Sharktopus vs. Pteracuda (2014)

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Creature Film, Horror, Natural Horror, Dinosaurs, Fish, Sharks
Kevin O'Neill Kevin O'Neill
Robert Carradine Robert Carradine
Mario Ceara Mario Ceara
Akari Endo Akari Endo
Tony Evangelista Tony Evangelista
Mario Arturo Hernández Mario Arturo Hernández

3.3 / 10 - Overall Rating

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An American scientist up to no good (as usual) by creating the half-pterodactyl, half-barracuda: Pteracuda. When the creature inevitably escapes, it's up to Sharktopus to stop him. --TMDb
Review by Crispy
Added: August 17, 2014
It's a funny thing. You never can tell just what is going to catch the public's eye and launch to new heights. For example, last year Syfy released the so-bad-it's-good Sharknado and Twitter absolutely exploded over the absurd portmanteau. A few weeks ago it got a sequel, and once again, it was seemingly all the internet could talk about. That's all well and good, but SyFy had already released a movie three years earlier whose portmanteau title matched its absurdity. Not only that, but it was a much more entertaining movie with an incredibly fun monster. I'm talking about the mighty Sharktopus. It too was just given a sequel, but didn't receive nearly as much attention as its stormy counterpart did.

After Andy Flynn destroyed the original sharktopus, its various pieces floated back out into the ocean. However, among the scattered anatomy was an egg sack, and marine biologist Lorena finds herself the ward of the creature's sole offspring which she begins raising at her uncle's aquarium to mixed success. Meanwhile, Dr. Rico Symes is hard at work on his own biological weapon. After harvesting a pterodactyl's DNA, he used the DNA from a barracuda to fill in the gaps, creating a monster that can terrorize land, sea, and air. Things are looking pretty good during the initial test flight until the creature is hijacked by a rogue engineer, looking to sell it the highest bidder. He probably would have gotten away with it if he didn't spill his coffee all over his console, but now the pteracuda is free to rampage the coast in search of food. Running out of options, Symes and his head bodyguard Hamm learn of the new sharktopus' existence, and after fitting it with a neural remote to control its actions, pits the two fearsome fusions against each other in a battle to the death.

Once again, Sharktopus does not fail to please. Granted, they could have kicked out a Sharktopus 2 that was a mirror image of the original and I'd have loved it, but they didn't take the easy way out. They actually upped the ante by adding this second monster. I'll admit, the pteracuda isn't nearly as imaginative as its opponent. It's a pterodactyl with a fish body, so really, the only difference between a pteracuda and a regular pterodactyl is the fish tail. While watching it use that tail to slap the sharktopus in the face brought a smile to my face, you do kind of lose the novelty of seeing two animals fused into one. Never mind all that though, when these two got down and dirty it was an absolute ball. Sure, there's just enough storyline to get these two in the same pond, but it knows enough to back off and watch them go. Then, it fills the space out between the fights with scenes of one of the creatures eating bikini-clad beach-goers the way God intended. Just to change it up a bit.

When I reviewed the first flick, I mentioned that a movie like this has a lower acceptance bar for the actors to hit, but even with the handicap, this lot still fell short. Rib Hillis was fine as soldier Hamm, but Katie Savoy was pretty awful. There's a scene where she's just lost a loved one, and her "emotional breakdown" was hysterical. Also, after Eric Roberts, Robert Carradine was pretty lacking as the main antagonist. Sure, he played the selfish, slimy egomaniac pretty well, but there were a few scenes where he was supposed to be threatening bad ass and he was just way too nerdy to be taken seriously. Also, the movie has drummed up a lot of buzz for being Conan O'Brien's first acting appearance, but the truth is his little cameo isn't anything worth mentioning.

So Sharktopus goes two for two, with a shot at a hat trick coming later this year. Unfortunately, that might be all she wrote if Syfy decides to drop the idea in order to keep the Twitterverse satisfied. I hope you assholes are happy. 7.5/10.
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