The Other Hell (1981)

DVD Cover (Shriek Show)
Genres / Traits: Horror, Supernatural Horror, Zombie Film, Nuns
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Bruno Mattei Bruno Mattei
Franca Stoppi Franca Stoppi
Carlo De Mejo Carlo De Mejo
Francesca Carmeno Francesca Carmeno
Susan Forget Susan Forget
Franco Garofalo Franco Garofalo

4.7 / 10 - Overall Rating

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Review by Christopher
Added: February 29, 2004
Every film mentioned above are masterpieces compared to this one. As the story has is fair share of decency, the acting just blows it to bits. Now throw in the worst dubbed voices in the history of italian horror. Because of the acting and dubbed voices, this movie turned into a big joke, which ruined it because it's suppose to be a serious film about nuns dealing with the devil, as serious as that can get anyway.

Unfortunately, this did have a good chance of being very entertaining. There was a few corpses and zombies that looked very realistic. The above mentioned actors and writers have performed well in a number of quality films. There was a small ounce of gore thrown in. Some blood here and there. The cake taker would have to go to the set and costume design. Even though nuns and priests outfits are insipid, they were very well put together. The convent this all took place in had a very evil look to it. There was also a secret passage way that was filled with various bones and skeleton heads perfectly stacked on each other, almost like a brick wall.

I was actually able to pin point the exact scene from where this movie started to go down hill. It was when one of the nuns (Sister Assunta) starts going crazy during one of the nun's get togethers. She gets up from where she's sitting and runs in front of everyone to show that she's bleeding from the mouth. As she continues to scream, all the other nuns just look at her. As Assunta runs outside, she sees the gardener (Boris) and runs over to him yelling for help. Boris does the same as the other nuns and just looks at her like she's insane. A group of nuns finally come outside and bring her back in. Telling her she needs to lie down.

To carry on with the horridness, there's the ever so popular evil cat that hisses at everyone. Except not being all black, it's 95% white with some shades of black. This little one managed to scare the nuns and priests silly. Another animal part would be when one of Boris' dogs got out of it's cage and started running after one of the priests. The dog was big, but was old and had a smile on its face while chasing after this priest. Once again, the priest was scared out of his mind. The last thing I'm going to mention is the music score, which was taken from Buio Omega. Not all of it, but a good amount of tracks were just thrown into the movie for no apparent reason. After all this, it still wasn't Mattei's last attempt at a nunsploitation movie.

Final Conclusion: 3/10
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