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Savage Vengeance (1993)

DVD Cover (Massacre Video)
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Crime Thriller, Thriller
Donald Farmer Donald Farmer
Camille Keaton Camille Keaton
Nikki Riggins Nikki Riggins
James Cochran James Cochran
Bill Gatson Bill Gatson
Mike Smith Mike Smith

3.6 / 10 - 2 votes

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Review by Chad
Added: January 19, 2005
We start the show with Jennifer (Camille Keaton, credited here as Vicki Lahl) driving out to the countryside. She parks her car, walks out into woods, and proceeds to read a magazine. While she's reading the magazine, four guys see her car, park their own car next to it, and head out into the woods to see what's going on. They find Jennifer laid back on some rocks and decide to get a bit of rape action going on. We then skip ahead to five years later, where Jennifer has been found not guilty for the murders of the four men and is attending law school. Getting sick of attending classes, she invites her friend Sam (Linda Lyer) to head out a cabin located in a small town in order to party it up and drink some beer. On the way to the cabin, they stop by a convenience store to pick up a few things, where Sam meets up with Tommy (Donald Farmer) and Dwayne (Phil Newman). Sam is immensely turned on by the Elvis look-a-like known as Dwayne, and invites him over to their cabin for some good times. Jennifer grows impatient with waiting on Sam, so she comes inside, grabs Sam, and demand that they leave. The two finally make their way to the cabin, and Sam is completely appalled at the condition of the place. She tells Jennifer that she has to get out of there, so she goes out and takes a walk through the woods, where she almost immediately becomes lost. After a bit of wandering around, she comes upon another cabin, which just so happens to be the residence of Dwayne. He invites her in, one thing leads to another, and Dwayne begins to rape her while Tommy (who showed up out of nowhere) watches. Jennifer gets worried about Sam having turned up missing, so she sets out to find her. What she finds is a hearty helping of rape courtesy of those two men, and a touch of revenge courtesy of them as well.

Though I'm not positive, I do believe that the rape scene in the beginning was an attempt to summarize the events that took place in I Spit On Your Grave. I'm not quite positive on that due to the way that every last detail surrounding the rape and murders was different in this movie. It would have been nice, then, for us to at least see the new version of the murders instead of just hearing a professor talk about them to his class. As I mentioned in my review of I Spit On Your Grave, I wasn't too impressed with the way that the hugely controversial rape scene went down. However, that version of the scene was leagues better than the one found here. For starters, all of the men take turns screwing Jennifer, and none of the men bother to take their pants off. Nobody ever bothers to remove Jennifer's pants, either. We wind up with one guy laying on top of Jennifer and rubbing his crotch on her thigh for five minutes, then the next one gets a turn, the next one, and so on. It was also pretty humorous to see these brutal rapists making sure that Jennifer's shirt didn't come open and expose her boobs for too long, and it was just as nice to see Jennifer laughing while being raped. I had hoped that the director decided to go easy on the audience with the opening scene and save the shocking stuff for the rape scenes involving Dwayne and Tommy, but those wound up the same way. Jennifer managed to not laugh this time around, but we did get to listen to the camera man hock up a few loogies while recording the events.

The picture quality and sound quality here were awful. I've seen my share of low budget films and indie offerings, but this had to be the worst movie in terms of picture and audio. Throughout most of the movie, things are either much too bright and render things impossible to see, or there's no light at all, which again, renders things impossible to see. On the aural side of things, the volume and clarity of the speech makes the dialog almost impossible to decipher. All of the speech was dubbed (which means that the speech you hear and the cast members' lips were quite out of sync), so you'd have expected it to work out just a bit better than it did. Instead, almost every line is inaudible, a fact that isn't helped by the insanely irritating soundtrack consisting of synthesizers and guitars. The music is horrid, it plays during almost every scene, and it drowns out much of the already hard-to-hear speech. Thankfully, we didn't miss much as a result here, due to the fact that every last person involved with this movie was horrid in their acting skills. Phil Newman (Dwayne) was slightly entertaining, though by no means good at his chosen craft. Camille Keaton (Jennifer) wasn't up for any awards in my book for her performance in I Spit On Your Grave, but she did do a decent job there. I'm not sure what happened, but her acting skills took a nosedive between that film and this one. Horrid, all around. I'm not even going to get into my gripes about the horribly dubbed eighties band that plays in a bar for ten minutes, nor am I going to bitch about the slightly-better dub-job that was handed to the country singer who later plays in a bar for another ten minutes.

Overall, avoid this movie at all costs. I purchased it on eBay for under a dollar, with the assumption that even if it sucked, it would only be a dollar out of my wallet. After watching this movie, I still feel completely ripped off. 0/10.
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