All Night Halloween Party (2012)

DVD Cover (Apprehensive Films)
Genres / Traits: Animated Comedy, Animation, Trailer / Footage Compilation, Halloween
The All Night Halloween Party is retro, spooky fun for the entire family. This compilation of old-school cartoons, stop-motion animations and vintage horror trailers creates the perfect ambiance for any Halloween party. Plus it's an ever-looping DVD so it doesn't stop until your party does! With so many unique short subjects, the All Night Halloween Party can be enjoyed over and over again. Some of the classic titles included are: Balloon Land, Cobweb Hotel, Wot a Night, Magic Mummy, Devil's Ball and many, many more! Get ready for a Halloween you won't soon forget! --Amazon

5.4 / 10 - Overall Rating

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Review by Bill Wolford
Added: October 14, 2012
This is a great DVD for a kids Halloween party (and adults as well). It has a great feature which loops the DVD contents so you can hit play one time and it continuously plays the DVD until you're ready for it to stop. The only thing that I noticed when watching this was that some of the cartoons could be considered "Politically incorrect". I'm not a fan of being correct, so this warning should only apply to the "overly sensitive" of you. There are some great old cartoons on this and some great horror movie trailers as well. And as a bonus feature you get to see some of Apprehensive Films other DVD trailers, some of which looked pretty interesting to me. Here are the contents of what you'll get in this fun packed DVD.

Trailer - House on Haunted Hill

Cartoon - Balloon Land
Balloon Land, also known as The Pincushion Man, is a 1935 animated short film produced by Ub Iwerks as part of the ComiColor Cartoons series. The cartoon is about a place called Balloon Land, whose residents (including popular entertainment icons such as Laurel and Hardy and Charlie Chaplin) are made entirely out of balloons. The villain in the cartoon is the Pincushion Man, a character who walks around Balloon Land popping the inhabitants with pins.

Trailer - Beware! The Blob

Cartoon - Magic Mummy

Trailer - Konga

Cartoon - Cobweb Hotel

Trailer - The Invisible Ghost

Cartoon - Wot A Night
In their first film, Tom and Jerry are taxi drivers at the train station on a stormy day, waiting for a fare. A train comes up, and two identical-looking men come out. They both try to get them in the taxi. After the men are settled, Tom drives the men. It rained so much, a frog jumped in to taxi and went back again. They reach a castle, and the men walk in. Tom and Jerry run to the men to be paid, but are locked inside. Then, a cloud turns into a human-like figure with arms. He then plays crenellations as piano keys, and near towers act as pipes, similar to a pipe organ, and two trees play their own branches like piccolos. As they walk, Tom is mortified as Jerry is interested as a giant bat-like creature appears in front of them. They come to a room where a skeleton is cleaning itself. After this point, they were sure paranormal things are happening. Odd things that happen include: ghosts standing behind them, finding a skeleton playing a piano while another skeleton dances to the music, a glove dancing, and a blackface quartette of skeletons singing a song, which includes a few lines from versions of "Golden Slippers", such as a "long white robe" and a "starry crown", and to stop gambling. After these things had happened the two men walk in, and point at Jerry. Jerry lifts his shirt, and he realizes he's a skeleton, too. Tom laughs, and he realises he is a skeleton, too. Tom is scared, and both men run for their lives, and the cartoon ends.

Trailer - The Corpse Vanishes

Trailer - Spooks Run Wild

Cartoon - Jasper In A Jam
Jasper in a Jam (1946) is a short film in the Puppetoon Series by George Pal. It starred the voice of singer Peggy Lee, and was directed by Duke Goldstone. The story takes place in a pawnshop where Jasper visits in the city. Every night at midnight, all the musical instruments in the pawnshop come to life and play. The music of Charlie Barnet and his Orchestra are featured playing the songs "Pompton Turnpike" and "Cherokee" and Lee (as a singing harp) sings "Old Man Mose is Dead". Meanwhile, Jasper after playing a clarinet and jamming with a magic trumpet he is then trapped by a totem pole which plays the saxophone. while being stalked by a clay Indian who throws axes at him. When the night watchman enters the shop, all the items return to their places and Jasper finally makes his escape.

