Dark Crimes (2012)

DVD Cover (Mill Creek)
Genres: Caper, Crime, Crime Drama, Crime Thriller, Film Noir
Silent streets, hidden secrets, the grifter, the hero and the criminal are all waiting in this collection to intrigue Film Noir fans everywhere. Filled with deception, betrayal, corruption and murder; these classic crime films will challenge the detective in everyone. --Amazon

5.0 / 10 - Overall Rating

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Review by Bill Wolford
Added: April 05, 2013
Seems that it's about time for another Mill Creek 50 pack review. I haven't done one in a while, so I thought this would be as good a time as any. I thought I'd try something different. Something new for me. Growing up, I saw my fair share (probably more than my fair share) of bad horror and sci-fi flicks, but it seems that I never ran across a truly bad black and white crime movie. The same holds true in this set. There is not a bad movie to be found in this 50 pack. So why not give it a 10/10 and herald it the best movie pack ever made? Well, Mill Creek that's why. The quality of the video and audio in this set is the worst I've ever seen by Mill Creek. Yes, I know the movies are old, but that's no excuse to have all 50 movies suffering in mediocrity at best, when every one of those films would be entertaining if they had more than passable sound and picture. (and some don't even fare that well). So, On with the films in the set. All of the films are fullscreen and in black and white, so I won't be mentioning this at the end of each films synopsis, just the audio and video quality.

The Mandarin Mystery-This early mystery is based upon the Ellery Queen novel entitled The Chinese Orange Mystery and features Eddie Quillian as the famed sleuth. The theft of a $50,000 stamp and the subsequent murders of two people found in locked rooms bring Ellery Queen in on the case. Queen must use all of his detective skills in order to find the killer and prove the young stamp owner, whom he is interested in, is innocent. Audio-Fair (Muffled) / Video-Poor (Scratchy and fluttery)

The Red House-Pete Morgan (Edward G. Robinson) is an aging farmer, who harbors some dark secrets, living with his sister and his adopted daughter. When the daughter asks her friend to help out with the chores, since Morgan cannot move as well anymore on his wooden leg, the young man begins taking a shortcut through the woods to the farm, passing a red house that Morgan forbids anyone to near. Curiosity gets the better of the daughter and friend, so they set out to explore the mystery behind the red house, not knowing the secrets or the consequences they'll face. Audio-Poor (Distorted) / Video-Poor (Washed Out)-NOTE: HD Cinema Classics has a fantastic BD/DVD combo of this title.

The Man Who Had Influence-This program is from the famous Emmy award-winning Studio One television series shown from 1948 to 1958 by CBS and was a continuation of the successful radio series of the same name. This series brought to the small screen some of the brightest and biggest stars, directors and writers of it's time to present to the audience a dramatic feature each week. In this story, the pampered son of an influential political adviser causes the death of a young woman and must face murder charges. Audio-Fair / Video-Fair (Faded)

The Strange Woman-In the logging town of Bangor, Maine during the 1820's, a young woman who has lived with an abusive drunkard father decides that men are to be used for her benefit. She falls under the watchful eye of an older lumber magnate and she accepts his marriage proposal. Using his money to make a better life for herself, the young woman meets her husband's college age son and tells him she would marry him if his father was out of the picture. Unbeknownst to the son, the woman has already set her eyes on another man, who is engaged to her best friend. Audio-Fair (Muffled) / Video-Fair (Scratchy)

Half A Sinner-A young woman is suffering from the unwanted advances of an admirer and wishes to end them once and for all. In her desperation to get away from her unwanted suitor, she steals a car and drives off to find some seclusion. Unfortunately, the car contains the body of a murdered gangster and the young woman must now deal with this situation along with the trailing would-be suitor. Audio-Fair / Video-Good

Guest In The House-A young woman, who is emotionally unstable, stays at the home of her physician where she ends up meeting his brother. The woman becomes obsessed with the man, in spite of the fact that he is happily married, and decides to do everything in her power to win him over and prove her love. The dangerous actions of the young woman leads to some tragic consequences for those involved. Audio-Fair / Video-Fair (Scratchy)

