Northfork (2003)

DVD Cover (Paramount)
Genres: Drama, Fairy Tales & Legends, Fantasy, Message Movie, Period Film
In a near-empty Northfork orphanage, Father Harlan gently tends to Irwin, an eight-year-old who lies between a dream state and death. As orphanage caretaker Harlan reads aloud about Northfork's years-ago forced evacuation to make way for a hydro-electric dam, Irwin's imagination takes flight. While a team of six men evacuate the last remaining citizens of the town, Irwin, too, invents a cast of characters to prepare himself for his own evacuation. --IMDb
Michael Polish Michael Polish
James Woods James Woods
Nick Nolte Nick Nolte
Douglas Sebern Douglas Sebern
Claire Forlani Claire Forlani
Duel Farnes Duel Farnes

6.3 / 10 - Overall Rating

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Review by Christopher
Added: February 20, 2004
Just when you think there's enough new movies being made where the story takes place almost centuries ago, out comes Northfork. There's really two different stories going on in this film. The ill child and Priest, along with the black suited men evacuating the town. As the movie mostly revolves around the evacuations, the child and his priest have the largest amount of scenes. The kid often dreams about coming across these characters that once lived in Northfork. These characters plan on leaving Northfork in a short amount of time and the kid tries to have them take him with. He talks to the priest about them when ever he awakes from these dreams. Of course there will be no bad words from the priest.

As much as the movie revolves around the evacuations, the black suited men are rarely seen. They few parts they are in make the movie better than it would have been without them. Coming across a variety of different people. Such as the ever so common 'I'll live in this house forever' anciently old man. Which is so positive about living at the house forever, steaks out on the front porch with a shotgun to shoot away the black suits. As the men wait out the shooting behind their car, the old man eventually falls asleep, or so they think. When they attempt to reason with the man, they notice he nailed his feet to the porch and that he wasn't sleeping.

This movie's semi-decent story line and acting could have fit into a short story no more than an hour long. Polish Brothers (directors) probably realized this and decided to tack on fourty more minutes so their audience would have to suffer just a little longer. If the kid and his dream world friends were tacked down to 30% - 35% of the movie and the black suited men were shown dealing with more than three different households, it would have been a much more entertaining film. If this movie is ever on basic cable or it's rent one/get one free night at your local video store, I suggest it to be seen. Under any other circumstances, don't bother.

El Rating: 5/10
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