Premonition (2007)

DVD Cover (Sony Home Entertainment)
Supernatural Thriller, Thriller
Mennan Yapo Mennan Yapo
Sandra Bullock Sandra Bullock
Julian McMahon Julian McMahon
Shyann McClure Shyann McClure
Courtney Taylor Burness Courtney Taylor Burness
Nia Long Nia Long

5.9 / 10 - Overall Rating

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Review by Crispy
Added: February 13, 2015
Time travel movies are always fun. Premonition puts a brand new twist on the trope, handing us a character that has no clue how or why she's jumping through time.

I'm going to leave this synopsis a little on the bare bones side, since this is one of those movies you should go into as fresh as possible. Thursday morning, Linda Hanson is awoken by her two kids as they get ready for school. Her husband, Jim, is on a business trip and she spends her day doing some chores around the house until a sheriff arrives at her door and gives her the devastating news that her husband was killed in a car accident. That night while the kids are in bed, she lays down on the couch and drifts off. When she awakes, it's Monday morning and Jim is downstairs drinking coffee. Naturally, she's completely taken aback, and does her best to make it through the day. Unfortunately, the next day is Saturday and Jim's funeral. Naturally, the questions come non-stop. What the hell is going on? Can she hold on to her sanity while jumping through time? Can she somehow use this to save her husband's life?

Again, I really don't know how I want to go about telling all you fine readers what exactly I liked about the flick, because a lot of it treads into spoiler territory. Not as far as the plot goes per se, but I don't want to just blurt out the finer intricacies of the time travel and its consequences Premonition uses because figuring it out as you go is half the fun. I will say that it's an incredibly original way of going about things, and you're going to have to pay attention if you don't want to be completely lost in the dust. Also, while it's not overly difficult to figure out what's going on, they don't just sum things up in a monologue at the end for you either, so you're going to have do a little thinking for yourself. Hell, you're even going to have to figure out the entire point. Not an attractive selling point to today's ADHD crowd, but I liked it.

On it's release, Premonition was slammed by pretty much everyone. Considering I dug it, I decided to check out what exactly wasn't sitting well with people. The common thread I noticed was the phrase "It's not that I didn't understand it. I did." followed by pointing out 'plot holes' in the form of rhetorical questions that show that no, they didn't understand it. Sure, there are a few things here and there that I think fell through the cracks (I'd have to watch again and look for those things specifically, but they're trivial enough to not matter much either way), but the major holes that people point to aren't holes at all. They just missed the tying factors. The other complaint I saw more than once is anger over the faith-based explanation. On the one hand, I've considered just dismissing these complaints right off the bat, since people like to get indignant at anything having the slightest relationship with religion, but in the interest of fairness, let's look at it objectively. Sure, it's hokey, but it's not like the filmmakers are shoving any kind of religious propaganda into the film. It's just a suggestion as to why the phenomenon is happening, and considering the magic of the film is in the execution, the 'why' is something of an ancillary thought.

Premonition doesn't deserve the hate it's gotten. No, it's certainly not a classic thriller, but Sandra Bullock handles the lead role extremely well, and as long you don't have ADD and don't mind piecing a few things together yourself, I'm willing to bet you'll find it an enjoyable ninety minutes. 6.5/10.
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