Ten Minutes To Live-This crime drama from the 1930's features an all African-American cast and the story centers upon a nightclub and it's collection of customers and staff. Jealousy and revenge play a part in the stories of patrons and performers at the night club, with plenty of action and suspense thrown in for good measure, as well as some entertaining musical and dance numbers. A fine example of the film-making efforts from the pioneer African-American directors and production companies of the 1930's, who made films that were typically excluded from mainstream movie houses due to the prevailing attitudes of the time. Audio-Poor / Video-Bad (Faded-Scratchy Print)

Fear In The Night-Vince Grayson (DeForest Kelley) is a young bank teller who awakens from a terrible nightmare, in which he and an unknown woman murder a man in a mirrored room. At first thinking it was just a dream, Grayson discovers he has bruises and other physical objects in his possession from the dream. Confiding in his brother-in-law, Detective Cliff Herlihy (Paul Kelly) about his experience, Grayson is told by Herlihy that the story sounds unbelievable but he agrees to investigate. During a family picnic, Grayson and Herlihy are forced to take shelter from a storm in a remote mansion. During their stay in the mysterious home, the two find a mirrored room, just like the one in Grayson's dream. This discovery leads to a climatic resolution to Grayson's mysterious nightmare. Audio-Fair (Low Volume) / Video-Fair

The Wrong Road-A young married couple has found that life hasn't been as easy as they anticipated so, they come up with a scheme to rob the bank where the husband works, hide the money, serve their time, then recover the money after they're released from prison and the coast is clear. Everything seems to be going according to their plans but, when they are out of prison, they find themselves trailed by an insurance agent trying to recovery the money and also the husband's former cellmate, looking for a share of the loot. Audio-Fair / Video-Poor (Dark and washed out)

The Naked Kiss-A prostitute decides to make a break from her lifestyle and travels to a small town, where she meets the sheriff and has a tryst with him, causing him to order her out of town. In stead, the woman decides to get a legitimate lifestyle and ends up working in the children's ward of the local hospital, where she meets the handsome son of the town's rich family and friend of the sheriff. The woman tells her newfound boyfriend about her past, which doesn't seem to upset him at all, but some bizarre occurrences threaten to unravel the new-found happiness of our former call girl. Audio-Fair / Video-Poor (Faded)

Sinners In Paradise-A seaplane transporting an eclectic band of passengers to China is blown off course by a storm and crash lands in the South Pacific near an uncharted island. With the pilots killed and the plane destroyed, the passengers make their way to the island to seek refuge and assistance in getting rescued. The only inhabitant of the island is a convicted murderer who came to the island some time ago to escape from his past and to find himself. While the passengers contend with their own past misdeeds and must find it in themselves somehow to move past them and work together to make it back to civilization, our beach-combing criminal must decide if he's to let them use his boat to make it off the island while he struggles with his growing feelings for one of the passengers. Audio-Fair (Muffled) / Video-Fair (Scratchy)

The Capture-An American oil man in Mexico tracks down and kills a suspected payroll robber. Afterwards, he begins to doubt the actual guilt of the man he's killed, so he sets out to find the man's family and meets his widow. Falling in love, the two are married but the oil man still has guilt about his responsibility in the man's death. Discovering the identity of the true culprit, the oil man sets out to get him but the criminal is killed before he arrives. Now accused of murdering the criminal, the oil man must face his conscience and the consequences for his deeds. Audio-Fair (Muffled) / Video-Fair

The Phantom Fiend-A city is gripped with terror as a string of horrifying murders have occurred and the authorities are desperate to bring the killings to an end. At a boarding house run by a kind family resides a reclusive young man, who the daughter of the boarding house operators is attracted to. Suspicions come up indicating that this quiet, simple man may have more to do with the murders than anyone care to believe. Audio-Poor (Muffled) / Video-Poor (Scratchy)

The Sleeping Tiger-A psychotherapist decides to try and rehabilitate an ex-convict by inviting him into his home, in order to work with him in exchange for not turning him into the police, for his attempted break-in. The therapist's wife is, at first, resentful of his presence in her home and treats the man poorly. Eventually, the woman grows intrigued by the man and his past and she then throws herself at him, in the hopes he will take her away from her mundane life. When the ex-convict decides to rebuke her advances and try to live a straight and honest life, the wife takes steps to gain revenge for her rejection. Audio-Fair / Video-Fair

