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The Mummy's Curse (1944)

DVD Cover (Universal)
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Horror, Mummy Movie
Leslie Goodwins Leslie Goodwins
Lon Chaney Jr. Lon Chaney Jr.
Peter Coe Peter Coe
Virginia Christine Virginia Christine
Kay Harding Kay Harding
Dennis Moore Dennis Moore

5.7 / 10 - Overall Rating

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Review by Crispy
Added: May 03, 2017
Released a mere five months after the last movie, The Mummy's Curse serves as the curtain call for the gauze-wrapped ghoul. He certainly went out on a low note.

Foreman Pat Walsh has been trying to keep his project of draining the local swamp on schedule, but he's constantly hampered by his worker's superstition. There's a local legend that twenty-five years earlier, a living mummy carried his bride into that very swamp and they're all convinced the wetlands are now haunted. As Pat's skeptical frustration mounts, he's greeted by two more believers: doctors James Halsey and Ilzor Zandaab from the local museum. The swamp being drained has presented itself as an excellent opportunity to reclaim the mummies' bodies, but they're not the only ones with that goal in mind. The Arkham sect has come to the exact same realization and they wait with a large portion of tana leaves for Kharis and Ananka to be unearthed.

Now, this is going to be a pretty short review; it's just such a flat, empty movie that I truly don't have much to comment on. Like the last few entries in the franchise, it's not unpleasant to sit through but there's nothing unique about it to offer any kind of memorability. It's the exact same shtick Universal has given us the last few movies and Curse's plot is strictly by the numbers. There are no surprises, no stand out performances to speak of, nothing that gives the movie's existence any purpose at all. In fact, the only scene with any merit is where Ananka rises from the swamp; Virginia Christine's twitching and jerky movements made for quite a creepy scene. Had she kept that performance up though the entire film and joined Kharis as a main villain instead of playing the same stalked reincarnation we've seen over and over, this would be a very different review. But then, that would mean Universal actually put some effort into the project, and considering they couldn't even be bothered to follow their own basic continuity (in The Mummy's Ghost, the two mummies sink into the swamps of Massachusetts. Here, they rise from the Louisiana bayou), it's easy to deduce that this was just a means to squeeze whatever dollars they could from a sinking franchise.

After the last two, I kind of figured The Mummy's Curse wasn't going to offer much in the way of redemption and I don't take any pleasure in being right. 3/10. With the original franchise wrapped up, it's time to move on to the remake series that truly defines The Mummy.
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