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Mad Monster Party (1967)

DVD Cover (Lions Gate)
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Animated Feature Film, Animation, Children's / Family, Creature Film, Parody / Spoof, Satire
Jules Bass Jules Bass
Boris Karloff Boris Karloff
Allen Swift Allen Swift
Gale Garnett Gale Garnett
Phyllis Diller Phyllis Diller
Ethel Ennis Ethel Ennis

6.7 / 10 - Overall Rating

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When Dr Frankenstein decides to retire from the monster-making business, he calls an international roster of monsters to a creepy convention to elect his successor. Everyone is there including Dracula, The Werewolf, The Creature, Dr Jekyll & Mr Hyde and many more. But Frankenstein's title is not all that is at stake. The famous doctor has also discovered the secret of total destruction that must not fall into the wrong hands! --IMDb
Review by Crispy
Added: October 31, 2012
When I was a kid, Mad Monster Party was one of my favorite films. It had all the classic horror monsters, the voice of Boris Karloff, and it was a staple in my VCR all through October. I noticed it one day browsing through the instant section of Netflix, and seeing how they sent me a broken DVD of the film I was originally going to review for this year's Halloween, I figured I might as well bring back an oldie in its place.

Baron von Frankenstein is not only the premier scientist in all matters of destruction and deviousness, but he is also the head of the Order of Monsters. With his latest discovery, a way to destroy matter itself, he's decided the time has come to retire and name a successor, both to his discoveries and his role in the Order. He throws a party which will culminate with the announcement. Among the invitees are his monster and his mate, Count Dracula, a werewolf, the creature from the Black Lagoon, the mummy, the invisible man, the hunchback of Notre Dame, Dr. Jeckyll and his counterpart, Mr. Hyde, his secretary Francesca, and seemingly the odd-man out, Felix Flankllin. You see, Felix isn't a monster at all; he's a nervous, allergy-stricken human being, and also the Baron's nephew. When the news is leaked that Felix is going to be the replacement, the monsters are none too happy to hear it and conspire to remove him from the running.

Man, I'll be honest, this one sure didn't register as strongly to my twenty-six year old mind as it did to my six. For starters, the animation was some of the worst I've seen. It's the same company that did those classic Christmas specials, but they really phoned it in here. I know Halloween is more of a niche market, but c'mon. I mean, I absolutely love stop motion animation, but this was such a low quality release that it killed the whole thing.On top of that, the jokes were almost entirely made up of incredibly lame puns. Again, this is from someone who loves cheesy puns, but the ones here were so cliched and unimaginative that they all fell flat. All the lame-ass songs sprinkled throughout didn't help matters either. They're of the same style in the aforementioned Christmas features, so I'm sure it goes without saying that they sure don't fit Mad Monster Party's darker tone.

With all that said, I definitely have to hand it to Allen Swift. He pretty much voiced the entire cast, yet listening to the characters you would never know it was the same guy. It nothing else, the film is a testament to his skills as a voice actor. As an added bonus, some of his voices were dead ringers for name celebrities. Felix was a dead-on James Stewart, and with the zombie Yetch, my personal favorite character, went for the tried and true Peter Lorre impersonation. Alongside him were Gale Garnett as Francesca, Boris Karloff as the Baron and Phyllis Diller as the monster's mate. These last two were modeled after their voice actors, which was a really nice touch. Granted, Diller could have cut down on that laugh a bit, but what can you do.

Bad animation, dumb story, pointless songs. This is a movie strictly for children, and if I didn't know any better, I'd argue by children. I'll tell you: sometimes childhood favorites need to stay in your childhood. 2/10.
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Bill Wolford #1: Bill Wolford - added 11/01/2012, 12:29 AM
I guess I'll just always be a big kid! Loved this flick growing up, and still find it a good watch today. Nostalgia isn't everyone's cup of tea, but I'm fond of it.
Crispy #2: Crispy - added 11/01/2012, 12:49 AM
It's not the nostalgia factor. I mean, I gave a glowing review for the Muppets and a decent rating on the Power Rangers movie. It's just that this one in particular didn't register with me. Still, it's got that cult following status for a reason.
Bill Wolford #3: Bill Wolford - added 11/01/2012, 07:35 PM
George Snow #4: George Snow - added 11/02/2012, 10:37 PM
It's the Rudolph of Halloween, and way back when this and Great Pumpkin were it. But, this of course represents the horror aspect of Halloween. This wasn't aired often after 67. I saw it back then, and as a huge horror buff loved it. I bought the DVD a few years ago for a few dollars. Yeah, it's pretty bad. I don't think I made it through the entire show. I might give it another shot someday, when I've feeling sentimental.

Jack Desmond #5: Jack Desmond - added 11/05/2012, 11:42 AM
I remember this flick. I don't remember the animation being all that bad. My biggest complaint was that the plot was pretty slow moving and boring. Still not sure this earns a lowly "2" though. It's entertaining enough for what it is.
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