Shoot To Kill-A gangster is framed for a crime by a corrupt District Attorney, who wants him out of the way. The gangster's wife wants to prove her husband's innocence and expose the truth behind is conviction so, she gets a job as the District Attorney's assistant, in the hopes she can find the proof of the frame-up. Along the way, the gangster's wife gets some needed assistance from a newspaper reporter, who's working on a story about the D.A., and as time goes on the reporter becomes enamored with the gangster's wife. Audio-Fair / Video-Fair

Slightly Honorable-An honest lawyer becomes the target of a corrupt politician who decides to frame the attorney for the murder of a young woman. Desperate to clear his name, the attorney sets out to track down the real culprit with the help of his assistant and some unexpected aid from a nightclub dancer. The trail to the real killer ends up leading our attorney to someone connected to him a lot closer than he ever imagined. Audio-Fair (Muffled) / Video-Fair (Overly Bright Print)

The Devil's Party-Four boys growing up in New York's Hell's Kitchen vow to meet once a year to renew their friendship. A short time later, one of the boys accidentally sets fire to a building and another of the boys is convicted of the crime and sent to reform school. Years later, the four boys are now grown and meet up again with the boys from reform school now a gambler and nightclub owner, two of the boys are now policemen and the final boy has become a priest. When a murder investigation leads the two cops to their friend's nightclub, it spells danger for all involved. Audio-Fair / Video-Fair

Love From A Stranger-A young woman wins a lottery and as a result travels to Europe for a vacation. While traveling, the young and na´ve lady meets a charismatic gentleman and, before she realizes what has happened, is married to him. The charm and love shown to her by her new husband changes, when she refuses to sign a document that would turn over her holdings to him for control. Our heroine finally realizes that her husband is not who he made her think he was and must now protect herself from his evil schemes. Audio-Fair (Muffled) / Video-Fair (Scratchy)

Prison Shadows-A boxer is convicted of murder and sent to prison for hitting an opponent after the bell and the fighter dies. Convinced that his punch couldn't have caused the death, the fighter suspects that something else was the cause. After being paroled and promoted in a new fight by his manager, the fighter is stunned when his opponent dies after he knocks him out. Suspicious goings on in the locker room come to light that might help our fighter avoid another lengthy jail sentence. Audio-Fair (Muffled) / Video-Fair (Scratchy)

Whistle Stop-A woman returns to her small hometown from Chicago, where she has made a success of herself. Upon her arrival, she looks up an old love of hers and discovers that he's still the listless small-time gambler she remembers he was when she left for the big city. The woman settles back into town and begins a romance with a local nightclub owner, an unsavory character that is also friends with her former love. A rivalry for the woman's affection begins between the two men and the nightclub owner decides to take some steps to eliminate his competition. Audio-Fair (Muffled) / Video-Fair (Bright, Scratchy)

Inner Sanctum-A young woman visits a fortune teller who predicts the woman will meet tragedy on a train. It turns out that the train she is going to take is also carrying a man who's just committed a murder and is trying to escape. Through an interesting twist of fate, the young woman, the man and a young boy who witnessed the murder all end up staying at the same boarding house in a small town, where the final outcome to this matter plays out to an interesting finish. Audio-Fair (Muffled) / Video-Fair

Gaslight-An elderly woman is murdered in her home and the killer searches, to no avail, for the priceless rubies she was reported to keep. Years later, a husband and wife move into the house and the wife appears to suffer from some mental imbalance, according to the husband. What the wife doesn't realize is that her husband was responsible for the murder of the older woman, his aunt, and is now trying to once again search for her rubies. The supposed mental problems the wife is suffering from are really brought about by the actions of the husband and his accomplice, the housekeeper. Audio-Fair / Video-Fair

The Last Mile-A man is convicted of murder and sent to Death Row; all the while he has claimed his innocence for the crime. Shortly after his arrival at the prison, a fellow inmate executes a jail uprising, freeing the prisoners and taking some of the guards as hostages. While the man's friends are outside the prison desperately trying to find evidence to free him, he is forced to deal with the battle between the leader of the inmate uprising and the warden, who refuses to give into any demands. Audio-Fair (Muffled) / Video-Fair

D.O.A.-A vacationing accountant is given a poison and is informed by a doctor he has a short time to live. The accountant decides to spend his remaining time trying to track down the source of poison, find out who gave it to him and what the reason was for it. As his time grows short, the accountant, accompanied by his secretary, gets closer to the truth but also in greater peril. Audio-Fair (Distorted) /Video-Fair (Overly Bright)

