Enter... Zombie King (2003)

DVD Cover (A.D. Vision)
Stacey Case Stacey Case
Jules Delorme Jules Delorme
Jennifer Thom Jennifer Thom
Raymond Carle Raymond Carle
Rob 'El Fuego' Etcheverria Rob 'El Fuego' Etcheverria
Sean K. Robb Sean K. Robb
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4.8 / 10 - Overall Rating

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Genres: Horror, Horror Comedy, Wrestling, Zombie Film
Ulysses, a professional wrestler, is going to watch another fight in which a wrestler is up against a horde of zombies. One of the zombies kills a waitress and Ulysses and his friends decide to take matters into their own hands and track down the origins of the creatures. --TMDb
Review by Chad
Added: December 08, 2004
In this very bizarre movie, we catch up with our hero Ulysses (Jules Delorme) en route to meet up with his former tag team partner Tiki (Rob "El Fuego" Etcheverria). Ulysses has become a legend in the wrestling world, while Tiki has went on to do gimmick matches in bars in order to make cash. All was fine and dandy, until Ulysses heard the news that Tiki is starting a new gimmick of wrestling zombies in cage matches. Considering that zombies have become a nationwide epidemic, this makes for more than a little concern on the part of Ulysses. His first stop is to pick up some of his wrestling buddies in the way of The Blue Saint (Raymond Carle) and Saint's sister Mercedes (Angela Clarke). The three of them head out to the bar where Tiki will be wrestling the zombies, and everything seems to go off without a hitch... until a lady comes running into the bar claiming that her friend has just been murdered by a pack of zombies. Naturally, the blame gets placed solely on Tiki, since he's the one carting around a horde of zombies via a U-Maul truck. Tiki jumps in the truck and hauls ass out of there, but not before completely denying responsibility for the murder due to the fact that he's domesticated his zombies. The Blue Saint is not convinced, and sets out to avenge the poor girl by fighting Tiki, while Ulysses is convinced that Tiki was telling the truth. Ulysses sends out Mercedes to stop her brother, while he gets on the phone and calls up another wrestling buddy by the name of Mr. X (Sean K. Robb) to help out with this mess. Eventually, our five masked wrestlers get on good terms with one another, and find out that a Zombie King (Nick Cyjetkovich) is behind all this madness... our fivesome sets out to put an end to his reign.

This movie is one of those rare films that's damned near impossible to explain, as you really have to watch it in order to get the goodness that is portrayed. Yes, the horror elements of the movie are far from scary, and yeah, a lot of the comedy isn't knee-slapping hilarious; but somehow, everything comes together to make one hell of an entertaining film. In my eyes, the thing that makes this work out so well is the pure outlandishness of the entire premise- masked wrestlers fighting massive amounts of zombies- but keeping everything so serious and straight-forward. The director here could have very easily went down the parody route and wound up with just another zombie comedy, but instead, we got a movie that's almost impossible to classify. Another thing that makes this film work out so well is the fact that the storyline moves along at a brisk pace, and never slows down at any point. There's a lot of dialog and back-story that is dropped throughout the film, but it's spaced out nicely enough so as to never slow down the flow of the movie.

The acting is far from award-winning, but it works given the nature of the characters. Most of the speech is pretty monotone and unrealistic, but considering that the characters delivering the lines are masked wrestlers, it seems only fitting that their speech come out as such. However, one man really stood above the rest in terms of my enjoyment, and that man would be Rob "El Fuego" Etcheverria (Tiki). The man was comedic gold in almost all of his scenes, and pretty much stole every scene that he appeared in. Jules Delorme (Ulysses) was pretty good, but in my view, El Fuego should have been the one to receive the lead role here. There's a few cameo appearances from professional wrestlers as well, with the most noticeable being Jim "The Anvil" Neidhart in the role of a sheriff. I really wouldn't have expected much from him in an acting role, but he shocked me with a very entertaining performance.

Overall, this film is well worth the viewing if you're a fan of those completely oddball movies. There's plenty of wrestling action (and most of it is actually very well done and quite entertaining), a fair amount of gore (this is a zombie movie, after all), and a small amount of T&A spread out throughout the running time. Put it all together with a great storyline, and in my opinion, you wind up with one hell of a great movie. I couldn't recommend this one enough for fans of this type of movie, so a perfect score of 10/10 seems to be well deserved.
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