Bitten: Season 3 (2016)

DVD Cover (Sony Home Entertainment)
Genres: Prime-Time Drama, Supernatural Drama, TV Horror, TV Sci-Fi & Fantasy, Werewolf Film
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Review by Crispy
Added: February 27, 2017
The sophomore season of Bitten was certainly a noticeable step down from its predecessor, but considering that the next season was going to be the finale, I decided there was no harm in checking out its closing moments. Besides, the show had always boosted a good story if nothing else.

Between the mutts' uprising led by his previously-thought-deceased father and then having to fight for his species' very existence alongside witches, it's understandably been a very trying year for Pack Alpha Jeremy Danvers. Then factor in that those two battles left three of his Pack dead, and the answer is obvious. No more leniency; the mutts of his territory will either join the Pack or die. This tyrannical approach sure isn't sitting well with Elena Michaels. You see, her last conversation with Savannah ended with a premonition of herself, covered in blood, burning down Stonehaven, and watching Jeremy's descent into a path she hates so vehemently is particularly vexing. Yet somehow, this is the least of her problems. A Russian werewolf named Sasha and his family has approached Elena with a bombshell: he's her father. As if that still wasn't enough, Sasha has a thirty-year-old blood feud with Roman Netikov, the Alpha of the Russian pack, and he's moving in for the kill.

I enjoyed this season so much more than the last, and I'm sure it's no coincidence that this season is once again focused on the werewolves' culture. Of course, as per Bitten norm, the actual werewolf action was at a bare minimum, which even though I've come to expect it, it's still disappointing. The big picture of the story has always been where Bitten shines though, and the series' finale is no exception. Both the Pack's looming war with Russia and Elena's having to reconcile her two families were both engaging stories, and I found myself eagerly starting the next episode more than once. Of course, the finer details were once again handled sloppily, but like the dearth of werewolves, it's something I was expecting after three seasons. Not that this is much of an excuse, but at least the collateral damage is kept to a minimum when you know what to expect going in.

Never mind the Ricktatorship, Jeremy Danver's power play blows Grimes' out of the water. The previous year's tragedy has set him off on the warpath, and Greg Bryk absolutely steps up to the challenge. Not only did he completely carry his fair share of episodes, but he provided a fantastic foil for Laura Vandervoort to stand against. Elena has always been the star of the show, and with it being the final season, you know she was going to get some bombshells of her own. I wasn't a huge fan of Elena's whining early in the series, but as time as gone on, she's grown into a leader, willing to fight for her pack in the way she sees fit. If they had decided to move forward with a fourth season, I wouldn't have any qualms about Vandervoort truly running the show.

And so ends Bitten. It's a show that has an amazing overall story and some fantastic characters that unfortunately just did not have the attention to detail or the willingness to embrace its star creature to reach its full potential. At least it ended on a relative high note, I guess. 6.5/10.
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