Trailer - The Beast With Five Fingers

Cartoon - The Devil's Ball

Trailer - The Mad Ghoul

Cartoon - Jasper & The Haunted House
Jasper walks with a gooseberry pie and Professor Scarecrow (aka Mr. Scarecrow) and Blackbird notice the smell. Professor Scarecrow and Blackbird run over to ask Jasper what he's doing with the pie, Jasper says that he's going to deliver it to Deacon Jones. Professor Scarecrow opens Jasper's pie (by unzipping and zipping the crust) and finds out it is gooseberry. Jasper walks away irritated with Professor Scarecrow's and the crow's curiosity. Professor Scarecrow switches the sign to trick and swindle Jasper later in the film so Professor Scarecrow can get his hands on Jasper's pie. Jasper comes back, then Professor Scarecrow and Blackbird lie about the sign. Jasper doesn't believe him at first and says "There ain't nothin' down that way but a-ha-haunted house". Professor Scarecrow and Blackbird lie again and says the house is no longer haunted and the "haunts" were drafted for World War II. Jasper is now gullible and manipulated about it, so he thanks Professor Scarecrow for showing him the right way. After Jasper leaves, Professor Scarecrow and Blackbird laugh maniacally because they tricked Jasper into the haunted house. The next scene transitions to a fade out/fade in, then Jasper knocks on the door. He yells for the Deacon, but instead the door slams shut and locks behind him and he is trapped. Frightened, he walks (with a gag where his shadow walks back), and Professor Scarecrow scares Jasper by surprise into leaving the pie on a chair by the staircase, Jasper then hides in the piano. The plan worked, Professor Scarecrow is pleased that the pie is left for him now. Suddenly the pie is taken by a ghost, Professor Scarecrow accuses Blackbird of taking the pie, but argument ends when they find out the plan has actually backfired. Frightened, Professor Scarecrow and Blackbird hide in the piano with after the pie is eaten and the invisible ghost tosses back the pan and says to Professor Scarecrow that it is his refund. The ghosts walks across to the piano and gets ready to play it. The three characters whisper that they cannot see him. The introduction music is heard, and there's a swing boogie-woogie piece played and every inanimate object dances since it's a haunted house, from the typical bookshelf to the pie pan. Meanwhile, the piano keys hit the main characters as the music plays. Then they jump out of the piano, out through the roof of the haunted house, and they hit a billboard. Jasper asks what happened to pie and if he's going to get into trouble, then Professor Scarecrow gives Jasper the empty pie pan. Jasper gets angry and he has revenge on Professor Scarecrow and the crow by hitting the pie pan on their heads. As Jasper hits Professor Scarecrow and Blackbird, the camera zooms out with a controversial advertisement for a fake brand of pie that says "Next Time Try Spook's Gooseberry Pie". Jasper mysteriously drops it onto the ground revealing the Paramount Pictures print logo of the time on the pie pan, with the variant "A Paramount Picture".

Trailer - Reptilicus

Cartoon - Bimbo's Initiation
Bimbo is walking down the street when he suddenly disappears down an open manhole. He lands in an underground clubhouse of a secret society. The leader asks Bimbo "Wanna be a member?", but he replies "No!" Bimbo is then sent through a series of dangerous events. He is repeatedly asked by the leader "Wanna be a member?" but keeps refusing. Bimbo is brought through a series of mysterious doors that lead him into yet another sub-basement. Out of the basement door pops Betty Boop (in her original incarnation, which was a "dog" character, whom Bimbo describes as "a pippin!"). Bimbo flees through various death traps (his heart literally in his mouth) before landing in front of the mysterious order's leader again. Bimbo still refuses to become a member until the leader removes "his" costume-to reveal herself as Betty Boop. Bimbo changes his tune and decides he DOES want to be a member. The rest of the society members remove their costumes, showing that they are all Betty Boop clones, and Bimbo joins the Boops in a happy dance. "Tiger Rag" and "The Vamp" are featured throughout the soundtrack.

Trailer - It Conquered The World

And then the show starts all over again! Running at 65 minutes, it seemed a little short, but during a Halloween party I'm sure it will be just fine. Thanks go to Wikipedia for the synopsis on some of the public domain cartoons. This is a collection well worth having for your parties or just for fun. 8/10.
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