Uriah Heep - One More Night: Collector's Rarities (2013)

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This is the definitive collection of Uriah Heep performing live for the cameras from film and television archives around the world, featuring all hits and classics. --Amazon
Uriah Heep
Uriah Heep
Review by Bill Wolford
Added: December 03, 2014
It's been said that Uriah Heep were the real Spinal Tap of rock and roll, and although you can hear it in a few of the lyrics and over the top theatrics, this disc is made in such horrible quality that most of the time it's hard to tell. Once again we have another DVD from the fine rip-off artists at Laser Media. Forty-one minutes of torture at the hands of poor DVD authoring, horrible sound quality, bad picture quality and a straight up lie on the front cover of the music that is contained inside. The worst thing about the disc is that there are moments, even though this is obviously recorded from an old VHS tape, that the audio and video of what could have been shine through for several moments during the running time. If someone reputable had got their hands on this material and cleaned it up, we could have had a nice hodge-podge of a collection to enjoy once in a while. However, thanks to Laser Media all we get is a coaster to throw in the trash.

Uriah Heep were giants of heavy stoner prog rock back in their early to late seventies heyday. They put out big, bombastic albums that somehow sold like the cheapest new drug in town. They were a mess of hair, falsetto vocals, loud Keyboards and songs about witches, wizards and stealin'. Some form of the band still tours to this day, and I'm not sure if there are any original members left in it. Well, this video tries to show them doing their greatest hits. The front cover makes it sound like it's a TV broadcast from the seventies. While most of the material is from that time, there is some eighties garbage thrown in, and the live clips only make up about three-fourths of the DVD. The rest of the clips are promo videos, and the best of all of this is only in barely passable VHS quality. The sound is surprisingly decent throughout, and quite good in a few clips. Here is the track listing:

1. Stealin' (Live)
2. Tears in My Eyes (Live in Japan)
3. Easy Livin' (Promo Video)
4. Gypsy
5. I Won't Mind
6. Sweet Lorraine (Live - horribly distorted sound)
7. Wizard (Nice sounding promo video - "highlight" of the DVD)
8. Traveler In Time (Live in Japan)
9. Blind Eye (Footage doesn't even match the song)
10. One More Night (dubbed "live")

Uriah Heep may be hard to come by on DVD. but don't get tricked into buying this mess. This DVD is in full frame with barely passable sound. There are no opening or end credits, and no information about the band or where these clip come from. The back of the case says that this release is in Dolby Digital, and I highly doubt that. I tend not to believe much from a company that can't even spell the titles of the tracks correctly on the back of the package, and trick the buyer into thinking their getting a seventies concert. Stay very far away from this release. No price is low enough to bother to have it in your collection. 2/10.
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