Bitten: Season 2 (2015)

DVD Cover (Sony Home Entertainment)
Genres: Prime-Time Drama, Supernatural Drama, TV Horror, TV Sci-Fi & Fantasy, Werewolf Film
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Review by Crispy
Added: February 26, 2017
While I wasn't completely in love with the first season of Bitten, the story and characters kept me intrigued enough to keep going into season two.

Although Malcolm's pack of Mutts were soundly defeated at Jeremy's manor, both their formation and the fact that Malcolm got away has raised the doubts of the other pack leaders around the world in Jeremy's leadership. To assuage their worries they give him an ultimatum: either present the head of Malcolm Danvers within eight days or he loses his position as the Pack Alpha. Trouble is, the wolves are not the only ones looking for Malcolm. A coven of witches, led by Ruth and her second-in-command Paige, also need the treacherous werewolf for their own ends. A male witch, an abomination in their eyes, named Aleister has abducted Paige's sister Savannah and is holding her hostage for Malcolm. Seeing as how Malcolm can't be presented to both the other Alpha's dead and to Aleister alive, wolf and witch are immediately at each others throats. That may be the least of their problems however, as Aleister has set into motion a plan that could wipe out both species and the two will have to put their personal politics aside to protect their very existence.

You know, I enjoyed the vampire show True Blood up until the fourth season or so. At that point, this vampire show also included werewolves, werepanthers, nymphs, shape-shifters, fairies, and likely a few other species I forgot about about. With the addition of witches in season two, I'm already more than a little nervous about history repeating itself. Sure, realistically it makes sense if that one thing is true, there's a good chance other things are true and the show makes that very point. Still, it's a werewolf show. I'm watching it because I like werewolves. Not that the show delivers much in the way of werewolves anyway. Once again, most of the action is handled with fisticuffs instead of teeth and claws. It's the biggest problem I had with the first season, and I'm incredibly disappointed to see that it's actually gotten worse. With that said, the main story is at least interesting and more than one episode ended with me immediately looking to start the next. Once again, Bitten didn't quite give me what I was looking for, but at least it kept me entertained.

While the season didn't take too big of a hit from over saturation of supernatural entities, the writing was once again enough to drag the series down a few notches. For starters, the plot is all over the place. It starts with the Alphas, swings into Aleister's compound for a few episodes, then back to the Alphas with a subplot involving the Spanish pack, and back to Aleister. The execution is as jarring as the description, and some thought should definitely have been put into streamlining these elements. Even on a smaller scale, the characters aren't as developed as thoughtfully as they should have been. Nick perhaps the strangest example. The events of the first season show a pronounced growth in the man. Here, that particular development is mostly forgotten and replaced with a brand new direction. It's incredibly sloppy. On top of all this, the dialogue is positively cringe worthy, especially during the more emotional scenes in the final episodes.

I'll fully admit that season two kept me somewhat entertained, but it didn't exactly provide a renewed confidence in the series. Still, it's been announced that the third season will be the last, so I might as well see how they wrap things up. 5.5/10.
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