Sucker Money-A phony spiritualist is working on a scam involving a banker's daughter. He mesmerizes the daughter in the hopes that it will lead him to extort money from the banker. One of the swami's accomplices turns out to be an undercover reporter working on a story to expose the spiritualist. When the reporter confides to the banker's daughter his true identity, another of the swami's henchmen overhears and tells the phony mystic. Trapping the banker's daughter and the reporter, the spiritualist demands money from the banker or else. Audio-Poor (Muffled and low volume) / Video-Poor (Jumpy)

The Chase-An unemployed veteran returns a wallet and gets an unexpected job as the chauffeur to a tough mobster. The mobster's enemies have a tendency to meet early and violent ends and this adds stress to the already nervous chauffeur. When the mobster's wife asks the chauffeur to help her in escaping from her husband, he ends up getting framed for a murder and is forced to run not only from the authorities, but the mobster's henchmen as well. Just when you think the man is cleared of his problems, unexpected turns forces things to start all over again. Audio-Fair / Video-Fair

Woman In The Shadows-A man just released from prison moves out to the quiet and serenity of the woods. Due to his temper problems, which caused him to be put in prison, he has decided to live alone in the hopes that he can find peace and stay on the straight and narrow path. His idyllic life is shattered when a young woman bursts into his cabin and begs for help. She's on the run from a possessive and abusive boyfriend and desperately needs help, since the man is trailing her. Our former convict attempts to help the woman and ends up in trouble with the law once again, in spite of the good reason for his involvement in the matter. Audio-Poor (Muffled) / Video-Poor (Scratchy)

The Scar (A.K.A. The Hollow Triumph)-John Muller (Paul Henreid), a former medical student now career criminal is on the run from a crooked gambling joint owner after stealing from the casino. Identified by his former gang members as the leader of the group, Muller takes on the identity of a psychiatrist by the name of Dr. Bartok. Muller must make sure to continue the illusion he's created with Dr. Bartok's identity. Audio-Fair / Video-Fair

The Mystery Of Mr. Wong-The world's largest sapphire, "The Eye of the Daughter of the Moon", was stolen from a royal crypt in China and eventually finds its way into the hands of a gem dealer with a less than stellar reputation. Knowing the gem has a curse placed upon it, the dealer takes possession of it anyway and he receives a death threat, which he shares with his house guest Mr. Wong (Boris Karloff), a detective. That evening the gem dealer throws a party and, during a parlor game, he is shot to death when the lights go out. The home is filled with suspects and Mr. Wong must figure out who is responsible for the killing as well as the true motives behind it, before he or someone else fall victim to the killer. Audio-Good / Video-Fair

Strange Illusion-A young man is troubled by recurring dreams in which his deceased father, a judge, warns him of a stranger's intentions against the family. When the young man's mother introduces the family to a new gentleman she has started to see, it turns out to be the man his dreams warned him about. After being sent away to a sanitarium, from objecting to his mother's impending marriage to the mysterious man and what his reasons are, he discovers information there which proves his father's death was not an accident and what the true motives are of his mother's fiancÚ. Audio-Fair / Video-Poor

The Strange Love Of Martha Ivers-This Oscar-nominated drama features a marvelous cast including Barbara Stanwyck, Kirk Douglas, Van Heflin, Lizabeth Scott and Judith Anderson in a tale of intrigue involving childhood friends and a mysterious death that happened years before. Martha Ivers (Barbara Stanwyck) is the power behind things in the town of Iverston and is married to Walter O'Neill (Kirk Douglas), the district attorney. When their childhood friend Sam Masterson (Van Heflin) returns to town, it brings up powerful memories about their connection to the death of Martha's rich aunt years before and threatens to expose the truth. Audio-Fair / Video-Fair / This is another film that can be found in a BD/DVD combo pack from HD Cinema Classics.

