Freak Show Cinema (2013)

DVD Cover (Mill Creek)
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Overall Rating 42%
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Step right up and feast your eyes on 12 of the freakiest and creepiest midnight movies! Bound together for the first time, this 3 DVD set of cult movie madness is packed with hours of gore and giggles, enough to satisfy even the kookiest of cravings. From flesh-eating zombie armies to demon invasions, this horror collection is certain to keep you gasping, screaming and squirming with over 16 hours of sideshow scares! --Amazon
Included In This Collection
Zombie Genocide: Legion Of The Damned Cold Creepy Feeling: Paranormal Exorcism The Curse Of Blanchard Hill Idol Of Evil: Hell Is Forever Below Ground: Demon Holocaust Tales Of The Dead: Grim Stories Of Curses, Horror And Gore By The Devil's Hands: The 666 Killer Indemnity: Rage Of A Jealous Vampire Dark Measures: Gang Warfare Tuck Bushman And The Legend Of Piddledown Dale Order Of One: Kung Fu Killing Spree Glitter Goddess: Queen Of The Sunset Strip
Review by Bill Wolford
Added: July 03, 2014
Holy cow, Mill Creek! When you decide to release a stinker, you really pile it on thick. I know these are all independent films made by people who used their life savings trying to make dreams a reality by becoming the next big thing. The problem is, I watch movies to be entertained, as do most others. I don't care if the movie cost a billion dollars or one cent. I want to be entertained and taken away from my own problems for a couple of hours. I don't want to suffer through atrocious acting, horrible lighting, sound that fades in and out, and countless other problems that makes me more pissed off than before the film started playing. I don't make movies because I know my movie would turn out at least as bad as these. I know this, so I don't do it. Not everyone that picks up a camera, or who has a rich dad that can buy them one, has the ability to make a good film. If any of these films had any of the characters featured on the misleading cover art, I might have found a few of them interesting, but no such luck. There was one film, while having all of the problems mentioned above, did one thing none of the others did: it was entertaining. Tuck Bushman and The Legend Of Piddledown Dale didn't take itself seriously, and had some genuinely funny moments. It's the only reason to pick this set up at all.

Tales of the Dead: Grim Stories of Curses, Horror and Gore
(2010) - Color - 75 Minutes - Not Rated-Anamorphic Widescreen
Five friends gather on Halloween to continue their ritual of telling horror stories. Each one telling a more sinister tale than the next, unaware of the horror that awaits them on this All Hallow's Eve.

Zombie Genocide: Legion of the Damned
(2012) - Color - 80 Minutes - Not Rated-Anamorphic Widescreen
Chaos is rampant as a biochemical terrorist attack rages in several heavily-populated cities. The world will never be the same as the virus spreads across the continent turning thousands of people into a horrific flesh-eating army of the dead.

The Curse of Blanchard Hill
(2006) - Color - 74 Minutes - Not Rated-Anamorphic Widescreen
Victor McShane disappeared on Blanchard Hill in the spring of 1985. Twenty years later, a group of campers take a hike to Blanchard, unaware that a killer is on the loose, killing people without mercy.

Idol of Evil: Hell Is Forever
(2009) - Color - 95 Minutes - Not Rated-Widescreen
David Hilton is a mythological expert. When his friend and colleague, Dr. Kixley, is kidnapped by dangerous Satanists, David is called on by the Vatican to help save Dr. Kixley from an evil end.

Below Ground: Demon Holocaust
(2012) - Color - 76 Minutes - Not Rated-Anamorphic Widescreen
Dave Dommin documents a demon invasion in his hometown offering shelter to four people. Together they struggle to survive the demonic infestation, all the while fighting amongst themselves.

Order Of One: Kung Fu Killing Spree
(2011) - Color - 95 Minutes - Not Rated-Widescreen
Sonny and his cohort Ross stand in the way of the city's crime lord, Mr. Park, and his desire to possess the spear that pierced the side of Jesus on the Cross. The spear gives unspeakable power to whoever touches it.

Cold Creepy Feeling: Paranormal Exorcism
(2011) - Color - 90 Minutes - Not Rated-Widescreen
A young couple, Lisa and Jared, escape the Los Angeles rat race for the quiet life in Joshua Tree, California but paranormal visions and voices quickly turn the house of their dreams into a house of nightmares.

Indemnity: Rage Of A Jealous Vampire
(2011) - Color - 60 Minutes - Not Rated-Widescreen
William's ex-girlfriend Angela wants him dead and it seems she's more than capable of just that as she relentlessly pursues him on a terror trek across the U.S.

Glitter Goddess: Queen Of The Sunset Strip
(1991) - Color - 115 Minutes - Not Rated-Fullscreen
Frustrated with her family life, Llana Lloyd rebels by worshiping Alice Cooper, becoming one of the most prolific rock and roll groupies of the 1970s.

Dark Measures: Gang Warfare
(2012) - Color - 85 Minutes - Not Rated-Anamorphic Widescreen
Molly's calm 9 to 5 life is turned upside down when the local gang brutally attacks her. She survives this horrific ordeal only to find the thugs want her dead and are determined to kill her. Molly's only hope is to stand her ground and fight.

By the Devils Hands: The 666 Killer
(2011) - Color - 90 minutes - Not Rated-Anamorphic Widescreen
Twenty-five years ago, the mysterious 666 Killer left a trail of corpses. When the Killer's thirst for blood has been renewed, only the unsuspecting Jamie Anderson (Susana Gibb) stands in his way. "By the Devil's Hands" explores the dark troubled world of the infamous 666 Killer and the last hypnotic hours of his victims as he continues his campaign of carnage!

Tuck Bushman and the Legend of Piddledown Dale
(2009) - Color - 95 Minutes - Not Rated-Anamorphic Widescreen
Tuck Bushman is an out of luck and out of work TV presenter and creature hunter. When strange things start to happen in the remote Yorkshire village, the mayor Eli Nefarious, offers a reward to the person who can capture the culprit.

While I'm bashing this set, I might as well mention another thing that pissed me off. Why do most of these movies need two titles? Wasn't one enough? Sometimes the title screen doesn't even show both titles. Was it a way to try to market these films again, hoping people would think the movie was some kind of sequel? Who knows. The more I read those two title movies, the more stupid they sound, and the less they sound like anything to do with the movie itself. Buyer beware. 2/10.
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