Animal Apocalypse (2014)

DVD Cover (Mill Creek)
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Welcome To The Wings Of Terror! --Amazon
Included In This Collection
Kaw Nightwing Bats: Human Harvest Fatal Contact: Bird Flu In America
Review by Bill Wolford
Added: June 04, 2014
The main draw for prospective purchasers of this DVD set should be its inclusion of the 1979 cult classic "Nightwing". The only other available DVD release of this is an overpriced "Video On Demand" version from Sony. Mill Creek does not drop the ball with the release either. It looks great with a nice 1.85:1 transfer. As for the other films in the set, you can just call them filler if you want to, or if you're a fan of SyFy Channel movies, you might enjoy those as well. I did not. I hate CG blood and horrible special effects. Except for Nightwing, the other three films are full of this. And one of them is actually a SyFy produced movie. I'll probably watch the other three once each, just for bragging rights, or a badge of courage.

Bats: Human Harvest - (2007) Color Rated R 1.33:1
Time: Present Day. The Place: Russia. The mission: To track down and capture fanatical weapons specialist Dr. Walsh hiding in a research facility deep in the notorious Belzan forest of Chechnya. Specially-trained and armed, an elite unit of soldiers is combing through the endless forest looking to bring their target to justice. But what they're about to find is an enemy they're not prepared to fight - genetically altered vampire bats programmed to feast on human flesh and blood - in this horrifying action thriller.

Fatal Contact: Bird Flu in America - (2006) Color Not Rated 1.78:1
A virus with no cure. A threat with no borders. A nation with no chance of escaping H5N1, the Avian Flu. When a mutation of the virus is discovered in a local marketplace, China sends an emergency summons to Dr. Iris Varnack of the Epidemic Intelligence Service. When she arrives, she discovers her efforts may be too late - an American businessman has become the first victim of a strain that is passed from human to human and has brought it to America.

Kaw - (2007) Color Rated R 1.78:1
A frightening tale told in the tradition of Alfred Hitchcock's The Birds, in which a small town is forever changed by a flock of ravens with an insatiable taste for human flesh. Chief of Police Wayne Merkle and his new wife plan to move to the city to start a new life. But his final day as police chief quickly transforms from quiet into a torrent of terror and death, as the townspeople are viciously attacked by thousands of ravens who are fierce, intelligent and deadly. Now it's up to Wayne, along with the town doctor and a military veteran, to save the remaining townspeople before the birds take over the town entirely.

Nightwing - (1979) Color Rated PG 1.85:1
Youngman Duran (Nick Mancuso), a Maskai Indian tribal deputy is torn between the modern world and the ancient mysticism of his people. During his patrol he is summoned to investigate the bizarre death of a horse. The animal exhibits razor-sharp wounds that no coyote or mountain lion could inflict. Meanwhile, his girlfriend, on a camping trip in the desert, is attacked by thousands of swarming bats. Duran learns of the attack and sets out to save her, not knowing the terror that looms ahead.

This set is easily found in the five dollar bin at retail stores, and that's a lot cheaper than paying top dollar for the video on demand version of Nightwing that essentially looks the same. Do yourself a favor and pick this up for some cheesy fun. 6/10.
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