The Man Who Cheated Himself-A veteran San Francisco police detective has been seeing a married socialite when she kills her husband, claiming he was going to kill her. Hoping to keep his involvement with the married woman a secret, the detective helps her cover up the murder by setting it up to look like the death was a result of a botched robbery attempt. The detective thinks he is in the clear when he's assigned to investigate the case but, his partner for this investigation is his own brother, an up and coming detective that he's taught everything he knows. Will the detective be able to keep his brother from discovering his involvement in the death and discovering the truth behind the murder? Audio-Fair (Muffled) / Video-Fair

Cause For Alarm!-While recovering from a heart attack, a gentleman mistakenly believes his wife is having an affair with his doctor and the two of them are plotting to kill him. The man writes a letter to the D.A. detailing his suspicions about his wife and his doctor and has his wife mail the letter. After she returns from mailing the letter, the man confronts his wife about what he has written and becomes agitated to the point where he pulls a gun on her. The stress becomes too much for the man and he immediately dies from another heart attack, forcing his innocent wife to try and get back the letter before it gets to the D.A.'s office. Audio-Fair (Muffled) / Video-Fair (Zoomed-in)

Woman On The Run-A man witnesses a gangland murder and, fearing he would be targeted by the mob, goes into hiding to escape a potential hit. The police find out about his involvement in the crime and approach the man's wife, in the hopes she will lead them to him. Thinking that he's really running away from their marriage, the woman begins searching for her husband, with the aid of a newspaper reporter working on the story. As the wife comes closer to finding her husband, the killer responsible for the hit draws closer to his quarry, too. Audio-Fair / Video-Fair (Scratched and faded)

Please Murder Me-An attorney wins the acquittal of a woman accused of murdering her husband but is shocked to learn that she indeed committed the crime. Feeling remorse and guilt for his part in setting a guilty person free, the attorney concocts a scheme to trap the woman. He intends to have her murder him in order for her to be caught and placed in prison where she should be. Audio-Fair (Muffled) / Video-Fair (Scratchy)

A Life At Stake-A gentleman begins to suspect the mysterious accidents that have befallen him recently are not just a coincidence. He begins to suspect that someone may be trying to kill him in order to collect on a life insurance policy. Could it be his hard-driving business partner wanting to keep the company going or the partner's bored but seductive wife that is interested in the money? Will he discover the truth behind the accidents before someone does him in? Audio-Fair (Muffled) / Video-Fair

The Limping Man-An American World War II veteran returns to England after six years to visit an old flame he met during the war. Upon arriving at the airport, the American witnesses one of his fellow passengers getting gunned down by a sniper and is questioned by the police. When he finally arrives at the woman's residence, he discovers she had some connections to the man who was killed, that cast both of them under a shadow of suspicion with the authorities. The reunited lovers must remove the doubts in the minds of the police by tracking down the truth behind the shooting and bring the true culprit to justice. Audio-Fair / Video-Fair (Scratchy)

The Hoodlum-A career criminal is finally released from prison and he moves back home with his family, who have been put through the wringer because of his activities. Taking a job at his brother's gas station, the ex-convict spends much of his time intimidating the customers and scheming to seduce a bank secretary in order to use her for a planned bank robbery. Meanwhile, he has seduced his brother's fiancee, gotten her pregnant and abandoned her, which makes the despondent girl commit suicide. All paths in the story lead to the fateful bank robbery and a final confrontation between the criminal and his brother. Audio-Fair/ Video-Fair (Dark and scratchy)

Trapped-A batch of counterfeit twenty dollar bills begin showing that appear to be the work of Tris Stewart (Lloyd Bridges), a counterfeiter already behind bars. Hoping to track down the location of Stewart's plates and the person using them, a prison break is arranged for Stewart with federal agents keeping an eye on his every move. Stewart and his girlfriend hope to secure enough phony money to run off to another country, where they won't be able to tell the money is counterfeit, but complications arise when their partner has problems and an undercover federal agent becomes involved. Audio-Fair (Muffled) / Video-Fair (Dark)

The Pay-Off-A young couple about to be married is robbed and the leader of the gang, whose member robbed them, takes pity upon them. The gangster takes the couple under his wing and helps them out, much to the chagrin of the gang members, who plot to dispose of their boss. When the young groom-to-be is implicated in a murder and is sentenced to die in the electric chair, the gang boss must choose between helping the man or letting an innocent man die in order to have the bride for himself. Audio-Fair / Video-Fair (Scratchy, dark and overexposed)

The Great Flamarion-The Great Flamarion (Erich Von Stroheim) is a trick-shot artist with a stage act consisting of himself and his two assistants, Connie and Al Wallace (Mary Beth Hughes and Dan Duryea). Al has a drinking problem and Connie is tired of the marriage, so she begins to pay more attention to Flamarion, hoping for a way out. When Al is shot by Flamarion during the act on a suggestion from Connie, everyone's lives take a drastic change. Audio-Fair / Video-Fair

