John Gosling and Ian Gibbons, were full-time members.

The Kinks first came to prominence in 1964 with their third single, "You Really Got Me", written by Ray Davies. It became an international hit, topping the charts in the United Kingdom and reaching the Top 10 in the United States.The Kinks' first single was a cover of the Little Richard song "Long Tall Sally". Bobby Graham, a friend of the band, was recruited to play drums on the recording. He would continue to occasionally substitute for Avory in the studio and play on several of the Kinks' early singles. "Long Tall Sally" was released in February 1964, but despite the publicity efforts of the band's managers, the single was almost completely ignored. When their second single, "You Still Want Me", failed to chart,Pye Records threatened to annul the group's contract unless their third single was successful.

"You Really Got Me" was released in August 1964, and, boosted by a performance on the television show Ready Steady Go!, quickly reached number one in the United Kingdom. Hastily imported by the American label Reprise Records, it also made the Top 10 in the United States.The loud, distorted guitar riff-achieved by a slice Dave Davies made in the speaker cone of his Elpico amplifier (referred to by the band as the "little green amp")-gave the song its signature, gritty guitar sound.Extremely influential on the American garage rock scene, "You Really Got Me" has been described as "a blueprint song in the hard rock and heavy metal arsenal". Soon after its release, the group recorded most of the tracks for their debut LP, simply titled Kinks. Consisting largely of covers and revamped traditional songs, it was released on 2 October 1964, reaching number four on the UK chart.The group's fourth single, "All Day and All of the Night", another original hard rock tune, was released three weeks later, reaching number two in the United Kingdom,and number seven in the United States.

The track list on the DVD are as follows:

1.Bye Bye Johnny
2.Louie Louie
3.You Really Got Me
4.Got Love If You Want It
5.Long Tall Shorty (Cuts off near end)
6.All Day And All Of The Night (Missing the first half of the song)
7.You Really Got Me
8.All Aboard

Once again, this may be a hard to find show, but the shoddy presentation, lack of extras, and terrible picture quality leave this release in strictly collectors territory. 5/10.
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