The Bunnyman Massacre (2014)

DVD Cover (Midnight Releasing)
Genres / Traits: Horror, Sadistic Horror, Slasher Film, Rabbits, Urban Legends
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Carl Lindbergh Carl Lindbergh
David Scott David Scott
Julianne Dowler Julianne Dowler
Jennifer June Ross Jennifer June Ross
Joshua Lang Joshua Lang
Marshal Hilton Marshal Hilton

4.0 / 10 - Overall Rating

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Review by Bill Wolford
Added: September 29, 2014
Ever watch a movie and be stuck between the emotions of "meh" and yelling at your T.V. because of stupid character actions? Well, if you haven't, you'll get your chance multiple times over with Bunnyman Massacre. I'm pretty sure this is a sequel, but you don't need to have seen the first movie for this one to work for you. There are a couple of very small flashback scenes, and one mention of Bunnyman's family from the first film, but you don't need to find the first film to enjoy this one.

This film starts out with a bang, literally, as Bunnyman (Joshua Lang) blows off a school bus driver's head en route to slaughtering a busload of children with a chainsaw. As horrifying as this sounds, it's actually darkly humorous. Very black, hard humor. Most of the movie plays this way, but this first scene works the best in the entire film. One thing that bugged me here; please, for the love of God people, STOP with the fake CGI blood. While I understand that you want to make your film as gory as possible, using CGI spurts and splatters just takes the viewer out of the moment. Either use real fake blood (there was enough of it on hand throughout the film), or don't use anything and let people use their imagination (which usually conjures up much worse images than showing that crappy fake blood splatter. Just reference the Texas Chainsaw Massacre for examples).

Joe (David Scott) is Bunnyman's keeper, or father figure, or something like that. He is the true epitome of southern hick with a shotgun. Most of the film consists of Bunnyman stalking and killing female campers, or bringing them back for him and Joe to torture and kill. This is where the film falls flat into formula. Women doing stupid things that make you yell at the screen for them to just run away, yet they continue to hang around and do stupid things long enough to get themselves killed. It's hard to feel much empathy for any of the characters at all. The only two who have any sort of back-story at all are two sisters who are captured early on. They lost both of their parents earlier in life, so they are both protective of each other, to the extent that one sister agrees to a deal with Joe to capture and bring back three women for him in exchange for the sister's freedom. Joe agrees, but things don't turn out too well, as can be imagined.

There is very little originality that shines through in the film. Bunnyman himself is kind of creepy, wearing the mask and suit for the entire running time of the film, except for one brief reveal of his face. The black humor is a little refreshing in today's world of grueling torture marathons, and the "Inspired by True Events" tag on the DVD cover is interesting as well.

Bunnyman Massacre is shot in 1.85:1 and looks great on television, as a new movie should. Sound is in 5.1 Dolby Stereo and can be loud enough at times to force you to adjust the volume accordingly. Special features include an audio commentary, behind the scenes featurette, deleted scenes, interviews, "Bunnyman Gets Fast Food" and "Joe's Guide to Dating." A lot of the features are pretty funny, and add some insight to the films creation. Now, should you pick this one up? Well, there's worse ways to kill ninety minutes. Remember though, that this is a sequel, and if you want to get the full Bunnyman experience, you need to get and watch the first film before delving into this one. You might have a better idea after that if this sequel is up your alley or not. 6/10.
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