Parole Inc.-A series of unjustified paroles of some hardened criminals have set off suspicions at the federal level of bribes being paid to parole officials in exchange for releases. A federal agent assigned to the investigation goes undercover as a prisoner in the hopes of gaining the confidence of those involved in the scam. As the agent's investigation gets closer to the truth behind the bribes, he finds himself in greater danger if his cover is blown. Audio-Good / Video-Fair

Baby Face Morgan-A young man is brought in to run his father's insurance business by his father's right-hand man after he passes away. What he doesn't know is that the business is just a front for his father's real activity, running a protection racket. The father's right-hand man tries to keep the son from knowing what the business really is and the gang from knowing the identity of the new gang leader, so he can truly run things from the background. Problems arise for everyone when the son tries to run the insurance company as a legitimate business. Audio-Fair / Video-Poor (Faded and blurry)

The Woman Condemned-A female private investigator is trying to track down a radio singer when she is found with the woman's corpse and charged with her murder. The detective's husband, a newspaper reporter, sets out to prove her innocence and his investigation leads to a sanitarium run by a mysterious doctor. Throw in a gangster and a case of mistaken identity and you've got a mystery that needs to be solved before the detective pays for a crime she has not committed. Audio-Poor (Loud Background Noise) / Video-Fair

There Was A Crooked Man-This program is from the famous Studio One television series shown from 1948 to 1958 by CBS and was a continuation of the successful radio series of the same name. This series received multiple Emmy awards as well as nominations and brought to the small screen some of the brightest and biggest stars, directors and writers of it's time to present to the audience a dramatic feature each week. This story centers upon a boarding house with an eclectic group of residents and one member, Mr. Otis, who is found murdered. Audio-Fair / Video-Poor (Blurry and faded)

Two Sharp Knives-This thriller, based upon a Dashiell Hammett story, has a murderer found dead and a search begins to track down the killer responsible for his death. Brought to the small screen as part of the Westinghouse Studio One series, shown on CBS from 1949 to 1958, this Emmy award winning series featured weekly performances by some of the top performers of Broadway and Hollywood. Audio-Fair / Video-Poor (Blurry)

The Inner Circle-A private investigator finds he is on the wrong side of the law when he is accused of murdering a well-known radio personality. The person behind the murder accusation is his own secretary, who is trying to protect her sister who has been formally charged with the crime. Working against a deadline, the detective tracks down all the suspects and gathers them at the scene of the crime, the radio station, in order to re-enact the crime and expose the real killer. Audio-Fair / Video-Fair

Things Happen At Night-A family has problems in their home when a spirit inhabits the body of the youngest daughter, causing all sorts of mischief. An insurance investigator and a scientist come to the home in the hopes of tracking down the cause of the problems and determine a poltergeist is to blame. After the scientist and the insurance investigator attempt to aid the family by driving the spirit out of the girl, they end up with an unexpected complication when the poltergeist moves into the body of the insurance investigator. Audio-Fair / Video-Poor (Faded and blurry)

Flowers From A Stranger-A psychiatrist's wife ends up struggling with her own mental illness when a mysterious delivery of flowers arrives at their home. This program was part of the Westinghouse Studio One television series shown on CBS for ten years starting in the late 1940's. This series won many Emmy Awards and brought into your living room each week performances by some of the greatest stage and screen actors and actresses of the day. Audio-Fair (Muffled) / Video-Poor (Blurry)

Plan For Escape-This drama was a presentation of the Emmy winning CBS series Studio One, a weekly dramatic program that ran for ten seasons. This series originated as a weekly dramatic radio program that moved to television in the late 1940's. Viewers were treated to performances by some to the great actors and actresses of their time. The feature performance here is about a gangster's wife, tired of the lifestyle her husband's career brings, given a possible escape when her husband is killed by rival gangsters. Audio-Fair (Muffled) / Video-Poor (Blurry, Shaky)

Well now, as I said earlier, there are some decent films here. Quite a lot of them are good in fact. The problem is that most of the time either the picture or the sound (sometimes both) are problematic. There lies the decision for you. Do you have a decent collection of crime, noir and mystery films already? Then you can safely pass this by. But if you somehow missed out on most of those genres, you might want to pick this up as a primer and then go looking for superior copies of your favorites. 5/10.
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