Expectations + Confessions (2013)

DVD Cover (Vinegar Syndrome)
Genres: Erotic Drama, Hardcore Sex Film, Sexploitation
Vinegar Syndrome follow up their well-received Blu-ray/DVD combo restoration/recovery of THE LOST FILMS OF HERSCHELL GORDON LEWIS with a double billing you likely never saw at the drive-in: EXPECTATIONS and CONFESSIONS from prolific porn director Anthony Spinelli. --Official Site
Anthony Spinelli Anthony Spinelli

4.6 / 10 - Overall Rating

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Review by Bill Wolford
Added: March 28, 2013
Vinegar Syndrome strikes again. This time bringing us two x-rated features from famed adult director Anthony Spinelli. Our first feature, Expectations, tells us about a woman's confessions about her past sex life, and the adventures of switching lives with another woman. In doing this, she gets a lot more than she bargained for.

There may not be much of a story to Expectations, but I'll tell you this, it's a lot more story than we get in today's x-rated world. This feature wastes no time getting to the hardcore action, and that's a good thing as we only have a seventy minute running time. Spinelli does squeeze in five sex romps in that time though, so you know the story is minimal compared to the romps.

A disturbing by-product of seventies porn is all that hair everywhere. At some points there are some quite disturbing close-ups of... hair. You can see the sexy bits, but just barely sometimes. I guess you had to grow up in the seventies to appreciate this trend. It's a bit much sometimes watching it now. Still, there's something more interesting about it than the interchangeable cookie cutter girls we have in today's internet fuck 'em and forget 'em ten minute clips.

The story between the sex in this movie is interesting and quite well acted. Strangely though, the star of the movie is the least attractive woman on display. She either looks uninterested or high most of the time in her sex scenes. The woman she trades identities with takes the prize for hottest sex scene here. The film is presented in anamorphic widescreen and looks and sounds much better than it ever had any right to, thanks to the good folks at Vinegar Syndrome. 5/10.

Our second feature is another anamorphic widescreen release. Also released in 1977, Confessions is another x-rated feature by director Anthony Spinelli, and features a couple of the same actors from the previous film. The movie opens with quite a catchy main theme song for a porn film, and the sex action is on from the three-minute mark in. No time to waste on much of a story for a 67-minute running time.

In this one we have a story of a woman who is jealous because she can't get laid enough by her husband who is trying his best to move up in his new job and make a good life for them both. So she goes out and screws whoever she comes across. Bitch.

The acting is fair, and it's quite an accomplishment for one woman to carry a whole x-rated feature by herself. That was rare in the seventies, and unheard of today. Her girl next door looks sure help. This film is much more of a period piece than the first movie in the double feature. From the immense vibrator that looks more like an electric carpenter's tool, to the cars, backgrounds and clothing styles, this movie screams seventies porn. And I know it should since it was made then, but this film holds up, and is more of an adult film people would want to experience when checking out the x-rated seventies scene.

Once again, in anamorphic widescreen, the picture and sound are excellent for a film of this type. Vinegar Syndrome are going to make quite a name for themselves if they keep putting this type of effort into every one of their releases. 6/10 for this film, and 6/10 for the double feature set.
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